Programming Languages And Their uses: Python, Java, C++, SQL, PHP

Hey, I thing you are going to start in programming either as career or as passion. But may be you are in doubt that which programming language will be best for you. So in this article I will tell you about programming languages and their uses.

Their are many types of computer programming languages which have very different uses and are used to create multiple things.

From this article you can also get an idea about the uses of programming.

Uses of Python Programming language

uses of python programming language

Python is consider as the easiest programming language for learning and coding. Python also requires very less space of lines to code any function.

Its uses are…….

  1. Web Development:- It means to develop online tools or software in python language it is one of the great language for web development.
  2. Machine Learning and artificial intelligence:- Artificial intelligence is future if you learn artificial intelligence and go forward in it you can build hi tech real human like programs in a robot.
  3. Data science:- It stand for building and maintaining data. Also serving it in a proper manner currently their is very much shortage of data science experts in big companies.
  4. GUI Making:- GUI stands for graphic user interface and GUI making means to convert codes in a simple interface software. So that any one can use it easily.
  5. Ethical Hacking:- It is most interesting thing in my life and coding. Even I am in this field from 2 years. In current life the cyber attacks are to much and in near future (2-3) years the requirement of hacking will be maximum.

Uses Of Java Programming

uses of java programming language

Java is not very easy but you can make it easy by learning any other language before it. You should not try to directly start programming with Java because it is little bit difficult.

Here are some uses of java……

  1. Mobile Apps Making:- java is now considered as a most important and also an official language for app making and development. The reason behind it is that it can be operated on Java Virtual Machine.
  2. Cloud-based Applications:- The meaning of cloud computing with on-demand delivery of IT resources through the internet. Java can be used to serve the companies to build their apps remotely or help organizations to share data with others one, according to whatever the requirement.
  3. Gaming Building:- This language is mainly used to combine the games designs and the graphics. One game is not developed by a single language it requires more then 2-3 languages to combine all the games function to make a game. Even the PUBG is made up of 4 languages.

Uses of SQL Programming Language

uses of sql programming language

SQL programming language is mainly used in backend to make any app or any web application. SQL is used to make databases and to save data. It is basically not visible on any interface of any app.

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Here are its uses…..

  1. Backend for software:- The most part of SQL language is not visible. It is used in backend where the data is stored and retrieved on the basis of buttons clicked or information entered.
  2. Backend of web applications:- In this part the data is stored in the servers not present in your software files in your computer. Here when you are connected to internet and open the web application and enter the commands or buttons the data will get appeared on your screen.
  3. SQL Injection:- SQL injection is a attack which is performed by entering the query in any section where their is any space to by pass login or to retrieve the sensitive data. That’s why the hacking is very powerfull.

Uses of C++ Languages

uses of C++ programming languages
  1. Operating System Making:- As we know that C++ is a strong and fast typing programming language which makes it suitable for writing operating systems. C++ also has a wide collection of system type functions that also helps in coding low-level programs in it.
  2. Database Software Creation:- C++ is also used to code the database management software. The two most used databases software are MySQL and Postgres, these are also written in C++.
  3. Games Making and Bug Finding:- C++, can easily manipulate the resources that’s why used in bug bounty, provide procedural programming over CPU intensive function. It is also able to override the complexities of 3D video games and gives you multilayer networking. All these super functions of C++ make it a first choice to develop the gaming systems as well as game development suites.
  4. GUI Based Applications:- C++ can be used to develop most of the Graphic User Interface based Language. It can make desktop applications easily because it have the required features for GUI.

Uses of PHP Programming Languages

Uses of php programming Language

PHP is a great language but it is difficult at the same time. There are many web applications and sites made up of PHP some of them are Facebook, WordPress, Even my website is also is in PHP.

Uses of PHP….

  • Web Pages & Web-Based Applications:- It is very effective when you make the web pages with PHP. You can make web designs in many languages but DOT NET and PHP are the best.
  • eCommerce Applications: Ecommerce means the selling the physical products online like amazon or flipcart. You can make these types of web or software applications on the PHP with just a normal knowledge.
  • Create Flash:– An open source library of PHP, such as Ming, helps us to create. Movie in SWF format which include most of the features of Flash Tool – gradients, bitmaps, morphs, shapes, text, button, actions and animations.
  • Image Processing and Graphic Design:– PHP language can be used to edit the images. It can be done with the use of various image processing libraries, such as GD library, Imagine and Image Magick, in PHP applications allows rotating, cropping, re-sizing, creating thumbnails, putting watermarks and taking output of images in multiple formats including jpeg, gif, wbmp, xpm and png.


Hey, In this article I have mentioned the uses of various programming languages.

The uses of which languages I have mentioned are Python, Java, C++, PHP, SQL.

This article will give a complete look on tha applications of various programming languages.

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