Laptop Security :- How To Secure Your Laptop

Hello, In today’s cyber world the most important thing is data. You can’t do any thing if someone hacks your data. So, today I will tell you how to secure your laptop and tips to improve your laptop security.

There is lot of data which is very important like credit card credentials, Social media Passwords, and may be some private video and photos. That’s why i am writing this article on laptop security best practices.

There are several attacks which can be performed on your laptop to hack your data. So, to keep your data and laptop secured from hackers, you must read this full article to be secure.

So, let’s start laptop security

How to enhance laptop security?

You can use the following points as a checklist:-

  1. Keep a screen lock.
  2. Use a premium antivirus.
  3. Update Antivirus.
  4. Never save passwords in browsers.
  5. Use Password manager extensions.
  6. Never use infected pen-drive.
  7. Don’t visit Malicious websites and links.
  8. Avoid software and file piracy.

Let’s study all these points in detail

1. Keep a screen lock for laptop security

Always keep a screen lock on your laptop and password must be long and contain at least 10-12 letters including numbers, uppercase, lower case and special characters.

In todays era of hacking and cyber security a long password is must. Because the hackers try to crack your password by brute force and to prevent it long passwords is the only way.

There are many tools to crack your password of lock screen so the long password is the only way to prevent it.

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2. Use a Laptop security premium antivirus.

antivirus for laptop security

Many people download pirated or cracked antivirus, it can also harm you by putting virus in your PC. Antivirus software not only remove the virus but also help you to block many cyber attacks which can be performed on your PC

They can also help you to give instant response to any attack. But remember always use the premium antivirus or if you can’t afford it then use free version of it and download it from original website. (Don’t download pirated software).

Premium antivirus provides you many features like.

  • Custom features for PC, Mac, Android, and iPhone/iPad secure your devices where it’s needed and important.
  • Single- and Multi-Device features let you choose the security that works best for you.
  • “Up to 10 devices” means you can share your security service with any of your devices or your relatives.

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3. Update Antivirus regularly to secure laptop

laptop security

The most important thing after downloading antivirus is updating it regularly because if you will don’t update antivirus the virus removing dictionary will also not get updated.

And anti virus dictionary is used to remove the virus you can say that it contain the solution o remove the virus from your PC.

You must update the anti virus software weekly of once in 3 days or even as soon as possible. This will protect your PC from the virus and malicious software.

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4. Never save passwords in browsers

never save passwords laptop security

Many times when you insert password in your facebook, instagram or any other window with login option available. Sometimes your browser ask you to either save password or click on never. I am talking about this.

These passwords are not secured properly and neither encrypted. These valneurability makes your passwords less secured and keep your accounts at a point of risk of hacking or hijacking.

You must not use this because the passwords can be easily reveled if someone is using your computer with great knowledge or if someone inserts password stealing pen drive in your PC.

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5. Use Password manager extensions

As you saw the above measure to protect the password and not to save it in browser. But i know your problen that you can’t remember the passwords.

So, to manage your passwords in your PC and to save it You can use password manager extensions like LASTPASS and many others.

When ever you will enter password and username in any login space it will ask you to store the password if you will press yes it will get stored.

These extensions will save the passwords in it and as soon as you will open the the webpage the stored username & password will get printed in the login space.

6. Never use infected pen-drive for laptop security

We use anti virus to remove virus but the best thing will be if we don’t do mistakes and never allow any virus to enter in your laptop. So, the virus are most likely to be entred in your laptop from infected pendrives and other devices.

Now, to prevent the input of virus from pendrive you must scan every pendrive which you will inject in your PC.

You must not enter any pendrive in you laptop if it is of your any hacker friend or any computer expert friend because they may prank you and insert any virus in your PC .

7. Don’t visit Malicious websites and links.

It is second way to prevent the infection of virus in your laptop. In this hackers and attackers infect the links with malicious codes and virus. And when ever you will click on any infected link you can be infected with spyware and there can be risk of data stealing from your laptop.

