What is Computer Forensics? Cyber Forensics meaning and jobs…..

Computer forensics is a thing which is very much required in the field of cybersecurity. I will say that forensics is a branch where the evidences are collected whenever any crime happens.

This was just a small clue but cyber forensics is a very big branch so read the full article to get the proper knowledge about cyber forensics or computer forensics meaning.

And, to clear your doubt computer forensics and cyber forensics are the same things so don’t get confused.

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What is computer forensics?
Types of computer forensics
Computer forensics salary and jobs
How long does computer forensics take?
Computer Forensics degree
Computer Forensics certifications
Way to make a full-time career in it.

What is Computer forensics?

Computer forensics is the branch of cybersecurity that deals with the collection of evidence after a cybercrime has committed this evidence are presented to the judge to give punishment to the cyber hacker.

In this process various tools are used to detect the presence of the hacker while doing the crime.

After every crime, even in cybercrimes the thief or hacker always do some mistakes and leave some evidence. And the process of finding this evidence is actually called cyber forensics.

There are many people who are experts in doing this job and it is very high paying job and we will talk about it later in this article.

This cyber forensic work is divided into three elements  Preparation/Extraction, Identification, and Analysis. By these three elements, the computer forensics analyst can catch and identify a black hat hacker.

In this the extracting of the information from the damaged devices is also involved.

Video forensics is also one of the most important part of forensics science which you can learn.

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Types of Computer forensics

There are many types of computer forensics. Even if you don’t want to do any specialization in any forensics you can just do the overall cyber forensics in which you will handle all over the system.

Coming to the point there are mainly 7 types of cyber forensics experts.

  1. Network Forensics
  2. Disk forensics
  3. Database forensics
  4. Malware forensics
  5. Email Forensics
  6. Memory forensics
  7. Mobile forensics

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Computer forensics salary and jobs

There are basically two types of jobs in cyber forensics and the salaries are also according to them.

  1. Computer forensics analyst
  2. Computer forensics invigilator

1. Computer forensics analyst

Cyber forensics analyst is a techy guy who do the practical stuff and uses different tools to do the proper investigations in a crime. The cyber security and forensic analyst works under the computer forensic invigilator.

The salaries are very different but I will give you an idea of the country by classifying them into the countries. (Currently The salaries will be annually)

So, the salaries of Computer forensics analyst is…

  1. United states 16000$-32000$
  2. India 10000$-22000$
  3. The United Kingdom 15000$-28000$
  4. Canada 17000$-29000$

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2. Computer Forensic Invigilator

The computer forensic invigilator is a guy or girl who was previously was an analyst but due to the high experience he/she gets promoted. The work of invigilator is to just keep an eye on the group of analyst and to tell them what to do after the attack. You can say that the invigilator are the experienced analyst.

The salaries are very high as compared to the analyst. Currently the salaries are very high.

So, the salaries are….

  1. United states 19000$-39000$
  2. India 18000$-27000$
  3. The United Kingdom 20000$-36000$
  4. Canada 17000$-32000$

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How long does cyber forensics take?

If you have become a victim of any cybercrime and you want to know in how much time the investigation will get completed and you will get your money or justice. You must read this section.

As there are many parts in which investigation gets completed and it is divided in three elements. Extraction, Identification, and Analysis. By these three elements, the cyber forensics expert can catch and identify a black hat hacker.

The time in this process depends on the type of crime and who is working on it.

In the condition where the crime was small and a small company is working on it the investigation can be completed within 4days to 7days. If any individual person works as a cybersecurity expert can take up to 1 month.

And, If a big company is investigating a big cybercrime like 10 million dollar fraud in the bank then it can take up to 1 week -3 months because there is so much amount of data in the bank database.

A total process and exam of 100 GigaBytes of data on a hard drive can contain more than a million (10,000,000) pages of electronic info and may require almost 15 to 35 hours or even greater than that to examine, And further things depend on the size and types of files. And, even reasonable evidence can be obtained even at the start of the investigation of crime.

So, in short the investigation can be completed and can get the evidence even at the starting of investigation.

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Computer Forensics degree

Umm… I think A degree is not required to become something and many great people. But for your convenience, you must get the B tech in computer science and M tech in cybersecurity.

Basically, cyber forensics is an art that you can develop within a year but there is no limit to perfection. If you want to become a forensic invigilator or an analyst you can do some courses at the computer and security institutes.

While doing these cources, if you will be having a computer science degree then it will be great and it will help you a lot to understand the cyber forensics.

