How to make money as a programmer :- {8 Ways To Earn Money}

Hey, In this article i am gonna answer you the most important questions for a programmer “how to make money as a programmer ?” or “Can you make money from coding at home”.

This article will give you the best 8 ways to earn money as programmer.

You can surely use these ways to start your career or any start-up like mark zukerberg.

All these are 100% genuine ways to code online and earn money.

Money Making Ways are….

1. Selling Use Full Software

You will think that there are already many software in the market. but still don’t end your thinking here just try some thing new to make.

You can easily make any software and later convert them as a big company like microsoft and sell your software globally.

As you are a programmer then it is not a very hard job.

Or if you don’t even want to do this, then you can even make some better versions on existing software.

And many companies have done it already like you will find that in starting there was Orkut then Facebook Then Insta.

So change is always required and nothing is permanent.

My personal opinion:-

My opinion is simple, if you make any software then you can earn a lot even you can improve many types of software my replicating and making them good.

It will also give a great experience to your new auidence and your new company.

2. FreeLance Programming

become freelance programmer freelancing programming

Freelancing in Work from home type of job, In this you can make the profiles on freelancing websites like fiverr or freelancer.

In your profile you can include the type of work you will do in return of payment (you can add program making or prog\ramming).

After seeing your profile the people will order you to work and the cost of doing any work will be yours.

This career option or money making option is very great because in this you will get paid according to your work.

Means The amount of time you will spend, you will get your result (income) according to it.

By doing programming you can take a high return because it is not easy job. Programming is really very difficult and very less people know about it.

My Opinion:-

My opinion is totally positive towards this type of work. Because it is totally following the quote “What you give is what you get”.

As in this work you will be paid according to your skills and your experience with your luck.

And this skill is not so popular so you will be paid highly and you can easily earn money by doing programming.

3. Make Apps

how to make money as programmer make apps by doing programming earn money by programming.

This is the most trending among method programmers to become millioner or billioner now a days. You can make apps with some great profitable ideas if you have any of them.

Or even you can make apps for other people who have ideas and they will pay you a high amount for your work because programming is not very popular.

Even if you have any website then you can create an app of that website and publish it on google play.

After publishing you can put google adsense ads on it to get some income.

My Opinion:-

You can go in this field, you can either make a gaming app or blog app. Where you can publish the content related to your topic and can engage you auidence.

It is one of the best way to earn lot of money in today’s life and I think you would get answer of “how to make money as a programmer ?” in this section.

4. YouTube Videos

youtube videos about programming

It is one of the best way to gain fame and earn some money.

But it takes some time to earn money because it will take upto 2-4 months to start earning.

You can just make videos about programming, Like Python full course, Java full course or you can show to make different projects. And many more things like this.

There are many people who want to learn programming so your videos will surely give you financial benefits.

My Opinion:-

This is one of the best way but you have to start it as soon as possible because you can see that this trend is slowly going out trend.

This is a good way because you can even get fame with money in this career.

5. Sell On Udemy

sell courses on udemy

Udemy is a platform where the experts make there courses on any topic and place them for sell with your specific price.

Just like other people you can also make your digital course and publish it on udemy with the affordable price.

That course can contain full course of any language like java full course, SQL full course ETC or even you can publish the project tutorials with bundel.

My Opinion:-

In my opinion it just a short way to earn money as a programmer and it depends how will your course go on udemy if it rank higher then you will earn a lot.

You can’t choose udemy ass career option like youtube. So to get fame and to earn money in programming field start selling course on udemy.

It is a source to make extra money as a web developer.

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In this post or you can say article, I have answered the most important question which you also ask to yourself after completing programming ‘How to make money as a programmer ?’.

I have listed the 8 ways to earn money as programmer or by doing coding.

These ways are…

  • Selling Use full software
  • Free Lancing Programming
  • Make innovative apps
  • Youtube Videos
  • Udemy Courses

As a programmer hope you enjoyed this post on how to earn money as programmer or how to make money by doing programming.

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