What is End to End Encryption? And How Encryption Works?

End to end encryption is a phrase which you will see and view if you are in the field of cybersecurity. Encryption is used everywhere nowadays to increase the security level of each and every network.

I will tell you about the encryption in this article. Totally end to end encryption explained.

Encryption is one of the best things to secure any kind of network. If someone wants to prevent anyone to sniff your network and read your messages or any type of data transfer.

What is the meaning of End to End Encryption?

End to end encryption means to to convert the text the non readable form for the safe transfer over the internet. This help the user to send the data over the internet in the non readable form so that if even someone hack it. The hacker will not be able to read the text properly.

Eg:- “You are a good person” will be converted to “ht5 hj4 8 mw36 34nf5g” while the transfer.

Basically the encryption is to protect the users and their transfer of data over internet from the sniffing attacks and MITM attacks.

Encryption is used by almost every messaging software or service like WhatsApp, telegram, ETC.

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How does End to End Encryption works?

To understand, how end-to-end encryption works you can take the help of the below diagram with the points I have mentioned after it.

Here we will use the chat app model which uses end-to-end encryption like Whatsapp and telegram. You can take an idea from this how encryption works in any other service like video call and voice chat.

How end to end encryption works
  • In when you send the message, it automatically gets encrypted (Converted in non-readable format) with a particular key.
  • Every message has a different key to get encrypted while transfer.
  • Now, While transferring the message it is fully in a non-readable format so if even a hacker hacks it. Then also he/she will not be able to read it.
  • Now, the decryption key will only be available to the receiver and it will decrypt the message automatically when it will reach to the receiver.
  • That’s why it is called an end to end encryption because the message gets encrypted when it is sent and only gets decrypted at the end of it.
  • Currently it is the safest way of data transferring over internet.

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Advantages of (E2EE) End to end encryption

advantages of end to end encryption
Protection from Hacking

As before the encryption It was very easy to hack and hijack the data transferring over inter and read the packets which are captured. Sniffing attacks are used to capture the packets by many methods like MITM mainly.

But, After the encryption hackers can’t hack it easily and if they got successful to hack then also they will not be able to read the messages or any data.

Data privacy

Many times you may think that Google can read your emails or that WhatsApp can read your messages. Or you think that FBI is spying on you. ๐Ÿ˜‚

But is a kind of joke because in the end to end encryption no one can read your data, literally no one.

In the case of only encryption, it can be possible for the agencies to read the messages and emails where data is not protected end to end.

But in the case that are end to end encrypted there is 0.00001 % possibility of hacking the data. That’s way google and WhatsApp are end to end encrypted.

Good for democracy

As I told you above, if the FBI is spying there will be a rule break in the democracy.

In the constitution, everyone has the right to speech and if the FBI will spy and catch the people who are against the government, it will not be good for the citizens and democracy.

But, as I told you that in the end to end encryption it is not possible to hack the data so the FBI or any other agency will not be able to read and capture data.

End to end encrypted data

end to end encrypted data

It means the data which is transferred over the internet and the router is encrypted (converted in non readable form). 

Eg:- โ€œI want Helpโ€ will be encrypted and converted to the โ€œo 4usn 10b5โ€. Here while conversion the method of conversion and encryption is called key and every packet has a different key of  encryption.

This encrypted data is very secured and no one can hack your data easily.

So in short, Encrypted data means the packets which are encrypted and converted in non-readable format. This is the safest way to secure your data.

E2E Encryption ban

End to end encryption ban is the term which you will regularly see in the USA. As in America FBI requests sometimes to ban the end to end encryption from many big companies like Apple and WhatsApp.

Actually many news related to the ban of E2E are just fake news. You must not believe in all them easily.

But if they will take an action related to the ban of end-to-end encryption. It will be a direct attack on the democracy of the country.

So, ban on end to end encryption is not possible in big and educated countries.

Is Zoom end to end encrypted?

Previously zoom was not encrypted end to end but now it is totally encrypted. The encryption of the video call is very difficult to explain.

So, in short I will explain…

  • In the zoom, every short packet is constantly transferred over the internet.
  • These packets are the video frames that are converted to text form.
  • (Yes it is little wired that how a video frame can be converted into a text file but to understand you have to go deep in cryptography)
  • This text is called a packet and then that packet is encrypted with an encryption key.
  • Now, this key is only available to the sender and the receiver.
  • When the packet reaches to the receiver it automatically gets decrypt with the decryption key.

From this process, you can understand that how safe is your data while you are using zoom or any other video calling app.

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