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Hey every one, hope you are well with kali ….. LOL [kali linux (-: ]. In this  post i am going to tell you the best attacks to hack wifi  with that you will also get the solution of How to hack wifi.

Note:- Please read the full article in free time to get proper knowledge about wifi hacking and there is also practical guide at last of every attack.

After reading this full article you will be mature enough to choose correct method to hack wifi easily in this post I will majorly tell you the working of various attacks(how various attacks works) This will  .

So stay tuned and i am giving you the best ways to hack wifi with no more delay.


WiFi hack 1:- How Fluxion attack works.

This attack can be used to hack any wireless network but today we will see how your wifi can be hacked by this method or how hacker can hack someones wifi from this attack. It is the hacker’s best attack to hack wifi.

  • In this attack hacker will generate an another similar WiFi network (with same name) just to confuse the victim.
  • Then hacker will give denial of service attack (put load to the victims wifi) so that it stops working and victim gets disconnect from it.
  • Now when the owner of wifi (victim) will find that his/her wifi is not getting connected or not giving them proper internet service.
  • They will try to go in setting of wifi then victim will see that there are 2 similar wifi but both the wifi are now similar because the fake one (generated by hacker) is just fake with no permission of entering in it even after typing password and in second wifi hacker is putting load (Denial of service).
  • Hence victim can’t get connect with any of them.
  • But when he/she will try to enter password in wifi network generated by hacker, hacker will catch the password and decrypt it and release the denial of service from victims wifi.

Hacker will get the wifi password.

Now if you want to perform it, it will be not like i told you above you have to give multiple commands in Kali Linux.

( To get the practical guide of fluxion attack in kali linux click here.)

Wifi Hack 2 :- Phishing attack.

You can call this attack as dump son of fluxion because this attack is little bit same as fluxion (only little bit).

In this you can’t decrypt hack WPA security but you can hack week security networks in it. Hackers use this attack because it is little bit easy.

  • In this wifi attack also hacker creates a duplicate wifi network.
  • In that hacker Put the same name for wifi which he/she wants to hack and will give denial of service attack in victims wifi.
  • Now victim will get confuse by seeing to same wifi.
  • Here probability of wifi hacking is 50% because is victim guess the correct wifi SSID then you won’t get the password but…..
  •  If victim entered password in hacker’s fake wifi network then hacker can hack is wifi network easily and he will get the password via kali linux or any other terminal.

If you still want to use this hack then you can CLICK HER TO GET PRACTICLE GUIDE.

Wifi Hack 3:- Bruteforce attack (Dictionary attack).

This wifi attack is mostly famous among all the starting hackers and beginners using AIR CRACK NG.

  • This wifi hacking attack is to hack wifi with long list of passwords.
  • These list of wifi passwords can be any thing date of birth, phone number guesses, normal number combinations, Putting numbers after names, Random names.
  • You can make password list by just normal tools like dictionary maker, Brutefore attack list maker. Also there are many phone apps to make password list (Eg wordlist generator).
  • In this multiple passcode/password will be tried and if and correct guess is made hacker will get connected to the wifi.
  • Hacker can perform this attack with any wifi hacking tools like…Wibr + (for mobile), aircrack-Ng,( for kali linux). Etc

Click here to get practicle guide to hack wifi from AIR CRACK -NG

Wifi hack 4:- WPS Vulnerabilities.

In this wifi hack, there is victim’s mistake. 

Some time when you forgot password of your wifi then your wifi provides you a feature in that you can connect to it in limited time duration.
(button and WPS key is present on your router box).

  • In that time WPS security is enabled in which there is only encryption of data but the one who is having WPS key of router can connect to wifi.
  • To connect you have to enter a WPS security key. Which is on box but every company keeps the same key for there almost every router.
  • So hacker makes a bruteforce list of all routers and almost every time he can be successfull some times the default security is also WPS .
  • So it is easy to hack a new wifi. If they don’t upgrade the security.
  • This hack can be performed in mobile phone also by using WPA WPS TESTER app.



Many businesses use MAC filtering to prevent specific devices from connecting to their WiFi networks.

This is useful for preventing individuals from taking advantage of free WiFi access.

  • In this wifi is allready free but hacker can’t get access to internet. Due to the absence of allowence to those perticular devices
  • So, the hacker will change the MAC address or will spoof the mac address to go through firewall and use that free wifi.


How Hackers, Attack People Using

(Your data is not safe in open wifi network)

Read below to know how hackers attack on your phone if you are connected to any open wifi.

Yes, you read that heading correctly. When you try to use open wifi or hotspot your device sends you a message that your data is insecure if you use it but you ignore it maximum times.

