Top 20 Game Hacking Apps | {Best Game Hacker App Tools}

In this post I will provide you with best game hacking apps which you can use to hack games very easily.

You will find out that some are rooted game hacker apps and some are non rooted game hacking apps.

You can get many hacks for games in android easily. These apps will provide you android game hacker tools and even ios game hacking tools.

The Best Game Hacking Apps:-

1. Xmodgames :- ( game hacker )

How this app works…

It is one of the best and wonder full app to hack games that will let you mod games in your rooted android device (ANY).

This game hacking app (XMoD) is very good & comes with a lots of features in it. Now Here in this apk you can play all type of common mannered video games present over internet.

Here this will give best tricks to add some amount of fun in your game & playing like a pro player if you are noob.

This APP supports lot of popular games like Subway Surfers, Clash Of Clans, Temple Run, Pokemon Go, Mine craft & Many other games which are very popular.

Features of Xmodgames App :-

  • This app do not have limit for tweaking. Still it also increase the performance of games for you to play many games smoothly.
  • It is one of the best game hacking application which comes with a lots of features & simple user interface.
  • The another top feature in X-mod-games is taking Screenshot while playing games. Here you can cheat in game & take a screen shot. Don’t share this screen shot with your friends for privacy reasons.
  • Straight forward user interface which is easy to use & operate.

2. Cheat Engine :- ( game hacking app )

How this app works…

Cheat Engine app is a very popular hacking app / hacker app among all gamers / hackers/crackers. This is a open source game hacking application available for everyone and developed by dark byte company.  

It allow us to modify and hack single player games to make them difficult or easy depending on our choice & game level.

This comes under game hacker app category & provides very useful tools to hack any game.

It is really a real hacking app. Which will help you to hack any game.
Cheat engine provides you the tools for Direct 3rd & open GL ,it is useful for program developers because it is used to add debugging features in video game & software.

Features :-

  • It is the best game hacker app which provides US many of the features in it.
  • A simple but powerful user interface, which let you hack any game.
  • It comes under the game hacking apps and it provides tool which helps you adds debug in games.
  • Direct 3d & open GL feature is also available in this app.

3.Hacker Bot :- ( game hacker apps )

How this app works…

Hacker-bot is one of the most useful & latest APK or APP for one who is finding an app that hacks game.

This app will provide you the best cheats and hacks in latest android games as well as many latest and popular games. This will works on both devices Rooted & Non-Rooted android device present there.

It simply discovers guanine cheats to their Custom search engine & find a list of cheats all around the forums, hack sites, moded apk & much others cheats.

Features of Hacker Bot :-

  • It is very trusted app, it means no scam and no fraud on the name of hacking.
  • It will protect your device from untrustworthy sources present there
  • The major advantage of hacker-bot app is, It works well in both Rooted & Non Rooted devices.
  • You can download this app for free. you can also download this app for free from below given link.
  • You can hack many of popular games & apps from this app.

4.Lucky Patcher Games Hacking apps :-

How this app works….

The Lucky Patcher app is latest game hacking application which allows you remove ads from app, licence verification & provide many other features for android games & apps hacking.  

If you are trying to find a user friendly game hack app then we will recommended you to download this app. As It comes with many new features which doesn’t provided by any other game hacking app.  

If you want to access all of features in Lucky Patcher then you need to root android device.  

Features Of Lucky Patcher App :-

  • In this app you can easily remove ads from remove ads option means you will do not get irritating ads.
  • You can easily move any app data to your SD card. This is very useful for caches & obb data file.
  • We can also remove license verification directly from any android apps.
  • You can also even covert the app as a system app (only for rooted users).
  • In lucky patcher app you can make out with the feature of purchase of premium version of Lucky Patcher to access paid features for free in any app.

5. Blue Stacks hacking android apps :-

How this app works…

The another one of the best game hacker application, which you can use in your game hacking. This apk comes with a lot of features in built.

Blue stacks 4 brings distraction free mobile gaming to the next level with low storage requirement.
Here in Blue stacks you can also controls & Customize your game play of any offline game (Sometimes online). You can also play multiple game at same time.

Features of Bluestacks :-

  • You can record your game play & watch or even you can even use screen recorder.
  • You can also use Farm Mode which will make your game play smooth.
  • The another good feature is that you can translate the game language in your Local language .
  • You can do HRR (Higher Refresh Rate) in your device to smooth your game play easily.

6. SB Games Hacker apps android:-

How this app works….

