How To Hide Apps In Android and iPhone

A smartphone is the best friend who knows everything about their owner or user. So there is not any different thing to know about how to hide apps. Apart from it, there are many reasons to hide apps on your phone.

There is phone many private things like family photos, videos, child images, chats as well as some apps which you don’t share with anyone

When (UPI Payment App) has come it is very important to keep safe these payment apps to others because this contains your all bank account details.

Also when children using their phones, parents set it on Content Locking mode to avoid unuseful things.

Everyone wants to keep their data secured and keep our data private our personal things, doesn’t matter how we are old or matured. However, it is not guilt to spy your thing from your close friends & family members.

We also share you with some crazy tricks to hide apps in your android smartphone as well as the iPhone.

There are largely 5 tricks to hide apps in android device. One of them is are hide apps android means hide any apps in your phone using any 3rd party app.

Also, you can hide apps in your mobile phone via default settings in your phone. Aside from it, two ways are pretty good to hide any apps in android.

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5 Best Ways To Hide Apps in Android & iPhone in 2020

Its time to check the genuine stuff. Here we share amazing & simple ways to hide apps on your smartphone. So let’s dive into………..

Method 1:- Using Phone Default Setting:-

Many phone brands provide an in-built feature to hide any app. Here we share regarding Samsung, Oneplus, Apple, Vivo & MI phones default hide app method step by step.

Before start, I want to tell you to all phones are not coming with this feature & also sometimes it is not present in their older android versions. So check out before using this method.

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How to hide apps on Samsung Phone?

Keep follow these simple steps to hide any apps in Samsung phones:-

1. Long press or long tap on the free space on home screen of your mobile device. Some options are available on the display area. 

2. Tap on the ‘Home Screen Setting’ feature.

3. Scroll down & find the Hide Apps option.

4. After opening, select the application that you want to hide in your Samsung smart-device.

How to hide apps on Oneplus Phone?

lets hide apps in oneplus phone

In one-plus its bite different from Samsung phones. let’s check the steps here.

1. Open App Drawer(Main Menu) in your one plus phone.

2. Swipe right to the left edge on your mobile screen.

3. Now you’re arrived on ‘App Hidden Space’, Click on the add (+)icon to add an app or more which you want to hide in one plus smartphone.

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How to hide apps on Mi (REDMI) phones:-

redmi phone app hide

To hide apps in your Xiaomi or Redmi Phones, just go on the phone Setting, find the App lock option. Open this feature, In the top right corner, you find a gear icon, open it.

The next step is to find Hidden Apps & then Manage Hidden Apps just below in it. So here you can see all the applications list which is already hidden on your phone or that list of the complete app which you want to hide and secure.

I know you think its bit difficult but if you do step by step, it is a very easy process.

You can also hide apps in Xiaomi phones using this below given simple steps.

1. Open the Mi phone pre set (default) Security app.

2. Scroll down & go to the App Lock option. 

3. Add those apps that you really want to hide from your mobile users.

So this is two ways to hide apps on mi phones.

How to Hide Apps On (Apple) iPhone:-

hide apps in iphone

iPhone offers you a convenient option to hide an app that you want to kept secret. So properly follow this simple method to hide any apps in your iOS device.

1. Long tap on any app on your phone home screen or an app that you want to hide.

2. Drag the app you’d hide into any other app. Let’s go on the app when it is top on other apps.

3. This creates a new folder & find the name automatically according to your app category.

4. If you want to hide more apps, just tap on it & drag it to the newly created folder.

5. After add apps which you want to hide in this folder, go back to your home screen

6. You can change this folder name & get a very odd name which not good & the users will don’t open your folder.

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How to Hide Apps on Vivo Phone:-

how to hide apps on vivo phones

Vivo UI which is Fun touch is something diverse from others. So let us follow the easy measures to hide apps in vivo phones.

1. Simply press your right home screen icon(just right on the homepage, where you clean your recent apps)

2. You find 3 options, click on the ‘Hide Icon’ feature.

3. If you doing it the first time, you need to set up a password to open this file. So use a simple & remembering password.

4. Click on the app on the home screen which you want to hide on your phone.

5. After hiding this app or apps, come back to your home screen.

When you hide different app or unhide any app in vivo smart phone repeat the steps to hide apps android Vivo phones.

So this is some popular smartphone brands default hide app settings, if you use any other brand & problem to hide your app, please tell us in the comment box. do not forget to share it with your friends who really need it through below given social media icons. 

If you can’t find this feature or this default hide feature not available on your phone, then you can check out other ways in how to hide apps on android. Let’s check out it.

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Method 2:- Disable App in Your Phone Setting:-

Are you struggling to hide pre-installed apps on your phone & want to uninstall these unused pre-installed apps? I know you can’t do this but you can disable these pre-installed apps on your phone.

If you once disable, it may no longer be operating in your device & after a few times, it disappears in your home screen.

Nevertheless, you can apply this method applied for pre-installed apps not used for downloaded apps.

To disable an app, go in Setting & find installed-Apps option. Open that particular option & find your app that you want to Disable on your device. Click on the app & on the right side you find the disable key, click here. 

Step by Step follow to disable any app on android phones:-

1. Go on Mobile Setting app & Find installed Apps option.

2. Open this option & select all apps from above menu

3. Find the apps which you want to Disable & click on the selected app.

You see two options, Disable & Uninstall, Click on Disable button.

4. A short notification window will be opened, just click ‘Ok’.

5. Now this app is disabled & no working on your smartphone.

So this is a simple process to hide any app but you can’t apply this method in all apps & sometimes disable any app is reason to not properly operating your phone or attack any malware or virus in your site. So do not disable every pre-installed app.