So don’t ignore that message and this article also. So to get full info read below.

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Yes this is KRACK and not crack. This attack is also known as key reinstallation attack.

  • As there is a basic wifi encryption security in which the data you sent via any website eg: your bank details, Your messages etc.
  • In this the encrypted data cannot be readed by us with out decrypting key and every time the key is different.
  • In this the hacker set the same decrypting key or null key for decryption of data but the setting of key as null or any other can’t be done by any normal hacker but can be done by any pro hacker or the owner of that wifi.
  • By this way the data you will send through wifi can be hacked by any hacker through wifi sniffing attack about which we will read the below section.

2. M.I.T.M -1 Packet sniffing.

In this attack there is a triangle of HACKER-VICTIM-WIFI DEVICE /ROUTER. If victim enter any information in any website or app it become traceable and hacker can hack it easily.

wifi hack attack
  • If victim is using low security wifi network and hacker is using that wifi then he can hack the data of victim.
  • When victim will type any password or any data it will go in the form of encrypted packets.
  • Due to presnce of low security in wifi, it can help the hacker to decrypt the data easily.
  • This attack can be done by many packet sniffers software like wireshark.

How to be safe from packet sniffing:-

  • Always use https websites.(Websites with SSL certificate).
  • Check the security of wifi if it is below WPA then don’t use it.
  • Use antivirus after using these types of wifi.(read the netspectry attack below to know the reason)

3. M.I.T.M 2:- Netspectre attack (Remote malware installation)

This is second type of MITM attack in wifi. This is most power full attack.

  • If you are you are using low security wifi or open wifi then hacker can edit the packets victim will get from any website.
  • After this the attacker or hacker can install a payload (virus) in that packet.
  • When that payload (virus) will reach to victim. It can get automatically installed in victim’s PC or phone.
  • In this victim can get virus in any form like any application or any malicious hyperlink ETC.
  • Than virus can be spyware which is used to do anything in victim’s mobile phone or PC like spying on call records, Reading text messages or using there front or back camera.
  • In this hacker can use victim’s information and can kepp spy eye on victim even after victim gets disconnected from wifi.

4. Use of Vulnerable WEP Protocol to hack data.

This was the same attack which we performed by using WPA WPS TESTER. As this was the first protocol to keep the data encrypted.

It stands for Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP).

  • WEP is based on the RC4 cypher, which is secure. The problem is how RC4 is implemented in WEP.
  • WEP allows an initialization vector to be re-used, and the re-use of keys is never a good idea. That allows an attacker to crack the encryption with ease.
  • Even though WEP has been depreciated and there are much more secure wireless encryption protocols to use, many businesses continue to use WEP in the mistaken belief that it is secure.
  • WEP is more secure than no encryption at all – bad security is better than no security – but there are much more secure options for encrypting WiFi traffic.
  • If you want to improve security and prevent WLAN attacks, upgrade to WPA2 or WPA3, which use the much more secure Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and lack the vulnerabilities of WEP.

5. Wardriving wifi hacking attack

War driving is a one of the best method used to check and map hackable and vulnerable access points.

  • The name starts from a fact that hackers drive around a neighbor and use a laptop with a GPS and mapping device, antenna to check and keep the location of WIFI networks.
  • This method is efficient because many WIRELESS networks used by businesses expand behind the confines of the apartment and poor security measures are put to keep security on those networks.
  • Now From this, attackers can find loopholes in the wifi network from the house and can even hack your organization A group of researchers or you can call hackers came up with a hack to get around hard-ware limitations and add a monitor mode to Android devices to allowas well as wifi.

6. Warshipping wifi hacking attack

Warshipping is a more efficient method of attacking WiFi networks as it allows attacks to be conducted remotely, even if the attacker is not within range of a WiFi network.

  • This power-full tactic was explained by IBM X-Force Red researchers at Black Hat USA. They used cheap and easy to obtain components to create a single board computer with WiFi and 3G network capabilities which runs on a mobile phone battery.
  • This type of device can be used to locally connect to the Wi-Fi network and sends information back to the attackers via the normal 3G cellular connection network.
  • But… Since that device is small, it can be easily hidden inside a small package and getting that package into a building is very easy.
  • Umm.. Since the package may be addressed to someone not working it on the company, it could sit in the mail-room for a while before it is opened. Since the package can be tracked, the attackers will know when it is in the building.
  • As Alternatively, it could be hidden in any number of items from plant pots to teddy bears.

    If the device is within range of WiFi networks, it could be used to attack those networks.

How to protect your wifi password and maintain your data and wifi security?

