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Previously, only heavy motorcycles were installed with audio and sound systems. Now, motorcycle speakers and sound system kits can be installed even on both heavy and light bikes.

With plenty of different companies, the query is how to select the top bike speakers with the most little amount of trouble.

Extra two points that are relevant to your selection are performance and price. Will you decide on a high-performing speaker for a superb cost?

Our article focuses on the 3 top features of motorcycle speakers: sound performance, power, and user-friendliness. The fact of the thing is, there are too many options present in the market now.

And many of them are of low-cost means cheap. Several of the cheaper speakers may seem nice and have a nice rate tag, but give you unexpected audio and overall quality.

Without a good bike speaker model, your money could be wasted in only coming some months.

The best speakers I am going to tell you about…

For many bike lover who loves music as well, there are three methods to listen to music while riding the bike:

They are…
  1. Ear buds
  2. Helmet with speakers
  3. Handlebar speakers

All these methods have their advantages and disadvantages. For EG, earbuds. They are normally the least suitable choice because they often do not fit normally while using a helmet.

Helmets installed with speakers have their part of serious concerns too. Mainly security during ussage. Many times the controls for earbuds and helmet speakers are challenging to access.

So, if you require to communicate with anyone, you have to decrease the volume or take the helmet off your head. In addition, there are cables and attachments that can be annoying. Bike speakers are a good selection for a lot of the public.

While they are a little costlier than the first two choices, a good kit of handlebar speakers would be deserving of the additional cost because of their practicality.

Best Motorcycle Speakers List

1. Best Overall: Boss MCBK 420B

Quick Stats

  • Motorcycle Speaker & Amplifier System
  • Power Output: 600 Watt Peak
  • Frequency Response: 80 – 15,000 Hz (Nice one)
  • 3 Year Warranty in this speaker


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Boss MCBK 420B Short Review

The Boss MCBK 420B’s have a great brand. Our expectations were huge as we unboxed this pair of 3-inch, full-range speakers to use in 12-volt scooters, bikes, and many more. 

At the time we fixed it and played a track, we were blown away by its combined 600-watt power. They are not the most important pair of speakers on the market, but they do a superb job for city or highway driving.

With the MCBK 420B, you can do the usage of your phone to enjoy songs, an MP3 vCR, or stream music through Bluetooth connectivity.

It is weather-proof so you can use it at the time of driving via light to moderate rain and fog. If you happen to throw water on them, they can control it and would not short out.

Quick Features:
  • Wired remote control system installed
  • Compatible with Pandora and Spotify type apps
  • 2 RCA inputs, one 3.5 mm input jack
  • best Inline amplification control
  • includes amp model
  • Comes with adjustable mounting brackets and can fit on handlebars measuring 0.75 to 1.25 inches
  • Normal Frequency Response: 80 Hz – 15 kHz, the decibel is less than 85 dB
  • Total Harmonic Distortion – less than 0.01%
  • Up to 3-year warranty

We were most affected by the crisp, sharp audio. They did not deteriorate at high volumes also. And just due to they are affordable doesn’t mean the speakers don’t perform similarly to a low-cost system.

As you get good value for your dollars spent. Really the only regret for us with this model is the plastic covering that may leave color over long time.

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2. Best Value: Shark Motorcycle SHKC6800

best speaker for motor cycle

Quick Stats

  • (Bike) Motorcycle Speaker & Amplifier set.
  • Power Output: 1000 Watt at highest
  • 3.5mm Aux Input jack cable


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Shark Motorcycle SHKC6800 Quick Review

If you have a heavy bike and require good sound, you can not go unsuitable with Shark Shkc 6800. This Thousand-watt, 4-channel system comes with Bluetooth in it, radio, multiple-input references, and two controllers.

Installation is incredibly simple also.

With the quantity of power these have, you can expect the big sound that will not be influenced by the wind factor. These speakers can surely keep pace even for somebody who rides at speed.

Quick Features:
  • Four 4 x 3-inch speakers
  • Joins to MP3, smartphone, and any Bluetooth-enabled device
  • Fit-in FM tuner with external antenna jack including waterproof antenna
  • 5 mm auxiliary input
  • SD card slot
  • Mirror brackets
  • The LCD show on the loudspeaker
  • Two fully-functional remote controllers: wireless and wired

Something deserving noting about the Shkc 6800 is that the speaker is water-resistant not waterproof. This indicates you have to make sure it is relatively guarded against the elements where it’s mounted.

Differently, everything else is water insulated. The Shark is also one of the old models. But it is deserving every penny if quality, high volume sound is necessary to you.

