I think you are passionate towards ethical hacking and cyber security that’s why you are here. I will give you the best 8 career paths for cyber security.

By this you can convert your passion into your income path.

So to full fill your dream to become something where your passion is with you I am going to tell you the best career path for cyber security.

Regularly…. New cyber threats are appearing constantly creating new and innovative career opportunities in because of any individual or Organisation in a potential target for Cyber attacks from government to banks to hospital.

Cyber security professionals can find jobs in a wide range of industries because every one want to protect their data.

These career paths hundred percent reliable and they can be even your full time income source.

The last 2 are the best cybersecurity career path, acc to the editor of this article.

Career paths in cyber security are here..

1. Chief Information Security Officer

The main chief information security officer (CISO) is a middle executive level position. Whose job is to over sea the general operation of a company’s or organization’s IT security sub-divisions present in it.

CISOs are directly responsible for planning, making tuning, and directing all Digital Networks and data security needs of their employers security.

CISOs work directly with upper-level management to determine an organization’s cyber security needs.

2. Forensic Computer Analyst

The forensic computer analyst is the detective of cyber security world.

Normally Forensic computer analyst reviews the computer based analyst information for evidence of any crime which was happen recently.

And handling hard drives with different other storage devices and employing specialized software programs in order to find and solve the vulnerabilities and recover data from damaged or destroyed devices in crime scene.

These type of cyber crime experts are mainly found and have jobs in cyber crime or cyber cell department of police or any higher level investigation center like CRIME INVESTIGATION DEPARTMENT.

3. Information Security Analyst

Information Security analyst is totally responsible for the security management of an organization company computer systems and networks by using tools like NMap ETC.

They plan and exercise or execute program and other measures including installing and using software for data encryption and firewalls additionally.

These information security analyst help to design and execute clan and methods for recovery of data and Systems following a cyber attacks.

They help the organizations to make cybersecurity infrastructure to secure the company and maintain it regularly with proper and latest cyber security knowledge.

4. Penetration Testers

Penetration testing is less related to cyber security but more related to ethical hacking.

In this type of employment, high-quality ethical hackers or expert cybersecurity engineers are hired to attack the company by the allowance of the CEO or the director or owner of the company on which they are attacking.

These attacks are done to fine security flaws in the website or database and later company fix them.

In this hackers Give the best measures to make a proper infrastructure of cyber security for the organization to prevent it from digital attacks.

5. Cyber security Architect

Cyber security architect are the permanent job persons. In this the company hires a cyber security architect which help the company to maintain there privacy and security.

The cyber security architect is a person who makes fully secured system for the organization from which no hacker can steal the data by any method possible.

They maintain the security by finding flaws in the system and later end up by correcting them to get the best security system.

It can be the best among all of the above given career paths for cyber security. It can be the best because there is permanent job security for you in any company either as hacker of profaissional pen tester.

6. IT Security Engineer

A cyber security or IT security engineer will give a high security level to any company.

In this first you have to complete your course and must have M.Tech in cyber security to become a good engineer.

But don’t worry you can still become it by doing any short course from any institute or online course which will give you a certificate.

Cyber security engineer is a employ that do his job under the head management system with simple income of 600$ to 1500$ in a month or 10000$ in a year.

After having experience you can also become the head of department which will easily drive upto 3000$ to 5000$ in average company.

Experience can be let you open a big company with annual income of even 10000$. Yum Yum 🙂

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7. Security System Administrator

The job of Security system administrator is also same like many others. Eg:- Trouble-shooting, Guiding, Maintaining infrastructure ETC.

This job is that job, about which I was talking in cyber security engineering section. To get this job first you have to become cyber security engineer and then you will be promoted to this.

This job is quite easy because in this you have to solve the normal queries of the people who have just joined or if they are doing internship.

You will be the head of the department and in that position, you have to trouble-shoot the employs problems and you have to explain the higher-level things to new joined once.

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8. Cyber security consultant

In this the unemployed cyber security engineer are hired, They tell the company about the best cyber security services.

They suggest the companies and tell them that how can they develop the cyber security architecture properly by doing some test.

In this jobs hackers and cyber security enginieers are hired to develop and suggect about the flaws on monthly.

They are paid according to the performance means, how many lope hole they were success full to find in the organization.

This type of job is not good among all cyber security career paths

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9. Cyber security start ups

It is one of the best to do in the field of cyber security and ethical hacking. You can open a company which will provide high-tech cyber security to other companies in the market other then security.

If you open a company in cyber security, it will contain all the employs mentioned in section 1st-8th.

By opening such a company with a great high demand and less competition the owner of the company earn in billions and millions in the starting 1-2 years.

The best part of this career option is that you have to work only for 3-4 years max to establish your company and then you can go on the world tour !!.

Just like region security guarding is a very nice cyber security company.

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10. Digital Income

There are several ways to get good amount of income by doing digital works without going any office.

Don’t worry the works I am going to tell you are best 3 ways to earm more then even 5000$ i a month.

1. Blogging: 500$ – 10000$ – 20000$

It is one of the smartest way to live your life peacefully with full independence (until you are married ?).

In this, you have to invest very little ( MAX 50-60 $ in a year). Blogging means to share knowledge on internet via website.

These 55$ are also to make a website on wordpress, By blogging you have to do exactly like me. As i publish articles on cyber security and other tech related niche (topic) you have to do the same.

Make a website and earn a lot.

To know more about blogging click here….

2. Video platform : 400$ – 1300$ – 5000$

From video platforms like youtube you can earn a lot by taking a small time. You have to upload the videos on youtube and wait for your monitization to began.

You have to upload the videos time to time in a regular interval Eg: 1 in 3 days.

May be you are not allowed to share info about hacking but you can share about cyber security.


In this post I have mentioned the best career paths for cyber security. These includes all the positions which you can get after becoming cyber security expert.

The last two mentioned careers are most important and these are very easy to do.

You can even do those last two jobs without qualification and while doing a great world tour.

Hope you enjoyed the post related to career options and paths for cyber security.

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