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Hey, Want to become cool in front of your friends by showing some cool hidden PC tricks.

So here I am with this new article and in this I will give you the best computer tricks and you can even use these tricks and hacks on your laptop.

So lets start these best windows and hidden PC tricks.

Hidden Computer and PC tricks

So here are all your tricks and in these tricks I have also mentioned the best uses of these tricks.

Trick 1 :- Instant Lock

instant lock feature

To instantly lock your computer while doing any work you can use the shortcut key Windows Button + L.

Best use of this trick:-

You can lock your computer any time when you are doing any private work which you don’t want to show the person roaming behind you.

  1. The thing is you can even lock your screen with this when you are watching youtube in your office and boss comes behind you.
  2. You can lock your screen when you are surfing social media sites on your school’s computer or doing any thing which should not be done in school, In that case you can use this trick to lock your screen.

here are some of the short cut keys

Trick 2:- Storage Cleaning Without Deleting

hidden pc tricks advance storage cleaning

This trick includes a superb method to make some storage available in your mobile phone.

This trick can reduce your excel file upto 75% within a second you can apply this trick on any excel file.

You can go to excel file then click on save as button and before saving change the file extention to .XLSB . After this you can delete your original file. By this trick you will have a new excel file with less space.

Best use of this trick:-

You can use trick to free out some space from your PC or Mobile.

Trick 3:- To enable Emoji on your PC

hidden pc tricks

In this trick you can enable emoji on your PC by just this simple without any software or any plugin or extention.

To enable emoji on your PC you can just press and hold Windows Key and .(Dot) for a while.

Best use of trick:-

You can use this trick to enable emoji on your PC. Many times you use facebook and whats app on your PC but don’t know how to use them so please use this short trick.

Trick 4:- To instantly delete file

hidden pc tricks

By using this trick you can instantly delete the file without sending it to recycle bin.

This is really a best trick to use when you don’t want to wast time and sve it.

To instantly delete any file you can click press SHIFT+DELETE button after selecting that file.


There are no best time to use this trick it totally depends on you and you must decide when to use it.

Whenever you delet make sure to use this special hidden PC tricks to delete your file instantly.

Trick 5:- Dark Mode On PC

hidden pc tricks

By this you can enable dark mode on your which sometimes feels cool and also some people like dark background.

You can enable a bark mode on your PC with this trick by going in Settings > Personalization> Colors > Dark.

By following these above tricks you can enable the dark field very easily.

Best time to use it:-

You can use this trick at night when you are using your PC or laptop in dim light or at night without any light 😊.

Basically the best use of it to comfort your eyes in dim light.

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Hey in this post i have given you the best 5 hidden PC tricks to use use on end time. These tricks are basically for windows that you must know.

Here I have included the best 5 hidden tricks or best computer tricks whih you must know.