Does Using Phone While Charging Damage Battery? (Battery Life)

Well, you are here because you are worried about your phone and to get the answer of the question “Does using phone while charging damage battery?“.

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That’s why i am writing this post on my web blog.

Now coming back to the point does, using phone while charging damage battery?.

How do it really affects….?

The damage to the battery of your phone while charging depends on various conditions, which we will discuss here.

While using duplicate charger.

Using duplicate or low quality charger don’t affect your phone normally but if you are using your phone while charging then it will surely affect your device battery life because you are not using quality electric resources.

Remember :- Connecting your device without using your phone on charging will not affect your phone.

If you are still using your phone while charging, you will see after some time your battery will start decreasing even when you are using your phone while charging and if it is happening.

Then i am giving the solution of this problem in this article only.

While using original charger.

Yes, You can use your phone while charging with original charger because that company have manufactured the charger according to your device.

And also remember the charger companies offer you that they will charger your phone very fast can damage your device battery life.

But if you want to use your phone for long time then always keep your battery above 30% and don’t use it while charging.

Can i use my phone while charging on power bank?

No, you must not use your phone while your phone is getting charged on power bank. As, power bank is a virtual charging device which have battery just like your phone.

And that battery charge your phone’s battery and due to irregular volt as compared to your charger it can blow and inflate your battery if you charge your phone many times from power bank.

Why is my phone battery decreasing while charging?

This type of glitches often happens with me when I use my phone when it is getting charged. When you find that your battery is decreasing while charging then the input of charging is less and your battery usage is more.

That’s why to avoid this problem you can use the original charger or a little fast and quality charger.

If you still face this problem then you can change the battery or keep your phone battery charged more then 50 % every time for a month.

After this you will surely see that your charging speed became normal and it will don’t get reduce while charging.

Using phone while charging risks:-

  1. Inflation and your battery will get pregnent 😜.
  2. After some time you will see that the battery is decreasing even while charging.
  3. Your battery will decrease very fast and the charging speed will become slow.
  4. Affects the RAM which will create problem in using high graphic apps like GAMES, Video or photo editing apps.

All the Wrong Ways You are Charging Your Phone?

To know how to charge your mobile phone to save your battery, you should know how NOT to charge your mobile phone. The following are some common charging habits that kill phone batteries over long time.

1. Using your mobile while charging.

Using your phone while charging, power is drawn to operate the screen and other components and can also lead to overheating of your device. This reduces the battery life over long time. The competition between phone usage and battery volt charging supplying charges causes your battery to overheat which can damage it.

2. Dropping your phone to zero before charging

Unless you plan to replace your phone battery in six months, never allow your phone to die at zero before charging it. According to a Great University, letting your phone battery drain before charging it will make your battery life short Your phone battery lasts longer when it is maintained in the 50 to 80% capacity.

3. Overcharging your phone

Over charging is one of the most common causes of shortening the battery life. Simply, overcharging your phone means keeping it plugged in more time than it is necessary. If you are the type that loves to have your phone plugged in at all times, you should know that it damages your battery.

Keeping your phone plugged for long time can cause the temperature of the battery to rise, which causes internal stresses that affect the durability of life.

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Using phone while using duplicate charger

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Phone on charging with power bank

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