DJI FPV Drone Price -(See the Actual price of DJI FPV Drone 2021!)

In this article we will talk about the price of DJI FPV drone or you can say DJI FPV Drone price, with some of its great features.

The DJI FPV opens a unique series of drones for the brand. The instant outstanding characteristics of the DJI FPV is that it includes DJI’s goggles and a dedicated remote controller and receiver.

It also includes motion control, which allows you to view a long-range, low-latency view from the drone only when it will fly. The aim is to provide a much more impressive experience in drone piloting.

The DJI FPV is also the first integrated FPV drone that allows pilots of all abilities the choice of a flight mode that matches their skill level.

Firstly, I will tell you about some amazing features of DJI Drone, then I will tell you about DJI FPV drone price.

Some DJI FPV Drone Features

Different Modes in this drone…

Normal “N” Mode: During Normal mode usage, DJI FPV works similar to other DJI drones available. Just like hovering on an area with the application of GPS and/or visual positioning systems (VPS) on the lower surface of the drone. And the DJI FPV drone price is amazing according to this.

The most convenient flight mode, N mode provides for obstacle-sensitive sensors on the front to be started to inform when obstacles are close and to give the message that “slow down”.

Pilots are tasked with managing the drone away if obstacles founded.

Manual M” Mode: You will get full control over the drone with M mode. It is designed for more experienced operators. While in M mode, all obstacle-sensitive sensors and hovering points are disabled.

Sport (S) Mode: A great mixture blend of M and N mode, the S mode allows some of the active movement capabilities that appear with M mode along with some of the important safety specialties of N mode.

S mode is the center mode between these 3 modes and developed to provides pilots more area to discover their skills as they get accustomed to the drone.

After all by this the DJI FPV drone price is not too high.

The DJI FPV can hover at top speed/velocities up to 87mph / 140kph, with acceleration to 62mph / 100kph in just two seconds.

It also provides a 10km transmission range, auto-switching dual-frequencies, a high bitrate of 50Mpbs, and anti-interference techniques to give a reliable feed.

Viewing options include:

Standard low-latency High-Defination mode: See the earth in 1440x810p in either 60 fps with a broader 142° Field of seen(FOV), or 50 fps with 150° FOV. In this mode, latency is as low as ≤ 40 milli seconds.

Smooth mode: This mode offers, pilots the to activate high frame rates for a more movie-like look but signal latency is decreased to ≤ 28 milliseconds. Presentationis 1440×810p 120 fps with 142° FOV or 100 fps at 150° FOV.

Audience mode: Share the pilot’s view in audience mode, which joins up to eight additional Goggle sets to the pilot’s view so even spectators can enjoy the flight.


DJI FPV Drone Price

The DJI FPV drone price tag will be $1299 for the drone, remote controller 2, FPV (First-person view) Goggles V2, cables and one battery.

The price of some items to buy is listed from the DJI kits…



DJI FPV remote controller -$299


The DJI FPV can provide 4K video footage at up to 60fps. What’s more, DJI has incorporated its RockSteady electronic image stabilization into the drone to ensure stable, cinematic quality.

You can also capture video in 1080p at 120fps for 4x slow-motion videos. Footage can also be put in H.265 or H.264 compression standards.

The integrated camera is also mounted on a single-axis gimbal, giving stability at the time of intricate maneuvers while rotating vertically.

DJI FPV Additional safety points

When DJI introduced drone automated braking to their Phantom series, it was a major change and probably one of the drones’ biggest safety updates. 

Due to the unprecedented speeds gained with the FPV drone, new emergency brake and hover features have been included. 

GPS-based geofencing has been improved, advising pilots of airspace restrictions and potential hazards; this will also automatically stop drones from hovering near-certain high-risk locations, such as airports.

A relatively new extension to the DJI drones is the AirSense ADS-B receiver which automatically alerts pilots if planes or helicopters are somewhere near.

Safety of drone use is a major priority for DJI brand, and the enhanced immediate brake and hover, ADS-B, VPS, failsafe return, and geofencing are all made to assure that the DJI FPV is as safe to fly as possible. 

DJI FPV enhanced flying experience

The DJI FPV features the most advanced image transition technology from the company so far. HD footage is fed through a low-latency feed from the DJI FPV to the DJI FPV goggles V2 this made the dji fpv drone price good.

The new motors are racing spec, and while the DJI FPV is aimed at those wanting to shoot sports and events rather than FPV racing, the speed and power is impressive. DJI FPV DRONE PRICE

At 140kph (87mph) and a maximum acceleration of 0-100 kilometers per hour (0-62 mph in just 2 seconds), the brand has released one of the super-fast drones outside of the FPV racing market. 

These speeds will open the drone to stay up with the fast-paced movement or on and off-road racing easily. 

The most advanced image transmission system enables a distance of up to 10km, although UK limitations mean that this isn’t a feature that should be practiced. That transmission is sent at 50Mbps, so the image you see will be clear and crisp. 

The pilot can adjust the quality of the transmitted image with the following points:

Standard low-latency HD mode: See the world in 1440x810p in either 60 fps with a wider 142° Field of View (FOV) or 50 fps with 150° FOV. In this mode, latency is as low as ≤ 40 ms.

Smooth mode: In this mode, pilots activate high frame rates for a more cinematic expression, but signal latency is decreased to ≤ 28 ms. Resolution is 1440×810p 120 fps among with 142° FOV or 100 fps at 150° FOV. 

Incredible Flight Performance, outstanding Footage 

Audience mode: Share the pilot’s perspective in spectators mode, which connects up to eight additional Goggle sets to the pilot’s view so even onlookers can experience the flight. 

Now for the part that we as imaging enthusiast want to hear, camera and image quality.

DJI FPV offers you the best possible price of DJI FPV drone price.

Usually, the small FPV drones give you low-resolution cameras made to keep up with the action while providing a smooth continuous live coverage. 

The integrated 4K 60fps camera captures footage at 120 Mbps and is mounted on a single axis gimbal. This might not offer the outstanding mechanical stabilization that we’re used to with the Inspire and Phantom ranges, but with RockSteady digital stabilization, the footage should be correct and still.

The rocksteady stabilization will also drop the rolling screen effect when shooting fast action pictures. As we have seen in old DJI cameras, there’s an advanced distortion changer to eliminate warping and the fisheye looks from the footage. 

The price of DJI FPV drone is good, DJI FPV drone price.

As ever, there will be a Nice selection of filming options with 4X slow motion captured at 1080p 120fps.

Footage can be captured in either H.264 or H.264, making the most from the small SD card storage.

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