Does 5G Network Affect Birds ? (Effects of 5G on Nature)

Hello, If you are from India or US then you may have watched the movie ROBOT 2.0. In that movie, they are trying to show the bad impacts of mobile networks on birds. By taking that movie as a refrence we will discuss Effects of 5G on birds and nature.

Impact of 5G on birds

Yes, Indirectly and Sometimes Directly

Radiations from Phones and 5G towers
effects of 5G on nature

Our smartphone towers emit the electromagnetic waves. Indian SAR value limit is set to 1.6W/Kg.

All the smart phones have their radiations under control. You can even check it by dialing *#07# ….. And when the number goes above it then 5G will surely effect birds.

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Agriculture impact on bird
effects of 5g on agricultural feilds and humans and nature

As the use of pesticides is on large scale, large numbers of insects are killed. Due to this, there is shortage of food for birds.

And sometimes small insects are also killed due to radiations. Due to this, there is a decrease in the number of birds.

Deforestation to establish towers
What is the Relationship Between Deforestation And Climate Change ...

Due to cutting of trees and forest on large scale, Not only birds but other animals are also affected.

We can’t just blame mobile tower radiations for decrease in the number of birds but the deforestation due to network establishment can affect the birds and even the other lifes.

Effects of 5G on nature things

Effects of 5G on humans

Due to the rising network radiations the chances of skin cancer and other skin radiations are very high.

As the networks are stablishing everywhere and due to this the respiratory and skin problems are also increasing.

Effects of 5G on Trees

There is not any direct harm to trees from 5G but there are several in-direct effects of 5G on nature and trees.

Eg: The deforestation is indirect harms and due to harm full radiation on small insects kills them and many of them are use full for trees.

Some thing more about 5G

How Does 5G Work ?

As now a days every thing is wireless, So, Many Wireless communication systems use radio frequencies to carry information through the air and space.

5G (generation) operates in almost similar manner, but uses higher radio frequencies that are less cluttered in their space area.

This allow network to carry more information at a much faster rate then wired connection. These higher bands are commonly known as ‘millimeter waves’.

Actually they were previously not in use but have been opened up for licensing by regulators of the networks.

They are largely not touched by the public and as the equipment to use them was largely inaccessible and expensive way to do it normally.

They can be easily blocked by physical objects such as trees and buildings. So, in order to circumvent this challenge, 5G network will utilise multiple input and output antennae to boost signals and capacity across the wireless network as compared to 4G.

Who Invented the 5th Generation Network?

In this world the first country to adopt 5G on a large scale was South Korea, in April 2019, at which point there were some 224 operators in 88 countries around the world investing in this 5G technology.

In South Korea, all the 5G carriers were using Samsung, Ericsson and Nokia base stations and equipment, but only one used Huawei company equipment.

Out of all these suppliers, Samsung was the biggest, having shipped 53,000 base stations of company from a total of 86,000 base stations installed in that country at the time.

There are currently nine companies that sell 5G radio hardware in the world and systems for carriers.

These high-tech companies and organizations are Altiostar, Cisco Systems, Telecom, Ericsson, , Nokia, Qualcomm, Samsung, and ZTE.


In this post I have told you that do 5g affect the birds or the nature.

So the final answer was


And I have also given the reason how it affects with some different and then I have given two brief explaination about 5G.