SB game hacker app helps you to clear your level & many missions in games.  

You can also use this game hacking application to hack many popular games like Temple Run, Candy Crush, Pokemon Go, School Driving 2017, Hill Climb Racing, Subway Surfers & Many others games.

If you then also want to use this app then you need to root your device or you have to use rooted android device. This app provides you more freedom to your games.

Features of SB Game Hacker :-

  • This SB Game Hacker app provides you the fuzzy search, which you can use to search the value of resources of any game you want of your choice.
  • SB Hacker can remove almost every annoying ad & bypass licence restrictions without any problem.
  • SB hacker app can also increase your game speed as well as runs smoothly.
  • You will get full benefit from this app. For free of cost which are really paid if you go somewhere else.

7. Nox hacking apps:-

How this app works…..

I think this is one of the best app for game hacking because this app comes with all the required features for smooth & stable game play in your phone.  

Here with the help of Nox you can play android games in your PC means you can increase your game play display area if you upload your videos on youtube or any other place.

In Nox app you can play ultimate popular & big games like Black desert, Ark Night Become the dragon & many more other games whcich are available.

Features of Nox android hacker app :-

  • You can play multiple games at the same time on this app😆.
  • You can even open keyboard mapping just on one tap.
  • It can Record your every step & can execute it later or at the time required.
  • Support many big and great games & apps.

8. Creehack Games hacking Apps :-

How this app works……

Creekhack is perfect as a hacker app that comes with ultimate features in it. Which is complete app to hack any game with proper UI.

Creekhack is a cracking tool app which gives you many apps & games which you want to hack.

It helps you to debug your game & modify game which helps get free coins, points & clear levels.

Features to Creehack :-

  • No Rooting is required To Run and use this app.
  • The Simple user interface & User Friendly App makes it more reliable and good.
  • 100%  legal app & trusted by many of big gamers to hack any game.
  • Supports all android versions means you can play old android devices as well as new versions.
  • The Best app to purchase paid app & games for absolutely free.

9. GameCih Game Hacker Apps :-

How it works…..

GameCih is another great app to hack many of popular android games. This is basically a game cheat software which inject more fun in your gaming.

This will modify your game directory & helps you to increase points , levels & much more hacks.
This app also allows you to modify many variables in wide range of Online games without knowing their master code gives you feel like a Pro hacker.

If you want to run this app in your smartphone then you need to rooted android device .

Features Of GameCih :-

  • Hack offline games as well as online games very easily.
  • Free access to all paid apps & games.
  • Increase your game speed properly.
  • Well known for offline games like sniper 3d etc.

10. Leoplay Card hacking app for games:- (game hacking apps)

How this app works…..

Leoplay card is just Free game hacker app or Lucky patcher hack. This will provide all the android apps free which is paid in play store means you can access all the play store paid apk in a app that hacks games.

If you want to do this hack then you need just one thing that is download this app through below given download link & use this app to download your favorite paid app without spending even a little bite.

The major advantage of this app is, it works in non rooted device also means you doesn’t need to root any android device.

Features of Leo Play Card :-

  • Get android apps & games without purchase for free.
  • Hack many popular android games like temple run ETC.
  • This apps doesn’t required rooted android device it can work in non rooted device also.
  • Controls object of games.

11.Game Killer :- games hacking apps

How this app works……

This app is just symbol of its name ” Game Killer ” this app modify game directory & inject more fun in your game through cheats like coins , money , increase level & many other game hacks.

The app uses memory modifying technique to hack any game and hence it is compatible to many newer as well as older android versions.
This app require rooted android device to run in your smartphone.

Hence you need to download Rooting apps like king root app. This is  complete app that can hack games.

Features of Game Killer :-

  • It can hack many popular games & increase your game level , coins etc easily.
  • You can find a search option in this app where you can search any game with unclear values.
  • Edit Hex easily.
  • Need Rooted device for better work and easy work.
  • You can optimize your game performance.
  • Save/Load list.

12.Game Guardian :- hacker of games

How this app works……

Game guardian is an app for hacking games & modifying your games directory very easily to earn more points, levels, money etc.  
This is best alternative of GameCih app & comes with many extra features like scripted hack. This app is not very famous but defiantly complete your aim to hack any games.  

This will comes with many extra features like speed hacks , scanning unknown values etc like all these.

Features Of Game Guardian :-

  • Works well in both android & PC devices.
  • Modify game result at once very easily.
  • Maximum possibility to increase game times & winning chances.
  • Search both encrypted & unknown values in it.
  • Simple user interface with Customization option.

