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Those Cyber Security Ppt (2 themes) are:

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  • School Based Theme PPT. (Cyber Security)
  • Office & Collage Based Theme PPT.(Cyber Security)

School Based Theme Of Cyber Security PPT.

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Collage & Office Based Theme of Cyber Security PPT.

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Content you will find in these ppt.

  • What is  Cyber security?
  • Different types of cyber attacks.
  • Types of cyber security management.
  • Explain network security.
  • Define application security.
  • Explain operational security.
  • Define cloud security.
  • Explain information security.
  • Give info about 3 types of attackers or hackers.
  • Need of cyber security.
  • Importance of cyber security management.
  • How to keep yourself secured from digital attacks.

You can use these cyber security ppt topics to make headings and subheadings in your ppt.

How to make a best Presentation ( Eg: Cyber Security )

  • Stay original:-
    Don’t depend on the PowerPoint pre-installed themes always make your own PPT (presentation) theme and figure it out and if you are using the pre-installed then do proper changes in it. (cybersecurity)
  • Use media more:-
    Always think that the person who is viewing will not read the full text, So use more images and make a better speech with the best PPT.
  • Font Style:-
    In ppts font color, size of the font, placement really matters. If you see in the above cybersecurity ppt you will see that font color and font placement are really nice and interesting. Every time uses different font colors combine like black & white, Red & Yellow ETC.
  • Shape Use:-
    The use of shapes properly is very important to and make your presentation look nice and good and enhance your ppt like above cybersecurity ppt. And if possible then use text in your images. It will surely make your ppt best like above on cybersecurity.
  • Be in limit:-
    It sounds rude but it is correct be in limit about every thing like limited time, Limited slides and even limited text and images.

Headlines To Include In Your Own Cyber Security Ppt.

You can re shuffle them:-

  • What is  Cybersecurity
  • Different cyber attacks
  • Types of cybersecurity management
  • Explain network security
  • Define application security
  • Explain operational security
  • Define cloud security
  • Explain information security
  • Give info about 3 types of attackers or hackers
  • The need for cybersecurity
  • Importance of cybersecurity
  • How to keep yourself secured from digital attacks.

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Content to add in your PPT.

What is cyber security?

Cybersecurity is the practical method of defending computer systems, servers, mobile devices, electronic systems, networks, and data from Hacking attacks and various other attacks.

It’s also known as information tech security or Network information security in common.

The term consists of a variety of contexts, from entrepreneurial to mobile computing, and can be divided into a few other general parts.

Types Of Cyber Attacks.

cyber security ppt
  • Denial-of-service (DoS) and distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks.
  • Man-in-the-middle (MitM) attack.
  • Phishing and spear-phishing attacks.
  • Drive-by attack.
  • Password attack.
  • SQL injection attack.
  • Cross-site-scripting (XSS) attack.
  • Eaves-dropping attack.

Types Of Cyber Security Management.

  • Network security
  • Application security
  • Information security
  • Operational security
  • Cloud Security

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How to be safe from cyber attacks:-

There are three simple steps you can take you increase security system and reduce risk of digital attacks:

  • Give knowledge to all levels of your company and its members related to the risks of social engineering attacks and common social engineering scams like phishing emails ETC.
  • Invest in the web tools that limit information leaks, keep an eye on your third-party risk, and fourth-party risk, and continuously scan for data leak points and leak credentials.
  • Use technical knowledge to reduce costs like automatically sending out the assessment questionnaires as part of an overall cybersecurity risk assessment technique.

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Types Of Hackers And Attackers.

  • White Hat:- These are good hackers and have a genuine license for doing the hacking. The hacking performed by them is to protect the government or big companies and to build a cybersecurity infrastructure. They are good hackers.
  • Grey Hat:- They are called by companies to attack their companies to test their company’s security system. They are also called to hack another company in the competition or even make D-Dos attacks on their competitive companies.
  • Black Hat:- These are bad hackers and perform Unethical hacking to hack big companies either to hack their bank account or to blackmail them and to take financial advantage. Eg:- “These are the hackers and attackers who hack your bank accounts, Social Media account” and many other things.

Need Of Cyber Security.

