How to Connect Unsupported Bluetooth to PS4? (3 Best Methods) 2021

The question How to Connect Unsupported Bluetooth to PS4? is asked on many platforms. So read this article to get the best possible answers.

You enjoy playing games with a great soundtrack with great bass as well as the screams and shouts of the gamers in the while enjoy games.

But, due to some reasons, you are not able to connect your PS4 with your Bluetooth speaker or headset.

But, What to do after it is not connecting?

Please don’t stress. I’m writing this article to help you know how to connect an unsupported Bluetooth speaker, headset, or any other thing to ps4.

After reading this post you will get out the simplest method to get the answer to your question.

Connect Headphones

When you are buying a headset, you need to take into account some basic specifications at the earcups, the shape, the material, and the open or closed outlook.

However, we are presenting you the solution on connecting a Bluetooth headphone with your ps4.

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Connecting PS4 Supported Bluetooth Headphones

  1. The Bluetooth headset can easily get connected to Play station 4.
  2. Firstly go to switch to the Settings option.
  3. Select now on the Device option.
  4. After that tap on Bluetooth Devices option to get the list.
  5. Put on your headset’s Pairing feature.
  6. Wait for some time. Your application will start up on your system without doing anything. Tap on the option on the headset and get connected. Different than that you notice a message “Cannot get a Profile Supported by the PS4”.

Connecting Unsupported Bluetooth Headphones to PS4

I have given three best tricks to connect unsupported bluetooth to ps4.

If we see on the different side, if your headset is non-connectable with your PS4, there are few different methods. PS4 dose does not accept the A2DP contour and almost all new headsets have A2DP now. Because of that many of them are not by the play station 4.

There are 2 quality methods to connect your Bluetooth headphones that contain an A2DP profile. Method 2 is very much less costly than Method 1, but both maximum efficiency.

Way 1-How to use Unsupported Bluetooth headset to ps4

This method wants a wire or cord that must contain a built-in mic.

  1. Join the headphone cord.
  2. Move to Setting > Devices, then tap on Sound Devices preferably Bluetooth Devices.
  3. In the coming step, under the Input Device option, tap the Output Device. Verify the choice on “USB headset option.”
  4. Change to the Audio Devices then select the “Output to Headphones”after that on “All Audio.”

Way 2- How to Connect Unsupported Bluetooth headset to ps4

Here in this method you must have PlayStation 4 Bluetooth Adapter Dongle

  1. Put your adapter dongle inside your USB area on your PS4.
  2. Turn On your headset and be sync work be done among the PS4 dongle.
  3. Now take the Dongle and put it in your PS4 jack controller.
  4. Now go to the Setting Click on the Device Option, and pick Audio Devices, like the abovementioned process.
  5. You would need to configure the Input device and output device corresponding to “Headset connected to controller” and “USB Headphones.

You can connect almost all types of headphones with your PS4 using both of these methods.

Buy PS4 Supported Bluetooth Headphones

If your headsets are not able to pair with PS4, you can just buy a new headphone as per your requirements. There are many high-quality headphones that are supported by PS4.

Top Quality PS4 Bluetooth Adapter Dongles

AS we have talked about, the Cheapest trick to put Bluetooth headphones combined with your PS4 is to purchase a Ps4 Bluetooth Adapter Dongle from amazon. So, here are some of the best you should look for.


Your PS4 device will not be attached to Bluetooth speakers, whats ever. You may require to utilize different ways to link speakers. There are importantly three tricks to do that thing.

Trick 1-How to Connect Unsupported Bluetooth Speaker to ps4

The best and the simplest trick to add a speaker (Bluetooth or differently) to your PS4 is by applying a 3.5 mm audio cable to join it to the Dual-Shock controller present inside your PS4.

  • Insert the 3.5 mill meter sound cord into the port of your PS4 and connect the different sides to your device model.
  • After that select the Settings option by tapping on the switch.
  • Select the Devices option after Audio Devices.
  • Select Output System and place it to Headset Connected to Controller, if the particular device is not previously set.
  • Tap on Output to Headphones and make sure it is set to All Audio.

Trick 2 – How to Connect Unsupported Bluetooth Speaker to ps4

You can also utilize an sound Extractor to join your devices with PS4.