And Just thing, Why to waste time on any other subject when you have to make your career in another. As I mentioned above you can make your career easy by doing B tech in CS and after that, you can do M tech in cybersecurity.

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Way to make a full-time career in it.

As I mentioned the two types of jobs in the cyber forensics careers. Here I will mention How can you become a cyber forensics analyst and then you can become a computer forensics invigilator after the promotion.

In this article you will get, how to become cyber forensic expert.?

Subjects to take in school

There are no such subjects specified in the certifications but you must take the science and maths.

There are many benefits if you will begin with the science and mathematics.

  1. You will be able to do software engineering only by taking science and maths because many big institutes only allow the software by engineering exam and in that exam, science comes.
  2. Maths is very important to make yourself intelligent and in the field of cybersecurity you must remember the codes in Linux and programming and, science and maths will make it easier for you by opening your mind in all directions.

Subjects in Collage

You can do B tech in computer science means you can do engineering in computer science which will help you to make your further cyber forensics career easy.

If you want to get more knowledge in the collage then you can do M tech in cyber security or forensics in your collage.

But Let me clear you one thing that certifications I have mentioned below will not require any type of degree. You can even do these certifications with any degree you have.

In maximum collages there is only cyber forensics available which is also in the M tech.

About certifications

I have mentioned the top 5 certifications below you can do any of them which can match your criteria. These certifications are independent which means they do not require any computer or any other degree specifically. You can get these certifications by just learning about computer forensics and after giving the exams of their board specifically.

These certifications are top quality and they can be a key to land you for a perfect and dream job of cybersecurity and forensics analyst.

The exams of all these certifications will be online you will be given a time span and if you get enough marks you will become a certified professional computer forensics expert.

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Best Computer Forensics certifications

There are many types of certifications which you can get and these can be used to get a perfect job for yourself.

1. CHFI: Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator V8

The International Council of E-Commerce Consultants also called EC-Council is a very popular coaching and certification group that targets the main areas of anti-hacking, computer forensics, and pen-testing.

The Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI) V9 certification contains the forensics instruments, analytical strategies, and procedures concerned with acquiring, sustaining, and giving the computer forensic evidence and information in a court of regulation.

2. CFCE: Certified Forensic Computer Examiner

The International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists (IACIS) is the organization behind the Certified Forensic Computer Examiner (CFCE) name. This group caters mainly to regulate enforcement areas.

However, this organization also provides an affiliate membership to retired law officials and full-time to law-enforcement organizations.

3. CCE: Certified Computer Examiner

Complete coaching at a CCE Bootcamp Authorized Training Center or other training at the point of this certification as approved by the Board; have a minimum of 18 months of verifiable professional and great experience by conducting online forensic examinations; Conduct documented self-study in the field of digital forensics is appropriate by the Certification Board of this exam.

4. CSFA: Cyber Security Forensic Analyst

Starting the CyberSecurity Forensic Analyst (CSFA)™ certification is evidence that the analyst can make a thorough and sound forensic examination of a computer system and other digital/electronic devices, properly interpret the proof and transmit the exam answers effectively and clearly.

The CSFA exam is held exclusively by the highest qualified cyber forensic professionals and is a test that the holder has the skills important to perform a proper analysis within a limited time period.

These testing scenarios are depended upon the real cases in the world and are actively checked. And, updated by a team of professionals and highly qualified to represent both the public and private areas.

5. GCFA And GCFE Certifications

The GIAC Certified Forensic Examiner (GCFE) certification allows a practitioner’s learnings of computer forensic analysis, with an additional effect on the high-quality skills required to collect, verify and check the data from Windows computers machines.

GCFE certified professionals to have the knowledge, skills, and power to start hard incident investigations including e-Discovery, forensic analysis and reporting, evidence acquisition, browser forensics, and tracing user and app activities on Windows computers.

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Hey, I hope you enjoyed this article about cyber and computer forensics. In this article, I have included many questions and topics related to the cyber forensics career.

By reading this article you will get to know that how can you Become a great forensic expert?

I have explained what is it and its types. Later I have told you about the jobs you can get in this field and what will be its salary.

Cyber forensics is a great thing and you should make your career in it if you have intrist in cyber security or forensics.

Coming to the topic, I have given you the full guide on how you can make your career in cyber forensics and many mini topics in it like college degree and school subjects.

After that, I have mentioned the cyber forensics certifications required to become an expert. In my view, these certifications are the most important.

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