13.Freedom Apk :- games hacker app

  How this app works…..

The another great app to add more fun & increase winning chance in your games. In this app you can purchase any paid apps & games without spending a bite of money. Means you don’t need to spend your much money on such apps & because you can enjoy it absolutely free of cost.

However, it require rooted device to run so you need to download android rooting application like king root apps.

Features of Freedom :-
  • All paid apps & games download free from Freedom game hacking app you can download any apps.
  • Modify your game directory.
  • Many others features you can get in it.

14. Happy mod Android hacking apps:-

This app is really wonder full by this app you can download the MOD APK file of any apps.

How this app works….

It is not present on Play store so you have to download it from the google ( random websites). But after this you don’t have to rom this much because it is an app that provides you many different apps. Like :- Mod apk, Hacker apps, Hacked apps of games Etc.

It always updates itself and also keep you update with notifications you can use any mode apps just by few steps:-

  • Go to the search section on top of the page of happy mod app.
  • Search the MOD apk you want by typing MOD after the app name ( Eg: PUBG MOD)
  • You will get many moded apps download any of it.
  • Now if you get any error then click on allow the “download from unknown sources”.
  • Then by going download section in your file manager you can install the mod apk of any app.
  • Now enjoy the moded apps or game hacker apps.

15. File Manager :- games hacking apps

How this app works ………

This app works in another type of a app for hacking games if direct game hacking application like Xmodgames or SB game hacker apps doesn’t work then you can hack your games using this application.

In this application you can easily modify your stored game file. Many file manager allows you modify or certain changes in root level of storage like ES File Explorer. In this root level storage game file edit.

You need to rooted device to run File Manager game hacks app .

Features of File manager :-

  • Work in another method of game hacking. (third party apps in game hacking).
  • You can edit or Customize your game file through certain file manager apps like z archiver etc and also with file manager.
  • Need non Rooted android device to run easily.
  • Work when direct game hacking app doesn’t work.

16. APK editor:- Games hacking file editor.

How to use this app……

This app is also very use full but only thing is that you must know how to use it properly because if you don’t know how to use it and if you changed any  important file then if will be always same because whenever you will download the app the file will not get replaced.

  • So please before using it please watch some tutorials in google or on youtube.
  • You have seen many youtube hackers editing their game data with this app. It is really very usefull app to edit data.
  • From this app you can even edit your coins and diamonds like things means the thing which have numbers.

Features of APK editor apps to hack games:-

  • You can edit game files and change the numbers in your games means the coins, diamonds, cards ETC.
  • It is very user friendly but you must have correct knowledge to use it.
  • It can edit any app except system apps like settings, google apps, file manager (original one) ETC.
  • You can change the name and logo of any app easily.
  • You can reinstall any apps by changing there CODES so then you will be having clones of apps.

17. King root app :- android rooter app (hacking app)

How ti use it…..

This app is very simple you can root many phones with this app rooting means going to the root of your phone and editing it from the root of it. You root any phones except the chinese phones like redmi, realme, vivo, oppo ETC.

It is very use full app if you want to use the above apps with there full features. It will open the root to your phone.

To use it you only have to click root button to root your device. Just click on it to root and hack any game and start your games hacking mission easily.

Features of king root hacking apps:-

  • No file exchange headache and no difficult process.
  • One click free root facility.
  • Provide you the best Game hacking apps service.
  • It can be used to hack any game you want.
  • Provides the best service for game hacking.

18. U torrent :- hacked mod apps download.

How this app works…..

haha, you are using it just to download movies and web series and all the pirated things but is in power full source to download the mod apk files and can hack your game to some of the applications are not available on google directly but they can be available on the torrent sites.

Features of U-Torrent

You can use u torrent hacking app to download any mod apk and to transfer there money to your original game play account.

  • Go to utorrent app.
  • Click on above space to search.
  • Type the desired thing or app you want ( hacked version).
  • It will redirect you to the google or any other search engine.
  • From there you can visit different websites and download the apps or any thing you want.

19. GPS spoofing hacking apps:-

From these apps you cam make your GPS location as a fake location.

How this app works…..

In this you can spoof your location and make your location fake. This app is used to hack games like pokemon go, dragon ball game ETC games in which location is used.

How GPS spoof hack works:-

  • Go and open the GPS spoofing app, you can download any of it from the google play store.
  • After opening that app you can easily select the fake location you want to make visible on your game account.
  • After selecting a location just open any GPS game like pokemon go or any other app.
  • Then you will find that your location is spoofed.
  • Hope you will enjoy this hack in your game.

