Arctis 5 vs Arctis 7: Select the best among Arctis 7 and 5

Great Headsets may appear like a simple thing to discover, but by such a varied range of products present, one necessity put in mind their own selected specifications to gain a user experience. That’s why in this article I am providing you the best every detailed comparison on Arctis 5 vs Arctis 7.

This comparison is to make every penny paid on the purchase worth it. It is necessary that the headphone you select provides you the worth for money, and assures that you experience the whole audio experience.

The SteelSeries is a high-quality brand and is presently an important sign in the market. Their things come in a wide range of features.

So it is a tiny surprise that at 1 situation their own products creates confusion to select between them.

The Arctis 5 and Arctis 7 are 2 famous products of this brand and this blog post will illustrate what creates them distinctive from one another.

What are the main differences between arctis 5 vs arctis 7?

The main difference between the Arctis 5 and the Arctis 7 of SteelSeries is that the Arctis 7 headset is a wireless one and the Arctis 5 have wire. So, you can select among both of them.

Both headsets run pretty comfortably with any gadget. These headphones include alike designs and specialties. Also, the sound and microphone quality is alike. The wireless thing of Arctis 7 gets it a bit bulkier and more costly.

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HeadsetsSteelSeries Arctis 5SteelSeries Arctis 7
Surround Sound YesYes
Lighting (RGB)YesNo

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Let’s Start the detailed comparison


Arctis 7 vs arctis 7 design and confortability

If we see the design, SteelSeries Arctis 5 is somewhat normal. It has a smooth look and a gentle pleasing body headset.

In the comfort section, it gets more points than most of these SteelSeries products do. It also has proper material to comfort your respiration that exists up even an as long time of gaming.

The Arctis 7 headset has a modern level design that seems smart and satisfactory all at once. It makes upon the pre-existing respect of the SteelSeries company and goes some steps forward.

It always gives usage of elastic flexible bands to make assured that the headphones are both comfort-inducing but also suit fit on your head.

There not much difference but due to the presence of RGB Lights, Arctis 5 is better than Arctis 7 in terms of design.

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arcris 5 vs 7  audio quality

At it occurs to specialties and control, the Arctis 5 creates a proper job of providing you not simply with great music but also a myriad of features at the time you want to customize your listening practice.

Yet, the single glaring dis-advantage in this product is the lack of audio control that is not controllable which means that some what noise will be coming out from your headphones.

Steelseries Arctis 7 is very good in the sound controlling of the headset and also has back noise reduction. It has a very powerful bass as it is a quality of most gaming headsets. But it makes a great job of controlling.

Arctis 7 has a surround system of 7.1 and you can easily manage the controls from the SteelSeries path.

In the terms of sound and audio quality, Arctis 7 is better than Arctis 5 because of the better noise cancellation.

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Mic quality

Arctis 5 includes a high-quality, certified and awesome mic that is amazing for gaming purposes. It is adjustable and ready, It also has a choice to hide and stretch the mic as well.

It serves in an amazing way and while there is an additional feature to provide it a more elegant touch, it goes properly.

The Arctis 7 have features and functions almost in a similar way as the Arctis 5. The mic is one of the best things for gaming, and the voice recording works us good also. Completely it provides a great sound quality.

There is no difference between the Arctis 7 and Arctis 5 in the terms of MIC quality.

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features Arctis 5 vs 7 steelseries

The Arctis 5 includes a control area that supports you to have maximum command over the gaming audio as well as the chat purposes.

The headset also appears with RGB(Red, green and blue) lighting when plugged inside for charging, and with top-level software, you can create many cool creations and changes.

The most useful point that you receive with the Arctis 7 is the extended battery life duration, which is best for long-duration gameplay.

The engine software also gives a mic controller with live previews. Also, you can decide what occurs when the headset is not working. These customizations upgrade the complete experience.

You can operate the headset wirelessly also, which is a plus surely.

Arctis 7 have more features then the Arctis 5.

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The price variation between the two is not very substantial. Generally, the Arctis 5 arises with a cheaper price point as matched to the Arctis 7.

The Arctis 7 is more excellent and has an extended number of characteristics. It gives a fair value for money and proves that the extra money you are using is there for a valid reason, not only for being the latest model.

It has elevated sound quality and can be operated wireless also, which provides it a proper corner over the Arctis 5 gaming headset.


Both products are actually similar if we see the cost. The Arctis 7 has a larger cost, but it also gets along with high quality features and there user friendly interface.

Including a more reliable design, improved sound quality, and interesting latest specialties, it is obvious that Arctis 7 is a much good benefit for money.

The very tiny gap in cost but much better complete thing is obviously a better purchase.


Are the Arctis 5 worth it?

The SteelSeries Arctis 5 is have a great design and will not cause any irritation when you will wear it, so you will be glad to wear it for long gameplays. Excellent to watch Netflix and other things also, its gaming audio is similar to rivals, though the practical 7.1 surround sound was not remarkable.

Are Arctis 7 worth it?

The SteelSeries Arctis 7 gives much better sound production, with corresponding clarity across frequencies. It increases bass, but not close to as much as other gaming headphones. There is also a small de-emphasis of mids about 1,500Hz.

Does Arctis 7 have noise Cancelling?

The SteelSeries Arctis 7 is one of the best noisecanceling wireless headsets out there with 24-hour battery life and lossless 2.4G wireless connection for lossless, very low-latency wireless audio up to 40 feet.

Can Arctis 7 be wired?

Also different from different SteelSeries headphones, the SteelSeries Arctis 7 gives both wireless and wired connectivity, but to practice it wirelessly you would not join it like any other Bluetooth headset. Because of the presence of wireless form, you will get a set of controls on the headset only.

Is Arctis 7 RGB?

Different from others headsets on the Arctis 5, there are not any decorated RGB lights on the ear areas.

How do I charge my Arctis 7?

To re-charge, the headset, join the USB Charging Cable 11 to the Micro-USB area on the headphone, and plug the other end into any USB power source. The Micro-USB port is utilized for charging and update the software of the Arctis only.

Is Arctis 7 compatible with PS5?

This exciting gaming headset now provides great audio features, a relaxed over-ear design, and can be operated with the PS5 3D audio features.

You can connect to your latest console through USB wireless. Great of all, no firmware updates are expected to practice this headset with the play station 5.

Can I use my Arctis 7 while charging?

Yes. All of steelseries wireless Arctis headsets can be used while charging. But using any thing while charging damage battery it is a universal truth.

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