Pc37x vs Game One: Which one will be better for your gaming?

Gaming headsets that give high-quality audio for a fully enjoy full gaming experience are a must-needed thing for gamers. Let’s talk about Pc37x vs Game One to provide you a better opinion regarding them.

Sennheiser has some marvelous deals on audiophiles as well as gaming headsets. The pc37x and game one are two great gaming headsets that all gamers should see within.

At first sight, the two gaming headsets might seem very alike. In fact, their features are also pretty much similar.

However, once you use them out, you will see the differences in the sound performance.

Let’s look a little bit into the features of each headphone. This complete review will help you decide which one is the right pick among the pc37x and game one.

Feature difference: Pc37x vs Game One

Massdrop x Sennheiser PC37X

The Massdrop x Sennheiser PC37X Gaming Headset gives excellent audio quality and is just the premium headphones that almost every gamer wants. 

These headsets have been created critically to put the high-quality dynamic drivers at an angle that occurs in maximum natural sound reproduction, allowing maximum clarity in the gaming sounds.

The pc37x headphones also have a noise-canceling microphone, which can be muted with a simple rotation of a sound regulator so that gamers can interact effectively with their teammates during a game.

These gaming headphones not only seem visually attractive and add style to your gaming enjoyment. They feel very comfortable when you use them for extended gameplay.


  • Lightweight build and comfortable velour earpads for long gaming sessions
  • Easy and accessible in-headset controls
  • Noise cancellation present in the microphone
  • Dynamic drivers positioned for maximum natural sound production


  • No surround sound option
  • The headphones lack noise isolation

Epos I Sennheiser Game One

Easy and comfortable are two adjectives that can be utilized to describe Sennheiser’s Game One gaming headsets.

These versatile headphones can also be used for watching movies, youtube videos thanks to their zero-latency property.

The free ear headphone is made to have soft and thickly filled plus velvet earcups which provide high comfort, keeping the headlight and cool in increased gameplay.

With German-managed technology, the Sennheiser game one is very much sonically perfect.

It’s technically and mechanically correct dynamic transducers result in proper gaming audio with real-like and precise sound, no matter what game is being enjoyed.


  • Very cozy plush velvet earpads for long listening sessions
  • Excellent microphone quality which delivers crystal sharp sound
  • Convenient microphone mute option
  • Accessible and intuitive controls in the right ear  cup


  • Heavy in design
  • Poor noise insulation

Unboxing the Headphones Pc37x vs Game One: What’s Inside The Packaging?

Both the gaming headsets appears in very different packaging with different things in the boxes. 

The Sennheiser pc37x has really hard and neat packaging with the headphones put properly in the box. Inside the gaming box, you will get in the headset and replaceable cables along with an instruction guide…

At the time you open the box for the Sennheiser game one gaming headsets you will see the marvelous gaming headphones automatically, an audio cord to attach the headphone, and a headset adapter.

Design and support: How do the headphones seem and feel?

Less is always more:

Perhaps that the information the Sennheiser is trying to describe with its simple designs for the two gaming headsets. When it comes to structuring, the Sennheiser pc37x and game one look pretty identical, it’s how much easy they are when used is that makes a difference.

Sennheiser pc37x:

First, view the Sennheiser pc37x and it is the same as any other headsets in the market. It has a classic black figure which is made of plastic, a feature that provides for the headphone to be low-weight and not much heavy on your head.

Normally, gaming headsets have a splash of colors on them- either in the earcups area or in the form of LED glow. But these headphones do not contain any glaring lights and seem to carry a form of elegance in their looks.

The all-black look is an symbol of Sennheiser’s taste for simplicity, and it also blends in well in any setup. 

Below the plastic headband that holds the head is a thick padding of velour cushion. The headband is moderately flexible but strong enough to stay still around the head and can be set 2 inches up or down so that it can fit equally.

The headband spreads and combines two large and large earcups. Premium padding has been used in the earcups and the hint of velvet body gives it an excellent look.

Overall, the headset is preety comfortable and the plastic body tells us that it does not heat up on long-time ussage.

Sennheiser game one:

The Sennheiser game one gives off a utilitarian vice with its matte black surface and fatty velvet earcups.

These headphones arrive in two separate color models, one of them is entirely black with red strokes and the other with a sign of white on the dark black body. 

Regularly, gaming headphones which contain a lot of technicalities are heavy and you feel stress in your head when you wear them for a lengthy gameplay.

