Well, welcome to this blog. I have explained a few points related to phone screen repair cost and on which this cost can depend.


In countries like india and usa therre is a huge margin of a same repairing thing. In india it can be done in almost 7-8 dollars to fix a new screen and to repair it it can cost 3-4 dollars approx.

But, in countries like USA it can cost approx 27-40$ to replace the screen and if you want to fix it it will cost 10$.

You can see in above data how much cost it can vary due to change in country.

Type of damage

It varies a lot on tyoe of damage if there is just a crack on your screen hey can fix it easily and your broken screen can be used to give a great quality product to some one else.

If your screen is broken like a spider’s net and you cant use your phone then it is going to be hard for you because the prices will be high.

If your touch have stopped working then it will cost even higher. It can even go upto 100-150$ orgininal screen replacement by the top companies like apple.

Replacement quality

It is one of the most high judging factor for its cost. If you are replacing your screen with a branded company or what you say original thing, it can cost you 2-3 time more it you just randomly take a duplicate screen.

I have used a duplicate screen on my phone it worked perfectly for 2 years and after that I left that phone.

I will suggest you to go towards the duplicate one.

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There are even a lot of factors affecting the cost of screen repairing but these 2 are most important.

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