How To Hack Pubg Mobile 2020 Latest | 10 Best PUBG Hack

Hey in this post you will surely get the solution of PUBG’s most viral question, which is “How to hack pubg mobile”.

If you are pubg player, then you also got a thought of PUBG hacking at once after you have installed the game.

So stay tuned to get the best method to hack PUBG and not even one or two you will get a long list of PUBG hacks

PUBG hacks (list) you will get after hacking:-

These are following hacks you will get in your hacked apk list of hacked  pubg:-


If you are not able to understand then every hack is properly explained below. You will get then when you will scroll this page.

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How to hack PUBG mobile?

Now coming to the point directly, here you will get the best method and the most viral question “how to hack pubg mobile”.

Follow the method properly and please don’t skip it in between.

  • Download and install the following apps and note the below given key.
    đź“Ś DNS APK
     đź“ŚVIRTUAL SPACE (devil hack app)
  • Open the DNS app.
  • Tap on DNS 1 and Select the NEUSTAR (ending with 22).
  • Now tap on DNS 2 and select cogent from menu.
  • Open Devil hack app (virtual space app).
  • Select the PUBG and RGM…(mod apk) app.
  • Now tap on the below appearing bar “CLONE THE APP”.
  • Now open the RGM X FLAME app through the Devil hack app.
    (Don’t open it directly).
  • Click on start button.
  • Now some options will appear.
  • Put the Above mentioned key “RGMFLAMEGAMINGV2” in the enter key space.
  • Tap on login button after entering the key.
  • Now select the root option if your phone is rooted and if your phone is not rooted then click  on non root option. (By default your phone is not rooted)
  • A drop down menu will appear click on the corner fire button to minimize the menu.
  • After closing the menu click  on start game button.
  • Wait till the game start.
  • After game gets start click on small RGM app icon and the menu will appear.
  • Select and enable the following options:
  • Now start the game and enjoy the full hacked you can choose various hacks of pubg from the menu which will appear after you will click on icon.

Hurrey ! The PUBG game is hacked.

What is Aim Bot hack in PUBG?

An aim bot (sometimes called “auto-aim” in pubg) is a type of computer game bot most commonly used in multiplayer first-person shooter games to provide varying levels of automated target acquisition.

In this when someone will come in your range and when you will press fire button bullets will start firing.

They are sometimes used along with a Trigger Bot, which automatically shoots when an opponent appears within the field-of-view or aiming reticule of the player.

What is magic bullets pubg hack?

Magic Bullet is similar to an aim bot hack in pubg.

So what a Magic Bullet does is, no matter where you aim, no matter how bad your recoil control is, the bullets will lock on to the target.

It is similar to an Aimbot.

What is less recoil hack?

You will think that all three above hacks are same but no, they are different and in this type of hack only less recoil takes place.

In this, when you will target the enemy and press the fire button then your gun will not move up down or right left.

Means the target will be locked and you can hit the target easily.

Speed hack in PUBG.

This hack describes its own name.

The hack is speed hack in this you can increase the speed of m

any things as you want.

Speed hack is really amazing by using this you can even confuse your enemy like you can fire the bullet when you are only on or two are remaning and then move to any different location.

Hack of wall in PUBG.

Wall hacks basically allow cheaters to see other players through solid walls, or add extra UI elements to reveal a players location in PUBG.

The most common versions show an outline of players in PUBG, or their skeleton, to the hacker if they are in close proximity ground.

This means that hackers don’t see the location of players on the other side of the map, but can use the information to their advantage to get a drop on unsuspecting players who think they are hidden in the game ground.

Color hack in PUBG.

This hack is little different, In the color of the PUBG players will change.

It will help you to to identify the players due to there different player colors.

hope you got the answer of how to hack pubg mobile.

Zip fly pubg hack:

In this hack you can fly the cars and bikes in pubg.

It is a good hack but a little  dangerous hack because in it the other players can see that your game is hacked and even they can report you which can lead to your ID ban in pubg.

In my view don’t use this hack in your phone because even they can ban your ID or even your phone.

Parachute speed hack in pubg.

It’s just a normal speed hack. It works with any movement in game, including vehicles and parachuting even with normal  moment.

how to hack pubg mobile.

It’s an animation trick that causes the late chute to happen, so as long as you can trigger the animation (pointed straight down then letting go of W to ‘open’ your character up) you can get the late drop.

How these PUBG hack works.

All these pubg hacks are scripted means these hacks are done by the C++ and java scripts.

These scripts are installed in the game and you can do various hacks and by using these types of third party hacks like RGM X FLAME gives you a simple interface which you can use in  between of your game.

How to hack pubg mobile.

Difference Between PUBG And Pubg MOD apps.

There are many players who just know about PUBG original App which you can download from play store. But I can explain PUBG MOD APK here.

In this part, we going to explain a few differences between PUBG And Pubg MOD Hack.

PUBG Mobile APP (play store one).

When you will play the game on normal app. Once you get attacked by players against you, your health will decrease and you will get died if you did not use health Kit or Medical KIT in the game.

So, you have to be prepared to move further in your battle game. If you get a attacked and knocked by someone, You can ask your friends to revive you, You can also discuss and have a chat while you’re playing this game (PUBG).

