Lithium-ion battery packs for an electric two-wheeler

The growing aknowledgement of greenhouse gas problems and pollution has led to the growth of electric 2-wheeler segment. Battrixx has searched opportunity in this great growth and gives proper and cost effictive lithium-ion battery packs with a high quality efficiency. Battrixx battery packs gives safe and consistent lithium-ion battery power for electric scooters and high-performance lithium-ion battery pack with in-house designed smart BMS protection.

Dimensions and cell configuration are managable for limited work.

What is the price of lithium ion battery for electric scooter?

The company provides us a three year warranty on its Li-ion battery powered scooters. On asked the cost for the replacement, Jeetender confirmed that it is around Rs 20,000. This cost though is expected to go very under the table in the coming years, with the large scale commercialisation of these batteries.

Are lithium scooter battery Safe for their use in scooters?

Li-ion batteries are generally very safe, but if they are not handeled properly or used is fussy manner, they can get up in fire or can get blast. Luckily, it’s simple to lower the risk that these batteries slightly gives to you and your property by taking a few simple steps.

Battery Packs – Guide

To make a battery pack with many of thousands of watt hours of capacity, many individual 18650 Li-ion cells are assembled together into a brick-like architechture. The brick-like battery pack is monitored and regulated by an electronic circuit called a (BMS) and its full form is battery management system, which regulates the flow of current into and out of the battery.

Individual cells in the battery pack are joined in series (end to end) which sums their voltage. This is how its actually to have scooters with 36 V, 48 V, 52 V, 60 V, or even larger batteries of lithium.

These individual strands (many batteries in series) are then connected in parallel to wave out the output current.

By adjusting the number of cells in series and parallel, electric scooter manufacturers can increase output voltage or max current and amp hour capacity.

Changing the battery configuration will not increase total energy stored, but it effectively allows a battery to offer more range and lower voltage and vice versa.

Voltage and % Remaining

Each cell in a battery pack is generally operated from 3.0 volts (0% charge) all the way up to 4.2 volts (100% charge).

This means that a 36 V battery pack, (with 10 batteries in series) is operated from 30 V (0% charge) up to 42 volts (100% charge). You can see how % remaining corresponds with battery voltage (some scooters display this directly) for every type of battery in our battery voltage chart.

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