3. Best Installation: Sound Storm Laboratories SMC95BC

best speaker for motorcycle

Quick Stats

  •  (Bikes) Motorcycle Speaker & Amplifier System
  • Power Output: 1000W Peak
  • Frequency Response: 80 – 15,000 Hz
  • 1 Year Warranty


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Sound Storm Laboratories SMC95BC Short Review

If we had to explain the SMC95BC in a less words, it would be simple to add and very dependable to do its usage.

However, you get a lot more once you encounter the full strength and scope of these speakers. For one, it has 1000 watts of power and four speakers, which means it’s perfect for a 12v bike or motorcycle.

It might be overwhelming for a light bikes, but it’s up to you if you still want the boom and power this set can burst.

  • Two pairs of 3-inch full-range speakers
  • The weather protective set, but can’t manage to be soaked
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • The wired remote control system
  • Wired amplifier
  • One 3.5 millimeter auxiliary input for MP3 or device
  • The frequency response from 80 Hz to 15KHz
  • The decibel level of 85 dB
  • Total Harmonic disturbance of less than 0.01%
  • Flexible mounting brackets (handle bars)

Although little and compact, it is a little heavy for its size and its energy is impressive. We did notice that with all that energy, there was a slight disconnect between the bass and normal-range sounds.

4. Best For Bass: Boss Audio MC500

best speaker for motor cycle

Quick Stats

  • Motorcycle Speaker & Amplifying Set
  • Energy Output: 600Watt Peak
  • Frequency Response: 80 – 15,000 Hz
  • Up to 3 Year Warranty

Boss Audio MC500 Quick Review

This Boss Audio device comes in four color modifications: black or chrome, and with Bluetooth or without Bluetooth. It features an amp with 600 w of units and works properly for 12 V motorcycles, and even normal scooters and ATVs.

We highly suggest it for off-road journeys, as the unit has its own amplifier and wireless controller. And in terms of comfort and affordability, it is a champion!

Notable Features:
  • Set of 3-inch full-range weather protective speakers
  • FM signaling, 3.5 mm input, and SD and USB ports
  • Wireless keychain remote.
  • Bluetooth audio streaming
  • Fit with MP3, WMA, smartphone music files
  • Appears with adjustable mounting brackets and fittings

We only had two affairs when we examined the MC500 device. First, when using the aux input, you can not modify the amplitude very quickly. Second, it is not easy to switch on or off because there is no power switch.

Alternatively, you have to pull the plug (it won’t damage the unit). Even with these two signs, the unit measures much high in price and durability. And considering the price, it’s hard to compete with this model!

5. Best Power Output: Pyle PLMRKT4B

bluetooth speaker for motorcycle

Quick Stats

  • Motorcycle Speaker & Amplifier System
  • The unit Power Output: 1200W Peak
  • Frequency Response: From 10 to 40,000 Hz
  • With 1 Year Warranty

Price Comparison

Pyle PLMRKT4B Short Review

We included the Pyle PLMRKT4B motorcycle speakers to our menu because it is one of the best selection for a starter music system.

With a cost of under $100, it is a very affordable kit of speakers that gives you great audio. it is also an easy DIY install and doesn’t need professional guidance.

The PLMRKT4B amp is quite exciting. It features two low inputs and a max output of 800 watts of power. The dual-way speakers are waterproof, and they also arise with a waterproof poly bag to stop rust and corrosion of the body.

It also adds a waterproof 3.5mm jack stereo to the RCA adaptor for joining to your iPod or MP3 player.

Quick Features:
  • 4 6.5-inch speakers, dual-way, at 200 watts each
  • Devices are encased in polypropylene conicals and each has its own tweeter
  • Top-quality volume control to be mounted on your handlebars
  • Frequency Response is 80 to 20 kHz
  • Impedance is 4 Ohms of it.
  • Multiple input adaptabilities with 3.5 mm jack, RCA adaptor
  • Has power protection wiring on it.

We liked the point that you can alter the input sensitivity levels, polarity, amp level, and amplification.

There are useful buttons within the range that you can modify to get the bass, balance, and power just correctly.

The single problem that we found among consumer reports is that over intervals, the unit may show symptoms of rust. But this was in harsher environments.

Here is a fast point if you are looking in any of the 4 speaker packages. Use one pair of them with you and keep the other pair as a reserved one.

If you are seeing to operate it for your motorcycle, the two best speakers should do that job well. it is a great way to extend your money’s worth and still enjoy great songs.

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