Hey, Umm… I think you are tired of finding the proper meaning of the error you get in your iPhone or iPad many times. Which is “what happens when you reset end to end encrypted data ? “.

This End to end encryption error comes when your iPhone is damaged and you can’t get proper back from your previous phone and then you have to set up iCloud to complete end to end encryption.

what happens when you reset the end to end encrypted data

What is the cause of this message….

Actually whenever your iPhone broke you buy a new phone and try to get your data back in it. Then your phone gives you a message to press allow on your leaved phone.

You have to approve your phone because of security and if you expect that it is worst feature then you are wrong. Because of this feature your data is very secured.

But In case your phone is broken or lost then you can’t do it easily because of some reasons.

So in second option it ask you to reset the encrypted data but you are on this article because you don’t know what exactly will happen when you will hit that button.

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What does the reset the encrypted mean?

reset encrypted data

Actually when you buy the iPhone your data is saved time to time on iCloud from your phone as backup.

I exactly don’t know that either you allow or set your iCloud to store your important data or it is a automatic function.

And when you change your phone and enter your credentials on it. It ask you to press allow on your previous phone or reset the encrypted data.

So, the reset the encrypted data means to re-store the amount of data which is kept in your iCloud as backup with encryption to your new iPhone.

(Encryption:- means with full protection while transfer. No one can hack your data in between the transfer from iCloud to your phone).

May be your full data can’t be recoverd because the backup process takes place in regular interval.

What will happen You Reset Encrypted Data ?

When you will press the reset end to end encrypted data.

The data which is encrypted (secured) in your iCloud will re-restore in your iPhone.

Here the term encryption means the network security. In encryption all the data distributes in packets when it is transfred among routers and every packet is locked and have a personal key without which it can’t be open.

and after reaching to the end there key is automatically entred to view the packets.

This was the short meaning of encryption.

How do I find my encrypted backup password?

  1. Start your device, proceed to Settings > General > Reset.
  2. Select Reset All Settings and put your passcode their.
  3. Follow the points to reset your settings. This would not remove any user data from your iPhone, but it will reset some settings like display brightness, Home screen layout, and wallpaper and many be few more. …
  4. join your device to iTunes again.

Ways to Reset Encrypted Data on iPhone

For iOS 11 and above iOS 11

By iOS 11 and high, thou can reset the encrypted data by resetting every setting from your Apple iPhone. To accomplish that, the following actions are important:

  1. Step 1: Move to Setting > General section > Reset option
  2. Select ‘Reset All Setting’ and insert your iOS passcode. (To know it we have given the process above)
  3. Check out the steps to reset your settings. Your encrypted security passcode will be removed and open brightness, home screen design and same settings will also be reset.
iphone encryption

After that join your phone again to iTunes and make a new encrypted backup.

For iOS 10 and lower then that

Among iOS 10 and lower versions, the uniquely viable option you have to make a new backup when you don’t think your encryption password is to remove all your thing and settings. To attain that, the following steps are required:

Step 1: Move to Setting > General section > Reset option.

2: Select ‘Erase All Content and Settings’ and put your iOS password.

how to reset end to end encrypted data

It will clear all the data and settings from your apple iPhone, with the encrypted backup passcode.

Why Encryption Is Good ?

Encryption is not good but only for hackers because they can’t steal the information and data. Umm….. it was a joke. It is really good for everyone to protect there data.

As I explained you the meaning of encryption in the above para it actually means the password protection to the file when it is transfuring. This is must for every type of transfer.

Encryption is best way to protect your data from M.I.T.M attacks and attacks similar to this.

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Hope you liked this post on “What Happens When You Reset End to End Encrypted Data ?”

In this post i have included the various points about a question which is asked by many iPhone users regularly.

I have included the:

What is the cause of this message to reset encrypted data….

And, What is it’s meaning ?

What will happen You Reset Encrypted Data ?

Hope you enjoyed this post as this was a most asked question about restoration of data in iphone. As many people don’t know about the encryption so this post wast to help you.

Under the above headings i have explained propery about the most asked iphone question. What will happen You Reset end-end Encrypted Data ?

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