Because of its super cool features, it is one of the most played games in this world.

PUBG Mobile MOD.

This one is amazing app, I mean you will be in battle and if you have PUBG MOD APK On your phone.

You can get unlimited health, unlimited UC, Unlimited Money, and unlimited everything and even some amazing hacks like flying cars ETC.

Most of PUBG Player uses PUBG APK in their phone(normal one). you can get the benefit of it. you can kill them easily using PUBG MOD APK.

And enjoy your winner winner chicken dinner.

General FAQ’s about PUBG hack?

What is PUBG hack?

Pubg Mod is the modified version of the original game. You will have Unlimited Battle Points and UC, so you can buy all your favorite skins for your game.

What to do if your PUBG ID got ban?

You can do following things to do if your ID got ban.

  • You can contact the PUBG official through mail.
  • If you can wait then wait because in some time you can get you ID back.

Is it safe to hack pubg ?

YES. It is 100% to install the mod apk for your benefit, as you don’t need to root your device. That you are not taking any risks.

How does the PUBG hack Aimbot work?

The aimbot and also the wallhack functions can be activated very easily inside the menu. You will have the possibility to activate and deactivate them whenever you want.

It is easy answer of how to hack pubg mobile.

Why are there many hackers in PUBG Mobile?

Initially when I started playing, there were very few hackers in game and my squad used to get at least 1 chicken dinner out of 3 matches (even at crown and ace rank).

But, these days I started noticing a change.

We were not able to win a single match a day. I felt like enemies already knew where we are. So, we started spectating enemies.

We found out that they were using location hack. Nowadays, it’s so frequent that you get hackers in every single match. Even custom rooms cannot escape from it. Yesterday, it just crossed the line.

We were killed by noob hackers. So, we were spectating them. They were also killed by another hacker squad (were using wall hack and many others).

Then this squad was killed by another hacker squad (using location hack). What the heck !!!

How can we identify hackers in PUBG Mobile?

Well, Hackers are easy to understand in PUBG MOBILE…

  • You can easily do this by noticing the player`s type of activity and game-playing tactics….
  • That is, if the player is a hacker, then you might notice that he will not be worried other players around him and he will move from place to place very quickly and swiftly…
  • Other noticeable things are, he will not peek behind walls and will shoot uncertainly sometimes. After this, you might see that he has killed a player from beneath a wall,rock,etc.

These are some noticeable things…

About the Game PUBG.

  • PUBG’s full form is Player unknown’s Battleground. The graphics of this game are going to grab all your attention and the game play is terrific you will surely enjoy it.
  • But, do remember that your phone must have the RAM of 2 Gigabytes otherwise it will not sync properly with your device and the graphic will not load properly.
  • If you don’t have the game installed on your Android phone, you can download it from Google Play right now easily.
  • You can spend your entire day playing Pubg Hack Mobile without even realizing it (To addictive).
  • That’s because of the competitiveness that is going to build up within you to grab the chicken dinner.

Gameplay in PUBG.

You can play the game as a guest or log in with your social networking site. By login through a social networking site, you can revive your score anytime.

Now you will have to select the maps. In the basic version you can find Erangel and Miramar map, but after the upgrade, you can also play the Sanhok game.

Is PUBG supporting hackers:-

This guy is not a using any hacking tool but he is still a hacker.I took this screenshot shot while scrolling down the top players in Asia server.and found him in top 10.

Now you would have seen those kills.

How on earth can a guy with those less than average kills be in conquerors in world most competitive Mobile game ?

Answer : with the help from his hacker or two of his teammates are hackers and they would have been helping him win all those game.he is not using any hacks so pubg can’t ban him.this is an example of

“ Modern Problems Require Modern Solutions”

Pubg is definitely not supporting hackers but they can’t stop them as there is nothing on planet earth that can’t be hacked. (I have no idea about EVM though)


Hackers of PUBG Mobile is being banned everyday, but at the same time, many new hackers appear sonstantly.

So this make you have the misunderstanding that hackers not banned. It’s impossible for a game officially tolerating hackers because it’s quite harmful to the games long term development, also make most normal players a bad experience.

I guess the reason why you have this idea, is because you think you were killed by hackers for many times.

Sometimes it’s true but other times it’s because the lags of your phone and network that make you a incorrect feeling about your opponents you will fell like the hackers are attacking you even from behind the wall.

So I recommand you an app named ‘WeGame for PUBG Mobile’ to optimizes your device for gaming with a background service, and help you enjoy your every round with no lags and for smooth game play.

It can also pre-analyse whether your phone’s RAM is enough to run the games on your phone, and intelligently clean background processes, stop stealthy running apps and disable stealthy auto-start apps . Free up memory, speed up your device and save more battery.

Since it is officially designed, all the functions in this app is for free without any ads. Now it just released in India region and you can download it from Google Play.

Conclusion of How to hack PUBG Mobile:-

Hope you got the solution of “how to hack pubg mobile”. In this post I have written about pubg hacking and the whole process is given above you can apply it.

You can hack pubg mobile very easily with the above given steps.

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