Can you become an ethical hacker without programming?

Hey, in this article I will tell you about how can you keep your step in the field of cyber security without programming or how can you become an ethical hacker without programming.

This article is going to be quite impressive for you, if you love cyber security and ethical hacking.

Can you become a hacker without programming?

Cyber security is a very vast field in IT sector. Cyber security is like a ocean and the programming is just like salt.

Yes, you can do many things in the field of cybersecurity and ethical hacking without programming. But like the above example, you can do many things without programming. To know about which things you can do stay continued.

How to hack a WIFI…..

Skills required in hacking apart from programming?

Linux OS – This is the most important thing because every OS involved and used in hacking is made as a part of the Linux branch. And almost every cybersecurity tool or ethical hacking tool is developed for Linux mainly.

Linux commands – Linux commands means, you should know and remember all the commands of the Linux operating system.

Basics of networking – Basics of networking includes many things like IP/TCP, routers and hubs, Packet and cookie transfer, and many more things.

And it is important because hacking includes many techniques in which you have to sniff and capture the packets.

Cryptography – You should know about cryptography and how encryption works. There are many more things related to cryptography which you should know to be an expert in cybersecurity.

What is Computer Forensics? Cyber Forensics meaning and jobs…..

What are the things you can do without programming?

Network Mapping – Networking mapping means to find vulnerabilities in any particular network. These loops can be of any type.

Social engineering – Social engineering includes fooling people or companies to capture their data or to hack their passwords. This includes phishing, bait links, fishing, and many more things.

Password attacks – You can do brute force or the dictionary very easily if you only know about the Linux OS. In this, you can use various tools like a hydra, burpsuit, john the ripper ETC.

Metasploit Framework – In this you can exploit or make viruses for any device without coding, Also you can hack any once data, camera, call logs, messages, and almost everything in the device.

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What you can’t do?

Can you become hacker without programming, this section will let you know about, what you can’t do without programming in the field of ethical hacking and security.

Virus creation – You can’t create any type of virus or payloads on your own if don’t know any programming language because programming is also a thing that is used to make the virus.

Yes, you can create some small payloads by using the Metasploit framework.

XSS attacks – XSS is called a cross-scripting attack and to do this you must have full command of your java and javascript. With this attack, you can get control over any web applications and to get sensitive data of any application.

SQL injection – SQL injection is an attack based on SQL language and it is widely used to insert the commands on the available space and you can take out much amount from the backend of the application.

There are many things you can not do without programming but they are not much important. Therefore, the above all are the most important and required skills in cybersecurity.


In conclusion, I would like to say that in this article I have answered the most important question “Can you be a hacker without programming?” and the answer was yes.

I have also given you the following data in this article….

Which skills are required for hacking apart from programming?

Things you can do without programming?

What you can’t do?

All these are properly explained by me. The third section in which I have talked about what you can’t do is also very important.

Hope you enjoyed this article on how to become a hacker without programming?

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