Top 3 Benefits of a Nonprofit CRM to Your Board

Your first obstracle, as the nonprofit CRM advocate, is to get approval from your board. What we’ve learned from listening to many nonprofits over the years is it comes down to results. Luckily, there are nonprofit CRM options that deliver meaningful results, and quickly. Here’s how you can communicate those results to your board.

Increased Donor Retention and LTV

Donor retention is a great piece of your overall fundraising planning. Most regularly, the cost of finding brand new areas donors and nurturing them through the entire journey is much higher than motivating a first time donor to give a second time.

More Capacity from Your Workers

Another trend all board members love to hear about is capacity. Mainly, how can your still team do more? The right tool can help with that. A Superb images for the immediate impact of a nonprofit CRM to your board is giving info of a long list of tasks.

If you want to know about why to use CRM for nonprofits you can visit here.

Faster Time to Generosity from Potential Donors

Managing donor relationships with an outdated CRM (or worse, manually) is a gigantic task that involves a number of steps and departments. Many nonprofits are all too familiar with the pain of a late thank you letter or a missed anniversary. Now, imagine adding in the task of nurturing your potential donors too. It would be impossible.

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