Method 3:- Create A Guest Account or Use Multiple Account:-

I think this is one of the simple & best ways to hide any apps or any media available on your mobile-phone & you want to hide. In this android hide apps method, you don’t need any 3rd party app hider or any launcher.o

Basically, you need to create a new guest account & install all apps which you want to keep private. Both accounts owner account and guest account are very separate from each other. If you installed an app in Guest mode or move this app to guest mode, it is not seen in your Owner mode.

So follow those steps and measures to create a guest account on your mobile device. One thing remembers that all phone settings are not similar, so you want to know about your smartphone features.

How to Create A Guest Account:-

1. Open Settings app & click on System option.

2. Find Multiple-Users option & Create a new ID or account.

3. Switch in that account which is a guest account.

4. You can set different passwords for both guests & main account.

5. In this way you can create your guest account & hide apps android phone.

Method 4:- Change Name & App Icon :-

Everyone identifies any app by their small icon & name but if you will change both of these things, then no one can identify your hidden app & will not open it. You can change the app name & icon using an app opener called Nova Launcher.

Here in Google Play Store & App Store, there are thousands of launchers are available but every app is not that perfect & some of them are unsecured for your mobile phone. So that’s why use only trustworthy & popular app on your device.

Hence I suggest you to only use Nova Launcher app.

After install & apply nova launcher to your phone, click on the app drawer & find the app which you want to change the name & icon. Long press on that app and a short box is launched, find the Edit option and here you can edit the icon & name of the app. It is also a good idea to hide any app on an android smartphone as you want.

Pro Tip:- when you change your app name using Nova Launcher or apk editor, write a name that is ordinary & not interested by anyone to open it. It is a way to hide your app from others.

Method 5:- Using 3rd Party Apps

Here we introduced you 3 best apps to hide apps. Before deciding any hider app, always think that it will contain your all private data like images, videos as well as payment apps. So here we take 3 Excellent Apps that hide other apps secretly & give promising work. So let’s check the best app hider for android here.

App Hider:-

how to hide apps using app hider app

App Hider is one of the most famous & really amazing apps to hide any app in your phone appearance.

As the name of the app, App Hider is one of the most granted hider app androids with over millions of worldwide users & it actually works promising for your privacy.

This app hides a or more apps which you want to hide from the phone view.

Also, the best duration is itself hide as a calculator. Other users who don’t know, its an app hider app use like a calculator & as a calculator its really work well. When you enter the pin in this calculator keyboard, it opens your app hider.

Let us check step by step how to use app hider:-

1. Install App Hider from the Google Play Store or App Store or any source you want.

2. After Installation, Open this app & give all Permission which it requires to operate this app.

3. On Main Page, you find an icon to ‘Protect App Hider’. Click on it & set a 4 digit PIN for protection & when you want to open this app hider, you need to enter this pin.

4. After the set pin, this app converted to ‘Calculator +’ in the main menu. 5.When you need this app, just click on it & enter your pin in the calculator dialogue box space.

6. On the app home page, join an app or more which you want to hide. The icon ‘dual’ will be added which means, Now 2 copies of this app exist in your device.

7. Now go back & delete the app from Main Menu.

8. Now the dual word will be replaced in hidden & no longer available in your phone menu representation.

So you can use this app hider to hide any app on your smartphone.

Download App Hider Apk for Android:- Click Here

Nova Launcher:-

How to hide apps

We mentioned earlier how to hide apps in android by improving the app label (name) & icon. Aside from it, this launcher app will give you unlimited customization according to you & many more extra features which can not be given in your default launcher. 

You can hide any app using the nova launcher or apk editor through below given step by step process.

1. Download Nova Launcher Prime

Install & select it as default Launcher app.

2. Open the Nova setting app.

Head to App Drawer then, Hide Apps

Check the box next to the apps you want to hide

3. In the upcoming future if you want to use any of these hidden app, just search the name of this app in the app search bar & when it appears, click on launch.

To Download Nova Launcher app For Android:- Click Here

Hide Apps Using Calculator Vault:-

Calculator Vault is another great app & comes with simple yet powerful UI. Just go to Play Store or App Store, search Calculator Vault. Let us follow these below-given steps.

1. Install the Calculator App(App hider).

Set a 4 digit pin for your app privacy and security.

2. A calculator will be open. Anyone who does not know its an app hider, willl use it as a calculator.

3. On the homepage add the app which you want to hide. 

4. The word ‘dual’ will be selected in its icon which means 2 copies of apps available on your device.

5. Go back the mane menu and then you can delete the original app which you already hide in hider app android.

6. Now this app is hidden in your mobile screen view and it will be no longer available.

7. Head back to the homepage of Calculator Vault & now the word ‘dual’ will be replaced on ‘hidden’ from the above line.

So these are 5 Amazing Ways To Hide Apps In Your Phone [2020 Update]. If you have any problem related to hiding apps in Android or iPhone, tell us in the comment box.

Download Calculator Vault App from Here:- Click Here


We all hold many secrets in our brain which we can not share with anyone but do you know our smartphone are know most of our secret like our chats, photos as well as our important documents & items.

There is much chance of mistreated of this information through other users on your smartphone.

So there is not wondering if anyone searches on google how to hide apps on our phone. 

Here we share you 5 Marvelous Ways to Hide Apps on your Phone.

So if any of your app like your business work app, trending, or investing app & UPI-based payments app which contains most of the data, it is very necessary to hide these apps.

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