Top 10 Best Firewall Software for Windows

Hello, Buddy in this article I am going to tell and explore you the best firewall software for your windows desktop or laptop. This article is best to protect your network. These firewalls can also be used to block and see the IPs of the users on the network.

Basically, use of firewall is to protect your self from unnecessary things, to block unwanted ads, Prevent you from hacking in various ways by filtering the data entrance.

Here are the of 10 Best Firewall Software For Windows 10

Along these lines, here in this article, we will see the list of the best Windows Firewall program that you can use on your computer networks. However, try to cripple the pre installed Windows firewall software before you utilize these firewalls. In this way, we should explore the best free Firewall Programs for Windows 10 OS.

1. PeerBlock

best firewall software

PeerBlock is somewhat different compared to all other Windows Firewall programs entred in the article. Rather than blocker programs, PeerBlock blocks the lists of IP addresses that will go under explicit categories that you want to block. For instance, it can load and obstruct the list of IP Address that was named as business ISPs, instructive, promotions, spyware, P2P, and so on


  • With PeerBlock, you can obstruct correspondence with advertising and spyware oriented servers.
  • You can likewise obstruct correspondence with computers monitoring your p2p exercises.
  • The instrument is entirely free to download and utilize.

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2. Comodo Firewall

best firewall software comodo

Comodo Firewall is outstanding amongst all other free Windows Firewall apparatuses that you can use on your Windows 10 computer. The interface of Comodo Firewall is pretty spotless, and it’s very simple to utilize because of its GUI. You simply need to add programs to the square lists to restrict internet use to the unknown users. Apart from that, Comodo Firewall additionally offers an advertisement blocker and pop up blocker, custom DNS servers, and Game mode.


  • It’s one of the most powerful and secure Firewall software accessible for Windows.
  • The Firewall utilizes auto-sandbox innovation to prevent viruses and other vindictive software.
  • Comodo Firewall is totally free to download and utilize for your own personal purpose.

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3. TinyWall

tinywall is the best firewall software

On the chance that you are searching for a Firewall program for your Windows 10 computer that doesn’t push unnecessary warnings, at that point TinyWall may be the best pick option for yourself. The Firewall Program is known for its light weight and clean interface, and it permits users to choose applications to give it firewall permissions physically.


  • It is a low weight, user-friendly, and high secured firewall software for Windows operating system.
  • TinyWall consequently impedes irritating popular and straightforward configurations.
  • It’s pretty lightweight and barely utilizes any resources on your computer.
  • With TinyWall, you can set temporary firewall rules, block IPs, and so forth

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4. ZoneAlarm Free Firewall

zonealarm is really the best firewall

ZoneAlarm, the main antivirus manufacturer, likewise has a free Firewall device that permits users to change the security method of public and private networks. The firewall program offers two security types Auto-Learn or Max Security. The Auto-Learn feature makes changes dependent on your behavior, and Max Security provides users the capacity to control every application physically.


  • ZoneAlarm Free Firewall protects your computer against every inbound and outbound cyber assault.
  • You can utilize ZoneAlarm Free Firewall to impede undesirable traffic.
  • ZoneAlarm Free Firewall monitors programs for dubious behavior.

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5. AVS Firewall

avs firewall software

In the event that you are searching for a Windows Firewall apparatus to impede pernicious registry changes, pop-ups, streak banners, advertisements, and so on, at that point AVS Firewall may be the best pick for you. Learn to expect the unexpected. AVS Firewall can impede programs, IP Address, Ports from getting to your internet association. The user interface of AVS Firewall is another positive thing about the device, and the program is viable with practically all Windows versions.


  • AVS Firewall is best for securing PC from malware and hacking assaults.
  • The instrument protects your PC’s registry against unauthorized changes.
  • You can undoubtedly set up firewall rules with AVS Firewall.

6. Outpost Firewall

outpost pro is really the best firewall

The great thing about Outpost Firewall is that it has a self-learning algorithm that can distinguish programs that share a few similarities. For instance, on the off chance that you are utilizing a screen recorder on your computer and on the off chance that you have given it Firewall permissions, the Outpost Firewall will naturally impede other Screen recorders from utilizing the internet.


  • Outpost Firewall is known for its self-learning algorithm.
  • With OutPost Firewall, you can without much of a stretch square approaching correspondence.
  • The firewall software for Windows recognizes and impedes all intrusions by hackers.
  • It likewise recognizes and hinders information robbery endeavors.

7. NetDefender

In the event that you are searching for an easy to utilize yet compelling Firewall program for your Windows 10 computer, at that point NetDefender may be the best pick for you. The program permits users to characterize a source and objective IP Address, Port number, a protocol to hinder or permit any address. That, yet NetDefender additionally has a port scanner that can see which ports are open on your framework.


  • With NetDefender, you can without much of a stretch obstruct and permit all approaching/active traffic.
  • Contingent upon your security needs, you can add custom rules to NetDefender.
  • It likewise has a port scanner that checks the framework for open ports.

8. R-Firewall

R-Firewall is one of the most exceptional Windows Firewall programs that you couldn’t want anything more than to utilize today. However, the program isn’t very simple to utilize in way of the fact that the interface is brimming with settings and alternatives. However, R-Firewall is fit for performing some serious stuff like hindering promotions, javascript, web trackers, keywords, mail filters, and so on


  • R-firewall protects your computer against any intrusions, hacking assaults, spyware, and so on
  • You can set up a your self made firewall rules and regulations with R-firewall software.
  • With proper configuration, R-firewall can likewise obstruct advertisements, web trackers, spam messages, and so on.

9. Privatefirewall

Much the same as all other firewall applications for Windows, Privatefirewall likewise permits users to impede applications from utilizing the internet. It has a separate board wherein it shows the ongoing list of applications that are permitted or obstructed. From a similar board, you can create other firewall rules also.


  • The training method of PrivateFirewall dissects your computer and online propensities to protect you.
  • You can set up rules in PrivateFirewall to hinder applications from getting to the internet.
  • PrivateFirewall monitors every port to prohibit unauthorized checking and framework intrusion.

10. GlassWire

In the event that you are searching for an easy to utilize yet viable firewall alternative for your Windows operating framework, at that point GlassWire may be the best pick for you. Learn to expect the unexpected. the user interface of GlassWire is pretty easy to utilize and it shows the real-time investigation of applications utilizing the network. Much the same as all other firewall programs, GlassWire additionally permits users to dark pernicious registry entries, pop-ups, and so on Truly, you can likewise restrict internet admittance to the applications too.


  • GlassWire is known for its attractive user-interface.
  • The firewall is totally free and simple to utilize.
  • With Glasswire, you can impede malignant registry entries, pop-ups, and so forth
  • You can likewise set up custom rules to restrict certain applications from getting to the internet.


This post is totally related to the top firewalls to secure your networks and its components. These are the top firewalls which are available in market for free.

Firewall is a type of software which is used to manage and secure your network with just simple clicks.

Here you can prevent the unwanted users to come and use your resources. Also prevent to get hacked by hackers by filtering the data transfer over the routers and networking tools.

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