There is a serious threat of wifi hacking in this digital world and to be secured you have to follow some rules to keep your data secured.

Today we will talk about WIFI security from hackers because if they hack your wifi then there are 90% chances that they either want free internet or your personal data.

Yes, personal data like bank details, IDs, Text messages ETC can be readed by them.

This data can be readed because of the KRACK attack mentioned above.

Use the below points as a check list to protect your wifi from hackers and attackers.

  • Use security level above the WEP if your wifi router dosen’t support it then change it.
  • Don’t give your password to any unknown person and if you give it then change it.
  • Check your important device (the device that contain bank details or any other important detail) with antivirus and if you don’t have one then buy immediatly.
  • Don’ use open wifi in the greed for free wifi any hacker present there can hack your device.
  • If you see two same name wifi (twin of your wifi ) then first check and note there MAC ADDRESS and match it with your original router’s MAC address (it will be on your router box).
  • Don’t download any file or don’t click on any link if you are getting it while using open wifi.
  • If you are enabling WPS then make it off within a second after connecting from your wifi.
  • Don’t be dump and never give your server IP or wifi IP to any one it give a serious threat to your data via your wifi.

Can You Hack WiFi Using Mobile Phone ?

Ooo.. I think you want to take advantage of your neighbor’s Wi-Fi connection?

And If they’re smart, they probably have it password protected (otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this, would you?).

If you have a good Android phone, you can get back at them for always parking in your spot and slamming the door when they get home at 2 a.m.—by stealing…er, borrowing, their connection.

A group of researchers or you can call cybersecurity experts came up together with a method of hacking to get around hard-ware loops and add a monitor mode system to mobile devices with the android OS to allow them to crack many difficult Wi-Fi passwords.

This monitor mode system will let you view all the traffic going across a network system and how many devices are connected and using the net through to it, but it can also be used for more mischievous purposes.

And If you’re patient enough then it will be great, you can crack the WEP key on a network by capturing data packets or info-full cookies in monitor mode.

To add monitor mode to an Android device, the researchers reverse engineered the Broadcom radio chip.

They modified the firmware on the chipsets in the Nexus One and Galaxy S II, which are the same ones used in the majority of mobile devices.

At Once you have downloaded this code, it is as simple as extracting the .zip file, then running the setup and configuration files.

They have included instructions for each chip-set and a few different devices on their blog, so head over there to find the specifics for yours.

After it is up and running, check out one of our tutorials to learn how to use it to crack the key.

So, next time your neighbor wants to borrow your power drill, rest assured that you’re “borrowing” something much more valuable from them!

Is It Easy To Hack WiFi?

Ummmm… It can be easily done. But if you are trained or a profaissional hacker then it is very easy but if you are learning hacking by remembering kali-linux codes which you saw in youtube or google blogging blogs then it may be difficult for you to become a proper hacker or to hack wifi.

  1. You just are not to be a proper hacker because you do not know who to ask, where to ask, and how to ask. Go find a career doing something honest.
  2. Or, You have a WiFi and they are paranoid that somebody is going to break into your computer system.
  3. In that type of case, your question is poorly posed. You should ask “I have a WiFi network in my home and I am concerned that somebody is going to hack it.

What Are Most Popular Ways To Hack wifi ?

Yes, it is possible to hack into wifi from which you never connected to.

  1. You can easily use aircrack-ng tool which is power full and open source to hack wifi. It gives you many options with it’s vatious commands that how you want to crack the wifi.
    You can even de-authenticate the connected users to that perticular wifi and catch the re-establishment of the connection to find the password of it.
  2. Use the brute-force method with the popular passwords list or build your custom passwords list using crunch tool or any other tool like wordlist tool.
    Aircrack-ng supports the brute force method with providing the password file. This method may take very long time to get the password.
  3. You can Use WPS pin to break into. This type of method will be very fast for non wps locked wifi. You just need to find out what is the wps pin for the router which is printed downside of the router.
    If you find out the pin than no matter how many times the wifi password changes, you can connect to the wifi. But it should be wps unlocked only.
    Normally Many routers sre by default are unlocked. You can also brute force the wps pin if you cannot get to the router physically by using reaver tool you can use WPA WPS TESTER APP FORE IR.


Hope you liked this post on how to hack wifi and understood the basic wifi hacking programs. Which hackers use to hack into wifi or to hack data with many different attacks.

As these are basic attacks so any one can hack the wifi networks with above attacks easily. If you don’t want that hacker hack your wifi then read the above basic wifi security tips.

If you are getting any doubts about wifi hacking then comment below I will surely try to solve the problem.

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