Best ring light for iPhone – (Top 6 selfie ring light for iPhone)

In today’s generation, tiktok or the instagram reels are going very much viral. And to become a good short video maker then you must have a best ring light and an IPhone because of its quality.

So, in this article, I will give you the best 5 ring light for iPhone. All these ring lights are of the best quality for your iPhone and you know that ring lights are the best lights than any other.

You can buy any of these tripods by just going to the by the help of given button.

I can make you sure that these lights will give an awesome looks to your video quality.

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Let’s start the list of ring lights for iPhone

1. WONEW 12″ Selfie Ring Light with Tripod Stand 66″

ring light for iPhone

This amazing ring light for iPhone is from company WONEW and it will give you a 66 inches tripod with it also. This tripod will surely improve the video quality if you use it with an iPhone.

Its features-
  • 12 Inches large dimmable- This ring light has features 162pcs led to improve maximum brightness and proper shooting. This selfie ring light gives you 3 types of color settings x 10 brightness adjustment.
  • 66 inches tripod – Here you will get 66 inches of the tripod with this ring light where you can attach the ring light and use it.
  • Free Carry Bag – This led ring light gives you a free of cost ring light bag as an extra gift.
  • Bluetooth button- Here you will also get a blue tooth connected button with it. Which you can use to execute the buttons from a distance.
  • Good quality USB – In this ring light you will get a good quality USB connection wire. In this you can connect it with any device like adapter, computer, power bank, ETC

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2. TaoTronics best Ring Light for iPhone

2nd best ring lights for your iPhone video quality.

This ring light is of trotronics is very good light to improve your video quality of your iPhone. This will surely improve your video quality of your instagram reels or youtube or even whatever you do.

  • Adjustable Thing – In this ring light for iPhone, you can adjust the lighting mode of your ring light in 3 modes which are white, dim yellow, warm.
  • Extendable Long tripod – With this ring light you will get a tripod which you can also extend just by opening rubber locks and stretching it.
  • USB connection – Similar to the above ring light this also has a USB connection and by using it you can use your best ring light for iPhone by just even power bank or by any kind of adapter having a UBS connection.
  • Bluetooth – You can easily control your light with the Bluetooth remote. You can adjust brightness, make it on/off, change the lighting modes ETC.
  • Two phone holders – Here in this ring light you will get 2 phone holders grips. One will be between the light and the other is just below the ring light.

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3. GLOUE 18 Inch Pro Best Ring Light for iPhone

This tripod is of GLOUE company which is really good in the field of ring lights. This provides you one of the best features in your light with proper ease of access. The quality is also very good which will provide a good life span to it.


  • Easy and Fast light control – It can be controlled by the buttons on the ring light or you can also control the light color by the IR remote easily.
  • Color temperature – You will get the color temperature range from 3000 K to 6000 K which you can adjust easily. And the wide dimming range of this light from 10 Percent to 100 Percent.
  • Tripod – With this, you will get a good quality tripod to keep your ring light stable. This tripod is made up of an aluminum alloy which will give good durability.
  • 360 Degree rotator – With its phone holder you will get a 360 D phone holder and by using it you can turn and rotate your iPhone as per your requirements.

4. 12” Ring Light with Tripod Stand for iPhone

best 5 tripod and ring light for iPhone

This best ring light for iPhone is from mount dog. This ring light can be best for your videography if your button is low. It will give you ultimate beauty in your video and it will surely improve your video quality.


Lightning adjustment – Here in this best ring light for your iPhone, you will get 3 lighting modes and 11 levels of brightness level adjustment.

Tripod – This tripod is very foldable from which you can fold the tripod to make it set on table and you can also open it to keep it stand on floor.

USB connection – Same like other ring lights this also have USB in it and you can you it at any place you want. Basically, it can be connected to any this having UBS port.

Wireless connection – This will give you a connection with a distance. And you can control your ring lights modes from a far place.

5. 10-inch Selfie Ring Light with Tripod Stand

This tripod ring light is from the company called GPEESTRAC and it can be best ring light for you if you are profaissional photographer or a video maker I would prefer you this.


Ring light options – Here you will get in total 30 options to adjust your ring light modes. With this you will get in total 120 leds to satisfy your needs.

Tripod quality – This tripod is made up of high-quality steel. It can be folded to 16.5″ and can be extended to 51 inches. Also, it can be managed to match your requirements.

Blueooth remote – Here with this ring light for iPhone you will get a bluetooth connected remote to regulate it with a limited distance.

6. Neewer 10-inch RGB Ring Light with Tripod Stand

Neewer ring light is of a good brand. Its 10-inch RGB Ring Light Selfie Light Dimmable 16 Colors & 4 different Flash Modes with Infrared radiation Controller, Tripod Stand & mobile Holder for Makeup.


RGB RING LIGHT: 20 inches of radius, 45 parts led beads, 16 shades, and 4 lighting styles (Flash, Strobe, Fade, Smooth). Each color has 10-level brightness to meet your various lighting requirements.

REMOTE CONTROLLER: Arrives with an Infrared Remote Controller (It necessity be applied in OPENING space without any problems within a space of 7-8 meters.), which is very suitable for you to adjust RGB color, brightness, flash mode, and switch on/off the light.

LIGHTWEIGHT AND Durable TRIPOD: 4 part adjustable aluminum alloy legs with fast pull flip-type locks provide you to modify the working height from 15.7 inches to 54 inches in seconds and closed into 16.5 inches.

GREAT Adaptability: 2 Phone clip is involved: one is general for ball end installation the C-type Phone Holder provides to put the mobile on the tripod leg. Both cell mobile holders are compatible with maximum smartphones, like iPhone 11 Pro Max/11 PRO/XS / XS Max / XR /.


Hey, buddies in this article I have mentioned to you the best 5 ring light for iPhone. This was a great article for you if you make short videos on TikTok or youtube or even Instagram videos.

The 5 ring lights given in this were the best in the industry for your personal use. I am also using many ring light for my youtube purpose.

The ring lights I have suggested to you are really good to improve the quality of your iPhone videos.

Hope you enjoyed this article wrote by me.

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