  • Cybersecurity is required because it ensures all the things to protect our sensitive information personally identifiable information personal information and governmental computer systems from the leak and harms done by hackers.
  • Cyber Attack risk is increasing due to global connectivity and usage of cloud services, Eg:-Amazon Web Services, to store sensitive information and personal data. The poor security level is a serious threat. Cybersecurity ppt
  • Past were are the days of normal firewalls and antivirus services being your main security measures. Entrepreneurs can no longer leave Information security and network security to cybersecurity professionals.

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Types of cyber threats

The threats countered by cyber-security are three-fold:

  1. Cyber crime:-
    It includes single attacker or groups targeting systems for financial gain or to cause disruption and damage.
  2. Cyber-attack:-
    It o
    ften involves politically motivated information gathering for various purpose like money, marks changing ETC.
  3. Cyber-terrorism:-
    It is intended to undermine electronic systems and networking systems to cause panic or fear from any particular group like anonumos and various others.

Importance of cyber security.

In today’s internet connected world, everyone benefits from advanced cyber defense programs.

At an individual level, a cybersecurity attack can result in everything from identity theft and hacker, to attempts, to the loss of important information and media files like family photos. cyber security ppt

Everyone keeps their shoulders on critical infrastructure like power plants, hospitals, and financial service companies. Securing these and other organizations is essential to keeping our society functioning to be secured from digital attacks.

Everyone also benefits from the work of cyber threat researchers or cyber security experts, like the team of 250 threat researchers at the USA, who finds new and emerging threats and cyber-attack techniques.

They reveal new loop holes in their network, educate the public on the importance of cyber security, and even strengthen open source tools. cybersecurity ppt

Their work makes the Internet safer for everyone in their countries.

Cyber safety tips – protect yourself against cyber attacks.

Update your software and operating system:

There is the meaning that you got the benefit from the latest security loops.

  1. Use anti-virus software:
    These Security solutions like will detect and removes threats. Keep your software updated for the best level of protection regularly. You will also find this point in the above cybersecurity ppt.
  2. Use strong passwords:
    Ensures your passwords are not easily guessable and you will not be hacked.
  3. Don’t open email attachments from anonymous senders:
    They could be infected with malware or any kind of spyware. You will also find this point in the above cybersecurity ppt
  4. Do not click on links on emails from anonymous mail senders or unknown websites:
    This is a common way in which malware is spread across digital devices. You will also find this point in the above cybersecurity ppt
  5. Avoid connecting to open WiFi connections in public areas like hotels and station:
    Non protected networks keep you vulnerable to be attacked by man-in-the-middle attacks. They are very easy atacks which can be done on you.

How to make a good cyber security Ppt theme:-

Making a best cyber security ppt theme is one of the important task. Always make a best theme based on technological theme.

  • Background:-
    Always take a background based on technology theme or make a good background in photo shop or the picsart app.
  • Put logo:-
    To make your ppt look to be made by expert then put a logo in upper right and or upper left corner. The logo should not be copied. Make that logo in picsart or in photo shop. And logo should include the topic of ppt just like the above given cyber security ppt.
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  • Bars:-
    Always put different types of bars on your ppt just like title bar, general bar which include the topic of your presentation ( Eg:- you can see on above cyber security ppt )
  • Slide positioning:-
    Keep every slide in a proper position just like cyber attacks must be before cyber security managements. And even keep number of slides in limit and put every slide in position you can take a proper guide of this thing by researching on above ppt.
  • Timing:-
    Keep your ppt slides in limit as cyber security is very vast topic but you will only get max 20 mins to play your ppt on board. And your slides must be limited and they must includes only important topics in them. (Cyber security ppt)

Some major FAQs and points which you can include in your cyber security ppt.

The word or term cybersecurity is used to refer to the security given on on-line services to protect your online and cyber information.

With a growing graph in the number of people getting connected to the Internet and using it regularly, the security threats that cause a high amount of harm are also increasing. Cybersecurity ppt

3. What is the reference to the term CYBER? The need for internet Security? What are the security holes in the Cyber field? How to implement and regulate Security in the Cyber field among us?

