How Show Box is Down & Will Showbox Return In 2021

Show Box is one of the most popular online video streaming app which is now dead and down due to illegal content reason. So let’s known everything about the Showbox app and why show box is down.

Also is showbox dead, is showbox dead and if you want showbox alternative.

What is Showbox App?

Showbox is best among all free video streaming app where users can watch new Movies, TV Shows, etc. It is a great alternative to paid video streaming apps like Disney+ Hotstar, Netflix, Amazon Prime.

In Show Box, an app you can watch unlimited new movies. Showbox automatically gets all-new upcoming films as well as he gives you all the info about the upcoming movie like casts, story, money making, the crew also you can watch this upcoming movie trailer on the Showbox app.

Showbox offers its users unlimited access to premium content like News, TV Shows, Sports free. 

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Why Show Box is Shutdown Currently?

Showbox is now moved from Google Play Store as well as the App Store (play store of apple) means you can not download it. The app that served many people around the world with their free-mium services is not more.

As we all remember, Showbox always allowed users to stream content which is not owned by us means Showbox presents you with copyright movies or web series shows without any copyright activation & the privacy is against the indian law and many other countries in the world law and order.

It seems like some Production Houses & Streaming Company filed a lawsuit against Showbox for providing copyright content.

According to Torrentfreak torrent service, the Production companies also requested to Cloudflare to show the real face of websites who promote the Showbox app or promote their piracy content.

Some of these sites are,,,, etc. & many more Showbox app download sites.

Now these websites who promote Showbox, Is displaying a Message-

” Showbox is not a legal software or say application for viewing copyright guarded films.

This movie studio app will be able to see your IP address (Private code) & your complete viewing history!

( do you want the movie studios knowing the types of videos you like ?)

You are very likely to be sued for copy infringment case.”

See on a below-given image which is displaying on these sites.

Those type of webpages that give promotion & gives Showbox to download will be para sue by the movie studios no matter what extent you go through to like your identity.

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What Actually Happened To Showbox?

As we mentioned earlier, due to copyright & illegal content, Showbox is dead & isn’t working from majority servers.

Anyone who wants to download the Showbox app for android or want to download the Showbox app for iOS, they can’t download the Showbox app because this app kicked from Google Play Store & App Store.

If you’re already using Showbox, then now you can’t use it.

When the app operators try to view any film or any video only black screen window will get open. After some time of bath seen you start Showbox, only ‘Error’ will get appeared.

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Will Show Box Come Back in 2020?

As a Showbox user, it is really bad news for us to Showbox down.

Showbox is a highly popular free video streaming app loved by millions of people worldwide but now Showbox is no more.

So this only query was asked multiple times by Showbox users is “will Showbox return in the year 2020”? & “is Showbox currently working”?

When this app is down, after some time we won’t find any updates regarding Showbox comeback but on December 6, 2019, a tweet is given from Showbox real account @realshowbox. You can see the tweet here.

Where they are told it is very tough to come back, we can’t find any way but they are working very hard to bounceback & also says it take a lot of times means Show Box comeback however we can’t say any accurate date or time but we all know the Internet is how big. Showbox will come with some changes like name, logo, etc.

About Show Box App:-

  • 1. Developed by- Showbox
  • 2. App Name. :- Showbox
  • 3. App Size. :- 6.3 MB
  • 4. Downloads. :- 2 Million+(After Ban)
  • 5. Package. :-
  • 6. Version. :- 1.0.3

How To install Show Box App?

As we mentioned earlier, Showbox is kicked out from Google Play & App Store means you can’t download it from both platforms but many apk downloading websites provide you to download the Showbox app.

As well as you can download the Showbox app from the official site of the Showbox. You can download Showbox for android as well as download Showbox for pc using these sites.

Note:- We don’t recommend you download the show box app.

Here we share this information just for Education purposes. you can check out many other Showbox alternative apps available on the app market.

Show Box Features:-

Let us check why Showbox is much popular among peoples…

1. The Smooth & Clean UI makes the user experience top-notch.

2. Showbox apk is smaller in size & it is easier to run lag-free in low-end devices.

3. Showbox offers you to watch your downloaded video on external video players like MX video player or anything else which is installed in your smart device.

4. You can download & watch offline movies or videos anytime, anywhere.

5. Showbox offers you to listen the free songs streaming means you can listen to unlimited songs free.

Their are many more features in show box app but I can’t list them all out here in this because the list will become so long.

Conclusion :-

So this is all about Show Box where we share everything, how Showbox down & Showbox related information but our special recommendation you to please don’t use Show Box app. You can use many other free video streaming app instead of Show Box.

In this article I have also included about….

why show box is down

when show box app will return

Will showbox app will return in 2020.

Have any questions regarding Showbox? Please tell us in the comment box.

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