iPhone vs DSLR | Which camera is best and why?

Many of you see that the Quality of products are getting hidden beyond the numbers. Just like you may have seen in the number of megapixels of iPhone vs DSLR.

There are many phone companies that are showing 16 MP, 26MP, 64MP, or 102MP as their camera quality.

But you are seeing that DSLRs have very less megapixel in it like 12MP is almost very high.

What make difference in iPhone and DSLR?


Yes the most important thing is sensor. It capture the light falling in side the camera and makes the photo most clear. It is the most important thing in an camera, more then even mega pixels.

The more light falling in the camera the more clear the photo will be. And the sensor is the space from where the light is passed.

So, you can see the difference between the above sensor. The light entering in phone will be much less then the DSLR.

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It is also the most important thing in an camera which can also be seen just from outside. Lens make a huge difference b/w the camera quality of device.

Lens is the thing which can zoom and take pictures of high quality. So, you can say that the photo or video quality is much better in the DSLR.

But the lens of iPhone is too small to do so many function like DSLR.

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The processor is very much important but now the processor of the camera and phone are very close but DSLR is much better in it.

It is used to do technical functions like making the background blur, face detection, Increase brightness and many other things.

You can say that the DSLR have very good processor and you can clearly see the difference between the photo of DSLR and iPhone blurring quality.

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The portrait mode of iPhone VS DSLR

As, the apple is evolving so much. The company have made portrait mode of their iPhone very clear even close to DSLR.

We don’t know how Apple was able to do it but yes iPhone is very close to DSLR’s portrait mode you can choose iPhone over DSLR if you want a good portrait mode at a reasonable price.

Which is better, iPhone VS DSLR?

By seeing the above things which are there to differentiate between the DSLR and camera, we can conclude that DSLR is much better in almost every manner.

iPhone don’t have big sensors which can help you to take perfect photos. Also it dosn’t have big lenses like DSLR which can help you to zoom out and in without loosing the quality of picture.

But, the iPhone as a phone has a very better camera than other phones. So, iPhones have the best camera in the industry among phones.

Proper Explanation

Actually, their are not 1 or 2 DSLR in the industry but their are more then 500 DSLR all over the world.

And you can say that some of them are in use today and some are even stop getting manufactured.

iPhones are even better than many of the DSLR in the range of 300$-400$. So, if you are planning to buy the DSLR of this range then buying an iPhone will be a better option.

But, most of the DSLR have a better quality then the iPhone but the thing is that it must be of a good quality.

iPhone vs Mirrorless

When viewing at the two cameras from the side, there are a few differentiations to take in matter.

First, Take a view of the sensors of smartphones VS mirrorless cameras. I used an iPhone Seven for this photo which has a 12-MP sensor, different from my EOS R that has a proper 30.3 megapixel CMOS sensor.

Mainly speaking, the EOS R sensor can capture more than twice the amount of DATA. For lens, I was operating beside the same focus setter.

On the Apple iPhone, there is a 28mm widder lens with an f/1.8 space, and on the EOS R, I was operating a Canon L series 16-35mm with an f/2.8 space.

Around the picture sensors and the lenses operated, you are normally going to get a brighter, bigger data file from the mirrorless photo taker. But, these factors do not mean the image from one data center will normally be clear than the other.


In conclusion I will say that, iPhone are better then the many of the DSLR cameras but of the range 300$-400$. You can say that the iPhone are not better then the DSLR of range of 500$ or above.

DSLR must be of a good quality othewise the iPhone is better option then the DSLR.

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