4.It is a connected form making connections to computer technology, the Internet, and virtual reality also called VR. Meaning of the term CYBER.

5. Requirement of internet security:-

Cybersecurity is important and required since it helps in securing data from threats such as data theft or leak, also protects your system from viruses. Cyber security ppt

6. High level security problem Virus Hacker Malware Trojan horses Password cracking.

7. Viruses and Infected worms:-

A Virus is a “programmed file that is installed onto your system without your awareness and operates your system and computer without your knowledge.

8. Solution add a security program that protects your computer against infections such as viruses and worms and even trojan horses.

9. Crackers attacks

Generally a hacker is a human who breaks into computers system, usually by getting access to administrative system controls.

10. Categories of hackers – White Hat Hacker Grey Hat Hacker Black Hat Hacker

11. How To stop hacking It may be impossible to stop computer hacking, But Good levels of security controls including difficult passwords, and the use of firewall systems can help.

12. Malware

The term “malware” is drieved from the term “MALicious softWARE.”

Malware is software that infects and harms a PC without your permission or knowledge.

13. To Stop viruses install anti-virus software that also helps prevent malicious attacks. Activate Network Threat Protection, Firewall, Antivirus.

14. Trojan Horses:- Cyber security ppt

Trojan horses are email malware that can make copies of themselves, leak information, or harm the computer system and network.
These viruses are one of the highest level of threats to computers

15. How to prevent Trojan’s Security suites, there are many available such as Avast Internet Security, will prevent you from downloading Trojan Horses by giving an error message. Cybersecurity ppt

16. Password Cracking:- Password attacks or dictionary attacks are attacks by hackers that are able to determine passwords.

17. Securing Passkey:-

Use always hard and difficult passwords. Never use same password for two different accounts on different sites.

18. Cybersecurity Is Everyone’s Responsibility.

19. Cyber Security techniques– India

  • Security Policy, Legal area – IT Act, 2000 – IT (Amendment) Bill, 2006 – Data Protection & cyber crimes
  • Capacity building – Skill & Competence development
  • Thinking and Development – computer Monitoring – Network Security • International colllab.

20. India ranks on the tenth position in the cyber crime rates in this world.

Most common security mistakes:-

Most common security mistakes

  • Week password management
  • Not putting a screen lock while you are away.
  • Opening emailed files from an anonymous mail address.
  • Not using anti-virus software.
  • Sharing personal info (and machines)
  • Not reporting security loops to company
  • Not using proper Paper Documents
  • Non-secured digital Data (while at rest and in motion). E.g: Emails, USBs, CDs, etc…
  • Unsecured way of Information Handling
  • Providing of information over Phone.

Key Technique Used by hackers to fool you:-

  1.   Preparation – Setup of the dummy website
  2.   Fooling the users – Send Email with a fake and malicious link
  3.   Stealing the information and personal data– User gives them Account
  4.   Use the details – Commit scams Real Web Site Phisher Phisher Victim Victim Phishing email User’s response (id/password) Use of stolen (id/password) information Phishing.

Most Common Cyber attacks ( Must in Cyber Security PPT )

  • SQL injection
    An SQL (structured language query) injection attack is a type of cyber-attack used to take control of the system and steal data from a database or to bypass the logins.
    Cybercriminals vulnerabilities in data-driven applications to insert worm code into a database via a malicious SQL statement or codes. This gives them access to the highly profitable information contained like login credentials in the database.
  • Phishing
    It is when cybercriminals target victims by email attachments or messages that appear to be from a legitimate company asking for private information like you may receive the case saying that give the OTP.
    Phishing attacks are often used to fool citizens into giving over credit card data and other personal information about social media accounts or ETC.
  • Man-in-the-middle attack
    M.I.T.M attacks are simple types of digital attacks where a cybercriminal intercepts communication between two routers or towers in order to leak data.
    For example, on an open WiFi network connection, an attacker can sniff data being passed from the victim’s device and the router.
  • Denial-of-service attack.
    A denial-of-service attack is an attack where cyber hackers protect a computer system from giving legitimate requests by overloading the networks and servers with unwanted and fake traffic.
    This makes the network and system unusable, preventing a company from carrying out vital functions. 


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