PS4 Jailbreak | What is PS4 Jailbreak and its advantages

What is PS4 jailbreak?

What is PS4 jailbreak

What is a PS4 jailbreak? is the first question that comes to your mind when you hear about the term PS4 jailbreaking from your friend or when you read something related to it.

Basically, it means to break the boundaries of using PS4. And by jailbreak, you can break those jail or boundaries and can have ultimate access on your PS4. That access will be much powerful than the normal one and by this, you can do some small hacks on your PS4.

Nowadays everything is made with two main systems. First is, Hardware and second is, Software. Either it a PC, a phone, or a gaming system like PS4.

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In every device their are some limitations, which are designed with the help of programs.

Think you need to install a paid software or game from the store of games. And you can only do it if you have paid for it. But, some people do it by somehow doing a few manipulations in system software to cross the payment process without paying.

Thus you can download any game of software for without any cost.

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Likewise, PS4 also has firmware or system software in it. And, if you do jailbreak your PS4, you can install games totally free of cost. We can also add mods of games, templates, extra features, and many more things.

Actually, PS4 jailbreak is not legal. Also, it breaks your warranty. If in the coming time after jailbreaking of PS4, if you got some problem and you go to the service center it will not be solved because the warranty is broken at the same time when you do the JB.

How you can jailbreak PS4?

How to jail break your PS4

First Thing, If you are a pro person in coding, programming, and understanding software, there are many ways available on google and youtube.

Actually, there is very much risk in doing things like this because if they go incorrect then you can even damage your PS4.

Second thing, You can call or contact any cyber expert because they do the jailbreaking type of things on daily basis and also can handle it if something goes in the wrong direction.

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Note: Every play station is not easily breakable. It totally relies on the type of software version installed on your PS4. Till today, now only 6.72 or under it versions of jailbreak are available.

There is no open Breakout at this time for firmware version 6.72 or higher. But don’t lose hope Possibly in the future, a jailbreak will come on the internet.

Advantages of PS4 jailbreak:

Advantages of PS4 Jailbreak

1. Download premium games for free

The best profit is you can install and enjoy games without paying even a single penny. This will save you money and you can even get full enjoyment.

2. Backward adaptability

Anyone can enjoy ps2 and ps3 games on the latest ps4 model just by some small process. Usually, it is not compatible to enjoy ps2 or ps3 games on ps4 model. But after its jailbreak, you can easily play those old fascinating games.

3. Custom ROM

You can download and install custom ROM in it and different themes to customize to make it appear better. You can enjoy and use different types of mods in your games.

Disadvantages of PS4 jailbreak

Online games:- Firstly remember, If you do this step then you will not be able to play online multiplayer games. So you will not be able to play PUBG type of games if you are thinking to enjoy those types of multiplayer games.

Warranty:- You will not be able to fix any problem by taking it to a service center because the jailbreak will break your warranty also.

New games:- You will not be able to enjoy the latest games coming to PS4. As you have done jailbreak so you will not receive any updates and any latest games news.

Play station network:- You can’t use the PlayStation network and community where you gets updates.

Can you get banned for jailbreaking PS4?

As, by jailbreaking, you will get many free games but still there are many disadvantages I have mentioned above. And you will get banned for many things if you do the jailbreak. Some of them are like PS network, New games, Console ban, and even some more.

It means that if you do it your PS4 will become a offline gaming box without any warranty and network.

Is Jailbreaking Legal?

Obviously not, Do you think that if you own the play station company do you allow even a single user to install and download games for free?

The answer is no, then why will PS company will allow to get people things free which they are selling.

And is US (United states) it is illegal under the act of 1998 Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).


In my view doing PS4 jailbreak is really a serious thing because it is illegal. And the advantages you will get will be much lesser than the disadvantages.

And the most harmful thing is you can’t play online games which are most important. The thing is if you can’t able to buy the games then don’t buy PS4.

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