20. App cloner duplicate game hacking:-

How to use it…..

This app is used to make the clones of app in this app change the APK file and make it look like new By this you can play many games and even same games with two different IDs.


  • Go and open this app you can download it from play store or even from google very easily.
  • After opening this app you can just select any app you want to clone.
  • Then click on the clone the app button present in the bottom of this app.
  • You will find that clone of that app is ready within few seconds.
  • Just install that app and enjoy your game with 2 different IDs.

How it is possible to hack any game even with large security levels.

Top 10 Best Game Hack App for Android and iOS (Free Download ...

Yes, by reading above article you must get it that hacking a game is not a challenging task.

You can hack any game with out any irritation. Even not only games you can hack any app with these above apps.

Now coming to the point, how it is easy to hack any game even there is much security.

So the hacking any game is small thing because the data of every app and every game in in your phone and you can retype and edit it according to you.

That’s why it is easy to hack any app and any game with just small editing and if the game security company wants to prevent hacking then they must put the game data with a security pin.

Also they can make a connection in which the gamer will get the game data according to the position through cloud computing.

But the main thing is that you must know that coding language in which that particular game is written if don’t know that language and if you edited the coding then it may cause a problem for you.


Yes but people or tools saying that using them can hack the online games like coc etc. Thats not true.. you cant hack like that.

Let’s take an example of Clash of Clans, you want gems or coins etc. You check online and u come across some online tools saying that they will hack into your account and generate items like gems for you.

First of all they all are fake. Some of them too steal your account . Like some tools ask for email password and guarantee that you’ll get gems..

(obviously you won’t) so they steal your account and can sell them to other players too.

Anyways, there’s only one way through which you can hack and get money, gems and all. Thats hack into Supercell (Company which owns Clash of Clans) and edit your data saved into their servers.

How game hacking companies earn in billions?

Game Hacking Club (With images) | Club

Yes these apps earn in millions and billions just by doing this, you may have heard about antivirus companies, that they make there own virus and publish those virus over internet and also give the possibility that, that virus can be removed from your computer with some simple tricks but the condition is that you have to for the antivirus to be installed in your company.

Same thing happens in the game hacking companies. The thing is that hacking is easy but it must be done in the form of coding that’s why the hacking is not easy for normal people to hack any game.

So the above companies makes the User Friendly app and publish it in market with every new update the]y publish a new hack by bringing out security flaws in  the game app.

So to stop hacking company, game company pays to the hacking company to stop making new script with new updates of game.

You will be shocked that even apple pays 57 lack dollar to find the security flaws in there company’s security.

Even these games company pays many dollars to the hacking companies like game guardian and lucky patcher. Just only not to makes any script hacking apps of games.

How to keep your ID safe while hacking game apps:-

Are You Safe From Hacking? - Web Design by Knight

You can prevent the ban of account in many ways. As the ban of any particular ID is not that much costly but if someone bans your device from the game company then it will be very difficult to play that game on your device again.

So to keep your device safe while hacking any game you can use the following tricks:-

  • Change the IMEI number of device:

    You can use this trick to change the IMEI number of your device many apps can be used to do this hack.

    This hack will change the identity of your device. By this if you get ban then you can again change the IMEI number to play that game again.

    But if you are having any important information in your phone then don’t use this trick and please use the another trick mentioned below.
  • Use third party to use your game: This trick is far bettor then any other trick in this the chances of ID ban reduces to less then half.

    In this you can download any another app to open your game application. There are many apps like this you can search it on google like “third party apps to open any another app”.

    By using this you can eve unban your game account just by downloading the third party app again.
  • Request mail:-

    It is a last option in which you have write a mail to the gaming company it can be forgive mail. In which you can request the company to un ban your account.

    But please write that mail in the proper formal manner you can find the formal E-Mail format below. After writing the mail please wait for at least 2-5 days for reply.

    Don’t be in hurry, If you send your mail again and again they may not except it or even after seeing the mail they may not reply you.

Why it is easy to hack offline games?

Yes, it is easy to hack offline games since there is no connection between the data of game and the internet service.

So no updation of data will take place and if you edit any verification, licence or game money.

The coins or any thing will be same as you updated in your game.

And it is very difficult to hack online games as compared to offline games because many times the data is auto verified with the server of games that’s why it is little more difficult to hake multiplayes games like free fire or any other games like PUBG.