With game one, it is somewhat the opposite. Thanks to their plastic build, these headphones are extremely low-weight. It’s so light that you might confuse it for being made of cheap plastic, but it is not the problem.

The headphones are, however, not portable since they can’t be folded up and carried simply.

Game One has very clear and suitable controls. The sound dial option and quiet switch can be seen incorporated with the mic turning feature.

However, the disadvantage is that the volume dial does not have any specific options to fix a volume of preference. Overall, we consider that the control could be more enjoyable than it is in other gaming headsets.

Winner: Sennheiser PC37X

Design and style

This is normally a thing of choice and differs from person to person. In my view, the decision of Sennheiser to swing away from the bright showy neon colors, LED lights and embrace the matte black simple minimalistic layout is quite extraordinary.

The red strokes on the game one headset might seem fancy to few people, but it just doesn’t feel that nice to me.  

When we see the structure quality, both headphones are built of plastic but the pc37x appears much better to the touch. The finishing on these gaming headsets is awesome and of course, the controls are much more satisfying.

The cushions are thickly filled and give the best comfort. Overall, those headphones are gaining points in terms of design and luxury.

The Gaming Quality and Sound Feature: Are the Headphones Worth it?

The important question that a gamer questions about gaming headphones are that do they offer a full-on immersive audio experience? There is not in enjoyment in playing games without disturbance and clear audio.

Both Sennheiser gaming headsets are prominent in the audio department, but one is slightly better than the other.

Sennheiser pc37x:

The gaming action using the Sennheiser pc37x is moderately superb. Different from other headphones which have a virtual 7.1 surround sound included in them, the pc37x uses technically shifted sound drivers for real-like, consistent, and proper clear audio.

There are no improvements made using any software, but this automatic positioning of the dynamic operators and the open back design of the headphones really have a lot to give.

What’s best is that they are fully comfortable for long gameplay as well with their low weight design and soft earpads of the headset.

With these high-end headphones on, your gaming experience becomes more enjoyable. The clarity and directionality offered by the audio are impressive and helps any gamer to easily identify and locate its nemesis.

The punches and kicks in matches that involve fighting have an powerful sound, and the explosion of the gunfire sounds exciting sufficient to send shivers under the body!

If you are enjoying a game that needs communicating with your teammates, rest assured knowing that your voice input would be clear and proper.

The microphone functions really well including clear sound and it can also be changed if you want to be muted in the midst of the game. However, we feel that the bass could sound a bit boomy for people who have deep vocals.

Now, the Sennheiser pc37x can not only be utilized for gaming- but also for hearing your chosen music as well. These headphones depict a correct reproduction of medium-range and bass level.

Sennheiser game one:

The Sennheiser’s Game one gaming headphone have an open-back structure that allows the sounds to flow openly through the drivers, thus providing a wide soundstage and 3D sound enjoyment.

These headphones have a average frequency response and powerful clarity in audio production. The free midrange and treble decides that you can simply see your enemy in a game and makes it superb for role-playing games.

The microphone is of the best quality as it allows noise cancellation. You would not require external noise outside of your gaming universe to disturbed your crucial conversation with your friends during a match.

This microphone filters out any external noise and gives vocal audio without any disturbance. Although there have been criticisms of the volume not being loud enough for the mic.

If you are any person with a low sound, that might be an issue and you need to boost up some power and get ready to enjoy.

But then again, the excitement in gaming does make us scream at the top of our lungs! But we can’t blame Sennheiser entirely for this- since it is actually really difficult to get good microphone quality from such tiny units.

Not only for gaming, but these amazing headsets can also be utilized for listening to your favorite music or seeing a picture as well.

The headphones are pretty light on the bass compared to different headphones so you might not get the booms to affect you a majorly.

The midrange has an accurate response with clear vocals. The treble is spot on and results in well-balanced reproduction of instruments and vocals.

Winner: Sennheiser Game One 

Additional Features: What makes the headphones stand outside?

The gaming headsets have few extra features that help to make differences themselves from the rest.

Sennheiser pc37x: The Sennheiser pc37x has the following features:


The Sennheiser pc37x gaming headsets have an uncommon design and it follows a more natural way than those gaming headsets with sound improvement technologies. 

The drivers in this headphone are designed to be positioned at an angle, which gives out the maximum real-like sound.

Usually, this characteristic is seen in more expensive headsets but the pc37x offers extreme clarity in gaming sounds at a normal range.