So, to be protect never do piracy because when you download the pirated movies maximum virus are there only.

So, to prevent you can use safe browsers like duck duck go and all these things also you can use the antivirus extensions to protect your laptop and to enhance the laptop security.

8. Avoid file and software piracy

This is most important thing to avoid the entrance of viruses and many types of payloads. That’s why it is important to keep anti virus.

Returning to the topic, many softwares which you download from internet from ununofficial websites for free are actually infected I can say that 40% of softwares are infected.

So always buy and download from genuiene websites. And also check the files and the software which you download from your antivirus to improve laptop security.

This is most important way to secure your laptop from different types of hacker attack like ransomware, virus, trojans and various type of spyware to protect your from leckage of data.

Importance Of Laptop Security

Data security and laptop security is most important in todays life. Because the data is the key for every thing in todays scenerio.

You can protect the data from the above methods and these are the best way to secure your data. Always remember that you even don’t know that you have lots of important data in your laptop and near by connected devices yes even the can be hacked.

This loss and leak of data can cause sevear problems like blackmailing, money hijack, social media attacks ETC.

So, to protect the data you can use the above measures to enhance the laptop security and you will get the solution of how to secure your laptop

What attacks can be performed to hack your laptop?

Brute force attack

This attack is little bit hard but it works many times. In this attack the attacker tries every possible combination passwords which have alphabets, number, special characters.

It is not done manually but many tools are used in this like the jhon the ripper. In which even 1000s of passwordds are tried in a second.

So, it will not take much time to crack your password.

  • To prevent it you must keep a long password long means more then 10 words like ‘iamverygoodboy‘. Because the long passwords will take years of time to break it.
  • Your password must be complex, means it must contain lower case, uppercase, numbers and special characters.
  • Never ever give any hint of your password to any one. Nor in the hint section of your screen lock section.
  • Because the small passwords can be broken and cracked in the seconds.

M.I.T.M Attack

In this attack the hacker will firstly attack on the wifi to which you are connected and he will hack it. Then he will keep a eye on your data transfer from laptop to router.

He will capture the packets and then survey it on wireshark to find the ids and password.

In short meaning the hacker will capture the packets with packet capture tools and then find the data you have just entre in you laptop on internet connected sites.

  • You can prevent it by securing your wifi by keeping a long password on it. The meaning of long and complex password is explained above.
  • Keep a high level security on the wifi like WPA 2 PSK or much high level.
  • You must not connect to any open wifi.
  • Always use secured browsers like tor or duck duck go. And even you can use special encryption services at cheap prices if you seriously want to secure your laptop data.

Spyware Infection

It is most dangerous, actually it is a type of virus which can even hack your cameras without your knowledge.

If your phone gets infected from this virus the hacker can see every thing like files, photos, videos, also can click the live pictures from your phone and can also enable the video of your mobile.

Your every otp can also be visible to the hacker which can cause the money loss from your bank account.


Follow the points to be protected…..

  • Don’t do the piracy and only download the files from the proper and protected resources.
  • Never click on unknown weblinks because it can be malicious
  • Always try not to download any applications from the unknown resources because there can be payloads in it.
  • Never click on unknown files from any pendrive because a single click can hack your whole PC.

Conclusion of laptop security:-

In this post I have given the points which you can use to secure your laptop as a checklist.

These are the most important points to secure your laptop.

  1. Keep a screen lock.
  2. Use a premium antivirus.
  3. Update Antivirus.
  4. Never save passwords in browsers.
  5. Use Password manager extensions.
  6. Never use infected pen-drive.
  7. Don’t visit Malicious websites and links.
  8. Avoid software and file piracy.

After that I have explained the the importance of the laptop security and in the above section I have mentioned how to secure your laptop.

Now After this I have mentioned the list of attacks and with their prevention which hacker and attacker do to hack your laptop.

Those attacks are:-

M.I.T.M attack
Spyware Infection

So, After a long writing I hope you enjoyed the post on how to secure your laptop and about laptop security.

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