Cyber Security Projects | {Top 5 Cyber Security Projects With Methods}

Hey, In this blog post I will suggest you the best 5 cyber security projects you can make either for your school or to built your skills.

You may wonder, How someone can improve the cyber security skills by projects?

Yes very much, not even less but very much because by these cyber security projects you will not even learn the coding but you can even increase your knowledge.

All these projects are top cyber security projects with source code.

The Projects you will get in this article….

  • Keyloggers
  • Strong Password Generator
  • SQL injection preventer
  • DDoS protector
  • Image Encryption For Secure Transfer

So lets start the projects………

Top Cyber Security Projects


Keylogger Software Definition | keylogger software website protection

Key loggers are ultimate tools to steal someone’s passwords easily.

Actually keylogger is a tool which stores all the password and IDs which are entered on any particular device.

These key loggers are also known as the password stealing Keybords or hacking keyboard.

Don’t keep misconception these keyboards are not physical but all these stealing can be done on the softwares basis.

These keyloggers are also made for computers and mobiles.

You can make a keyloggers as the cyber security project.

There are many keylogger from which you can take Idea.

How to make a keylogger

2.Strong Password Generator

cyber security projects to generate passwords

As there are many more examples of random password generator programs available over the Internet and its space, generating randomness can be tricky and many programs do not generate random characters that ensures strong security via passwords.

As a common and a normal recommendation is to use open source security tools where possible since they allow independent checks on the quality of the methods used.

Always note that the simply generating a password at random does not ensure the password is a strong password, because it is even possible, although highly unlikely, to generate an easily guessed or cracked password.

It is a nice cyber security project among all projects because it dosen’t requires much coding.

3. SQL Injection Preventor

sql injection protection tool to protect the websites from sql injections attacks

If you made any tool which can prevent SQL then it will be very usefull for many other users over the internet.

After making any tool you can built it as plugin for WordPress or as a website.

As In todays life many cyber attacks are there. Among all then the SQL Injection attack is one of the most famous and power full attack.

In this attack, Hacker puts the malicious in SQL language and put that code in any space given in website like Search Bar, Login Place ETC.

Hackers perform this attack to access the data present at the backend of the website (Personal info about the users of websites).

Are there these types of tools present over internet ?

Yes, there are tools but many of them are private or paid and if you made any of the tools like it and publish it over the internet for free, then you can earn millions of dollar from google adsense.

4. DDoS protector

Ddos protection tool and project to protect the website from the ddos tool

Umm.. I think you heard, oh sorry read right. Yes I am talking about the best attack which even you can perform on small websites.

You may have heard about this attack for sure if you have any hacker friend or if you are even little bit intrested in hacking.

Actually there are many DDoS protector plugins and websites but this tools is important.

In this attack the hacker puts the crash the website by putting traffic more then there capability (every website can tolerate a maximum amount of traffic Eg: 20 people at a time).

And if the traffic exceed the website will crash due to over burden on server.

So basically you can make a WEB TOOL to protect the website from these types of attacks.

How To Build Your Own DDoS Protection With Linux

5. Image encryption software

Image encryption tool to protect the website from the mitm attack

Normally encryption is used for encryption of text and sometimes images. Many encryption algorithms exist for this type of purpose.

Now here I propose to build a secured image encryption algorithm that can be used to encrypt images as well as send images remotely to the intended receiver at the other end. Our system can use RSA algorithm for these purposes.

User can submit his image for the encryption.

Our system will now get the image and converts it into hex format before encrypting that image. Then I use RSA algorithm to encrypt the image and to send on or over the internet.

Then Even if an attacker gets the file he first has to Decrypt it using proper keys which are not available to him.

After that hacker needs to decode the image into proper image format.

When image reaches intended receiver he must first enter required keys to see that particular image.

This type of software will not be very popular among the common people but it will be very use-full for government to transfer the important images and private images.

Requirement of security tools in today’s world

Yes, there is huge requirement of cyber security tools in today’s life because cyber crimes are increasing and every one wants to protect their data and information which is stored in their digital device.

If you develop any of the above tools and publish them properly then you will be a future crorepati (richman).

Many tools similar to above cyber security projects or tools are also there in the market but you may not have listened about any of them because they are not properly announced or advertised.

You can develop the above given tools and then after publishing them properly you can even open a multipurpose cyber security company in your country and earn more then a million in a year.

Which is the best cyber security project ?

As, I have written this article so according to me all security projects are good but if you are asking about the best tool then let me classify the word best in three classification.

  • Best for Collage project
  • ..The Best for Money Making
  • ….Best for Actual crime protection.

Best for Collage Project

According to me the best cyber security project for collage presentation is keylogger.

Yes keylogger is best because it is very easy to make tool and it can be make without much coding.

Keylogger tool is a tool which stores the keystrokes you have entred on the keyboard.

Best for Money Making

Ummm.. If you don’t want to do some illegal stuffs and if you want to earn money then you can develop a tool best for it and hope you are here for that purpose only.

According to me, You can develop a system offering 2 security tools

  1. SQL i Protector
  2. DDoS Protector

It will be a deadly combination, if you develop any tool like this because the DDoS and the SQLi attacks are very common and many companies want a direct protection from those attacks.

As many companies are frustated due to this type of attack then you can make a tool and after doing proper advertisement you can earn a lot.

Best for Actual crime protection

If you are reading this part of this article then you are a real fan of hacking and cyber security and you really want to protect the cyber world.

And if you really want to protect then you can develop a image encryption project in which you can offer a superb protection for secure image transfer between two devices without any loss of data.

This type of tool is very complicated for collage project and normal companies normally don’t want to do private image transfer.

And this type of tool will be very much use full for gov or intelligence agencies.

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In this post I have provided you the best cyber security projects which you can make for multi purpose like for as collage or school project or as money making service and ETC.

After that i have explained the importance and requirements of those projects of cyber security or you can say tools.

This importance contains the most valuable points because of which this tools are important for today’s cyber socity.

Then I have mentioned the best tool or project among all above cyber security projects.

The best tool is divided in three category:

  • Best for Collage project
  • ..The Best for Money Making
  • ….Best for Actual crime protection.

After my such a hard work it will take no time to share this post so please share it among your friends.


Hope you enjoyed this post on best cyber security projects.

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