Thankfulness to the angled drivers that have been created to be put in their best position, as well as the whole headsets’ open-back design, it is simpler than ever to identify and find your enemy in a thrilling and interesting game. 

This is because these specialties offer stereo imaging and good locational correction so that you can certainly hear the footsteps of your arch-nemesis, shots from a gunshot, or instructions from your friends.


From the duration audiophiles liked Sennheiser HD598 and HD600 so much, Sennheiser decided to include the drivers that arise from the HD series to its pc37x.


The Sennheiser pc37x has a top-quality noise-canceling microphone that gives clear sound. The microphone can tackle high-volume low distance recording. It can also handle any different unpleasant disturbances in the background.

Hence, when you are talking with your teammates mid game they can properly listen to what you are saying. 

The microphone also has a superb feature. To mute the mic, you can simply turn it upwards. This is simpler than searching for any powers mid-match

Sennheiser game one: The Sennheiser Game One has the following specifications:


With german-developed technology, these headphones have awesome sound performance.

The proprietary speaker technology results in the sound being extremely accurate and natural. The bass extension is well balanced over the whole frequency range. Overall, gaming with these headphones on means that they will offer a fully immersive audio experience.


The Sennheiser Momentum Game One carries a boom microphone that pulls up noise accurately and assures that background noise is reduced for purity and precision.

The boom microphone can simply be flipped upside to mute it.


When enjoying games, it is important that the controls are in your range, quick and convenient for a stable gaming experience. 

Sennheiser held the gamer’s comfort in mind and designed the game one to have natural and quick controls. The gaming headsets have a combined volume control located on the right earcup with quick changes for simple access.

The built-in wheel can be used to adjust the volume whilst being in the middle of a gameplay.


Sennheiser’s Game One gaming headsets present versatile compatibility. These headphones are compatible with the Playstation-4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Mac, and PC.

For whom are The Headphones for? 

Both the exceptional Sennheiser gaming headphones are mainly famous for:

  • If you are viewing for gaming headsets that give an excellent and impressive gaming experience
  • who also love listening to music along with gaming. The Sennheiser pc37x vs game one is not only made for gaming purposes but also offers great sound quality for music.
  • Gamers who like viewing movies besides gaming. The Sennheiser pc37x and game one are not only specific for gaming purposes but also give great audio quality for films.
  • who wear specticals will have satisfaction in wearing these headphones for long duration of sessions.

The Final Answer: Which Headphone is Better Between Pc37x vs Game One?

Both the gaming headphones Pc37x vs Game One made by Sennheiser are very similar, mainly if you look at their features. However, there is a small difference in their sound quality and additional features. 

In PC37X vs Game one, Game one is better headset as seen all over.

Whilst the Sennheiser pc37x looks a tad little better than the game one in my favorite, the game one absolutely works well in terms of audio production because of its propriety speaker technology and noise-canceling microphones.

FAQs of Pc37x vs Game One

This section is all about solutions to the most asked question regarding this matter. these questions are collected by deeply examined online.

Is the Sennheiser pc37x open back or closed behind?

The Sennheiser pc37x are open-back headsets. Open-back headphones are made in such a method that their earcups are exposed to the outside environment.

This means the sound flows into your ears and out into the spaces in the side and back of the ear-cups. This creates a fantastic sound effect.

This is much better than closed-back headphones as the perceived location of the sound is more precise in the open-back design.

Are the earpads in the game one headphones exchangeable?

Correct, the earpads of the Sennheiser game one headphone are replaceable and can be purchased differently from the website.

Is it possible to remove cord on the Sennheiser pc37x?

Yes, the cord on the Sennheiser pc37x is extractable and can be replaced. 

What are the drivers being utilized in the Sennheiser pc37x?

Sennheiser pc37x uses the equal drivers as the sennheiser pc373d. These powerful drivers are designed to be placed at their top position for the best real and detailed sound development.

Does the PC37X performance for console game-play (PS4, Xbox One, etc.) or mobile or mac-laptop?

Yes, though, you will require an adapter or a separate cord. The combined cable ends in two jacks (headphone & microphone) whereas the greatest consoles/phones have one port that takes a TRRS (4 poles) AHJ/CTIA standard 3.5-millimeter jack.

Can I receive calls with my Sennheiser game one gaming headphones?

Yes, you can take up calls on devices that gives a 3.5 millimeter jack port.

Can I watch movies from it?

Yes, you can easily watch movies from it. Without any problem just by connecting it to the device in witch you want to watch movie.

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