How To Make Your Mic Sound Bad (Intentionally)

How to make your mic sound bad? is a very funny question asked on the internet nowadays? I don’t know your purpose either you want to disturb your class or want the best possible reason for not giving answers in your class or even for PS4.

But, in this article I am going to give you the best possible ways to make your mike sound distorted. This will also work on your headset, means your headset mic will also sound bad after following these tricks.

Some tricks may also require some additional things but most are just free. So now enjoy this article and the best way to to make your mic sound bad in zoom.

Trick 1 – How do I make my mic distorted?

making your mic sound bad by using background distortion technique

The best way to do this thing is by getting some extarnal sound in your mic to make your mic distorted. And to do this I will give you the best method.

Follow these steps…

  1. Download this sound from the given link and keep it in important folder when your class or meeting is going on.
  2. Turn your mic on and play this sound by keeping it near to your mic.
  3. While your disturbance sound is on please speak little bit o things so that it can give a real distortion type of effect.
  4. At the time you are doing these things, ask your friend to say you to turn off your mic. This will give you a real feeling of disturbance in your class.

This trick is quite amazing to use without doing much hustle in doing all these things like this.

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Trick 2 – Selective way to make your mic sound bad.

magnetic way to distrot sound

This trick is very selective for mics of your headset, earphone, and any mic you are having. Actually, this trick only works on the cheap types of a mic like cheap earphones or else.

In this trick you will require a magnet doesn’t matter it is small or a big one.

Check out all the steps…

  1. When the time comes or your boss or teacher ask something from you, Put your mic on.
  2. And after that start moving the magnet near to your mic mostly back and forth also round and round.
  3. This will disturb the magnet present inside your mic.
  4. By the disturbance of the outer magnet the magnet present inside your mic and the distortion will be made.
  5. Always remember to turn your mic off before removing the magnet from the range.

I said this trick will not work for every one because the first reason is non-availability of magnets. If you have a class tomorrow morning and you are searching it in night then it may not be available.

Second reason is that, if you are having a headset of good quality or a mic of top companies then this trick may not work due to their security on MIC.

how to make headset mic bad on PS4

Trick 3 – How to make your mic sound bad?

making your headset mic sound bad by using blow air technique

This trick will either require two persons or any fast small fan. This trick is quite amazing and enjoys it fully. Follow this trick to get amazing results to make your mic distorted.

Follow the complete steps…

  1. Firstly get in a situation where you have to say something on your mic.
  2. After that, you have to tell the tell near you to blow air to your mic.
  3. In a second way, you can use a fast fan to blow air near your mic.
  4. We all know that when we blow air near any mic then it gets distorted.
  5. So, you have to do it in any way you want either by telling your friend to do it or by any fast fan placed near you.

In this method, asking your friend to do this type of silly stuff is going to be the most difficult task. Or in replacement, you can arrange a fast fan as I told you previously.

How do I make my iPhone microphone sound bad?

Here in this section, I will tell you the way you can make your iPhone microphone sound bad. This can be classified in two ways.

First, is when you are using any external device like headset, earphone, external mic or any other headphone.

Second thing is that if you are utilizing the actual microphone of iPhone (inbuilt one).

When using any external device on iPhone

At the time when you are using any external device like headset, headphone, earphone or any other device which is used by you.

In this technique you can use any of the above methods which are provided by us. All the above given method will work perfectly on your iPhone’s external mic.

When you are using iPhone

At the time when you are using the inbuilt mic of iPhone the best way to make your iPhone mic sound bad is by using the trick one in which you have to use any second device to generate distortion sound and put it near your mic to generate sound.

Or, the second trick you can use is by blowing air near to your mic by anything you want.

How to make your headset mic sound bad?

The best way to make your mic of headset sound bad is by removing the sponge or the cat fur from your mic and putting your mic very close to your mouth while you speak something.

After removing the fur you can apply the paper with small stickers so that when air passes through it, it will make your voice distorted.

Due to its accuracy and the way we are making our voice like this, It is the best trick to make your headset sound distorted or bad.

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