How to use headset mic on pc with One Jack (also without splitter)

Till some time back, great headsets appear with two different jacks – The first one for sound output and the second for audio input (mic). These headsets have been exchanged by headsets with one, dual-purpose jack. So, in this article, I will show you How To Use a Headset Mic on a PC with One Jack?

Many PCs till now also two different ports for two jack headsets. Here the question is, how do you use a single jack headset on a PC? Let’s seek the answer in this article

How to use a headset mic on pc with one jack?

how to use headset mic on PC without spllitter

You can easily use the one jack headset on your PC by using splitter kind of things. If you don’t want to buy a splitter then you can read the below section where I have given how to use a single jack headset on pc without a splitter.

A jack splitter is a device that permits two audio jacks to be joined from one audio jack. It can be used by putting a 3.5mm Audio jack plug into the headphone jack on your PC.

Now, if you can use a splitter it will be the best option. You just have to connect the splitter and put both of the headset jack in the two holes.

You can check out some great splitters available at amazon in cheap price from here.

How to use headset mic on pc without a splitter?

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Recent PCs

Actually, the latest PCs appear with separate ports without any specification of output or input. If you see properly near the headset ports, you will notice that 1 among them only has a headphone logo near to it, but the second one has either a headset icon near a mic.

This indicates that you can insert your headset’s jack with a single jack in the 2nd port and operate it for input as well as output. Laptops and Apple MacBooks normally to a 2-purpose headset jack to permit easy headset usage.

Old PCs

For old and past PCs, you may have to change and modify some settings or, finally, last up having to pay for a splitter since they might have jacks, especially for input and output.

Modifying the Settings

If the headset’s microphone is not running even after having a two-purpose jack,

  • Tap on Start
  • Go to the Control Panel option
  • Then move to sound Sound
  • You will see a pop-up will open. Tap on the Recording option available there.
  • Then a list of available gadgets. Search for the one you are utilizing and make it default.
  • If you can not see the gadgets, click the Setup Microphone option. Windows will detect any input devices present there without doing anything.
  • Once done, apply your changes and test the device out

On MacOS,

  • Tap on the Volume logo present there or search for Sound in the Finder
  • Proper Sound Preferences
  • Go into the Input area in the popup window that opens
  • Select your device and set it as the default

If the above-mentioned methods do not work properly, you must change the headset port available or just give some money to buy a splitter.

Utilizing one jack headphone on a computer without splitters might require little effort, even change in high-quality cases, but is surely doable. Splitters normally have a price near to $1 to $5, relying on the type you are getting – a bargain as compared to repairing price and hard works.

Meaning of the Input & Output on a Headphone Jack

To see a proper understanding of how this thing operates, we 1st must get the proper meaning of the basic structure of a headset jack that you put in PC. If you see a few of the near past, high-cost headphones, you will see three ‘rings’ that differentiate the golden contacts.

Past headphones had a single ring on their jacks, which indicates that the headsets were mono-functional. 2 rings on the jack meant its stereo but had no input qualities. The third ring differentiates the contacts into 4 pieces, showing that not only the headsets are stereo, they also have input qualities like mic functionality. 

If you will see headsets with two jacks, you will see that the mic and speaker jacks (usually pink and green) have 2 rings on both of them. At the same time, one is a stereo speaker, enabling you to hear sounds, the second is a form microphone, allowing you to communicate with the mic.

Operating a one Jack Headset on PC

The quantity of people operating headsets has raised over the years, with wireless headsets receiving a great rise in demand in 2021. Over the time of past five years, the demand for wireless headsets raised from one point 7 million to 6.7 million, at that time their noise-canceling important parts (wired as well as wireless) raised to a quantity of 8.3 million.

Using a one jack headset on a PC normally demands a splitter, a thing that importantly separates a single headphone jack’s functions into two; input and output things.

Hope you enjoyed the post on how to use headset mic on pc with one jack and

how to use single jack headset on pc without splitter

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