As I am talking about game server so in many games like Clash of clans hackers made there own servers and always provide the full coins and full diamonds in there games.

Google and forums…Usually once you find one in working order there would be a patch or security update not long after and block the hack.

You would have to continuously update the program or find other methods of getting around the block.

It is usually a series of programs working together, rare to find one program that does it all (For games IME).

Why someone hack games:-

In today’s world the hacking is one of the main problem of every company not only games company but really every company.

That’s why these companies keep very tight security in there system but today we will see that why so many people hack game.

  • Noob players :-
    It is one of the main problem of the companies that noob players ( the players who can’t play properly ) these people hack the game and play which cause huge damage to gaming company and even financial losses.
  • Penetration testers :-
    These are the hacker to whom the company pays just to find security issues and just hacking flaws in there games and if they are able to find security issues in there companies they are paid very high.

    Even apple and microsoft have declared that if any hacker is able to find security issues then he will be awarded with MILLIONS OF DOLLARS.
  • Hacking companies :-
    As i mentioned above that game hacking companies hack the games and with every update they release the another hacked version.

    So when gaming companies request not to do things like this. Then they demand for money to stop releasing the hacked versions. These companies mostly works in dark web.

Why not to hack any game:-

There are several reasons to not to hack any of the games.

  • It is also a property of someone and harming someone’s property is also a bad thing as well as illegal thing to do.
  • As non permitted hacking ( black hat hacking ) is also a crime.
  • Honesty is best policy is a simple rule and you must not hack any game and play it. Just play it with honesty.

How to keep your account healthy:-

To keep your hacking game account healthy just follow the instructions below if it got ban then it must be a big problem for you.

  • Don’t hack regularly, Hack it eventually when you want to just try.
  • Open the hacked application with the third party app.
  • Change the IMEI number of your phone.
  • Use VPN while playing hacked game.
  • Root your device while hacking game apps.

How can you become a game hacker?

It actually Depends on what kind of games you want to hack. We have PC games, mobile games and console games all of which have a specific tool set and knowledge base every single have their own.

Define your goal and then start from starting. The main and most important skills you will require are Reverse Engineering, ability to code in a language and understand the machine applicable to your platform or the game you want to hack.

I am not a pro, but I am passionate about PC game hacking and after 2 years I was able to make myself at this level with lot of hard work.

It is really not easy and is very time consuming sometimes, the people who are good at it are driven by the challenge, not by the resulting hack in the game.

I suggest learning some things in this order:

  1. First, learn a programming languages.
  2. Second, learn how to use Cheat Engine and basic reverse engineering methods.
  3. Third, learn how to make a basic external trainer yourself
  4. Fourth, learn how to make a basic internal trainer using d-l-l injection
  5. Fifth learn how to make a 3d game or games.
  6. Sixth learn how to make an aim-bot, then ESP etc…

What is a good way to hack a game?

It is not ANY game, and many multiplayer games will shut you down right away for trying this types of things.

But this works for MANY other games, and I am bad and I admit I have a pretty strong history of cheating in single player games which you call offline games.

There is a convenient tool called Cheat Engine tool that lets you hook into running programs (read: games internally) and lets you search and change values in the memory of the game.

Cheat Engine – Wikipedia

Just say I am playing Dark Souls game. I don’t feel like playing through the entire game multiple times just to try out the effectiveness of various weapons at their peak upgraded form in the game. I want many slabs, and I want them now.

Imagine I have 3 slabs. I search for ‘3’ in Cheat Engine, drop a slab, search for ‘2’, drop another, search for ‘1’, and pick them both back up and search for ‘3’. That usually narrows it down to 1 to 4 memory locations that I haphazardly change, until I have 99 slabs presently sitting in my inventory.

You can do more than that I am prety sure, but all I use it for is changing numbers like these. It’s a start, I guess.

It is very, important do not move to the next step unless you’re are capable of exercising what have you learned. Have your eye on the long term, not the short term.


In this post I have explained the best game hacking apps ever. These are really the best game hacking apps present over internet.

These apps includes all types of apps from beginner to tuff level, for a game hacker.

After all this I have explained the process to become a pro game hacker in your life. In this you can use the game chip app to hack games.

Also i have included the how game hacking companies earn money in billions and millions.

Then I have included the minor points like

  • How to keep you account safe while hacking?
  • Can you become a good game hacker? How?
  • How to keep your self safe
  • Why it is easy to hack online games
  • Why people hack games

Hope you liked this post on game hacking games.

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