  • Stay positive that the sound made from your extractor (e.g., RCA) supports the sound input from your speaker device.
  • Purchase a sound wire to connect your speakers and the extractor.
  • Buy some extra HDMI cable.
  • Join the Play station 4 and the 1st HDMI cord inside the sound extractor
  • Join the 2nd HDMI cord by the monitor from the sound extractor.
  • Attach the mic extractor and the mic wire from the headset.
  • Turn on PS4. Modify the amplification of your speaker for the high-quality audio.

Method 3

With the help of this trick, you will require to purchase an Optical sound cord. The PS4 slim has no optical sound output area so if you have a PS4 Slim you easily would not be capable to utilize this method.

  • Join one point of the sound cable from your speakers’ visible outlet. If your speaker does not have an optical joining, you should buy an optical adapter.
  • Join the next side of the cord from the optical port on your Play station 4.
  • Change on PS4. After a while you will be ready to listen the music from the PS4 menu through your headphones.

Top-quality Gaming Speakers for ps4

You will get many different types of speakers for your gameplay, loaded with top and best features in the demand. Generally, those are the most dependable and most appreciated in today’s life.

FAQ for PS4 Gaming Headphones:

While many gamers are using headsets all over the universe, there may be some difficulties that may occur Also here we are! working to get a better answer for our question. The specialist crew has done and competed for everything to help you with the best possible results!

What is the actual requirement of Gaming Headphones?

A high-quality headset is capable to give easy, managed audio and offers comfort for long game playtimes. Either you are talking from far with your friends or hearing closely your enemy’s noise, you will surely require a proper headset for gaming.

Can You Use Bluetooth Headphones on PS4?

Yes, you can operate Bluetooth headsets on PS4 but do assure your headphones do not have A2DP as PS4 does not hold an Advanced sound Distribution Profile.

Will I be able to use AirPods on PS4?

Sadly, AirPods of apple is not backed by the PlayStation 4. You will require to use a third-party Bluetooth device to connect AirPods from your Play station 4. The most excellent point regarding this is that you can apply it to connect any Bluetooth device, not just the AirPods with you at the time you have the dongle.

Will I be able to join Beats to PS4?

The easy and direct reply to this question is most of the beats headsets are not enabled by PS4 device. They also include some of the beats that you can connect with PS4 that have Bluetooth adapters buttons available on them, according to beats. Always keep in your brain just a single thing that does not guarantee the dongle should operate or not.

FAQ About Gaming Speakers:

This FAQ section is all about answering some basic questions that might grab your attention. We’ve compiled these questions by deep research! Plus, our expert team provides the best solution that is available currently. Let’s jump right into it!

What is the actual reason to purchase gaming speakers?

Game speakers cover you enjoying PC games in heavy sound. Quality speakers not only increase your verity but, gratefulness to the 2-part and 3-part gaming speakers that combine subwoofers and tweeters, they give a completely enhanced tone.

What Should I Look for Before Buying a Gaming Speaker?

At 1st, you will require to know your Gaming area. Your room dimensions restrict the types of gaming speakers that you will receive. Then, examine the specifications of your PC.

Not all machines can include a range of speakers with a 5.1 surround system, completely get that. Now, acknowledge the features that you love. Get it comfortable for yourself to exercise. Finally, get a glance at your complete budget.

Surround Sound quality or Stereo, the Best thing for Gaming?

Surround sound headphones are surely of course excellent for gaming (Mainly for FPS type of games) but they arrive at the cost of sound quality vs top-quality stereo headphone. Stereo headphones may also reproduce surround effects with the best satisfying results from the software.

What is the method to connect a PlayStation 4 to an Older Home theatre Externally the Receiver Having Each an Optical or HDMI?

In the case you are lacking in PS4 Slim device, you can forever use the optical cord, or also use an RCA (component) adapter optical. in a condition you own a PS4 Slim, the sound extractor type of trick will need to be completed.


Many PC games are made for high-quality headsets and speakers to be played. If you are enjoying and watching online live game streams on youtube, you will wish to hold a pair of wireless headsets. On the different side, if you are enjoying battlegrounds with your friends after a super lengthy weekend in the living room, there are speakers to provide you that feeling.

There are many VR games that also require speakers to get a high-quality feel. If you are a night owl night streamer or player who does not require to wake up the remaining of the people, or just require to be as wasted in the action as you may continue, you should remember how to join your PS4 to all of this audio devices.

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