Best Tripod for iPhone 11 Pro Max (5 tripods for iPhone 11)

Hey, nowadays I have seen many people make Instagram reels, TikTok videos, or do any other use and they require the best possible setup like a ring light, iPhone 11, tripod. So, in this article, I will provide you the best 5 tripod for iPhone 11 pro max.

Don’t worry I will also provide you the best ring light for iphone but in some other article.

These best tripod for iPhone 11 pro max will be best and I have used almost every one among them. Some of these tripod for iPhone 11 are with remote.

And to view the price of any tripod you can go to the particular product on amazon by click the respective links.

So, Lets start the list of tripods

1. Endura 66 Inches Video Camera 3 leg Tripod

A best tripod with Iphone 11pro max

This tripod is really good because of its quality, It is a highly durable tripod because of its high quality plastic and aluminum. The reason behind its quality is the little high price. You can check its price from the Amazon button below.

This is very ruff and tuff tripod which you can use to carry it with your self across countries or cities with even a single scratch

  • It is having an amazing height of 66 inches. Very few tripods in this price range with this kind of quality gives you this type of height.
  • It easily gets folded under 18 inches and it can handle up to 11 pounds of weight.
  • This tripod is compatible with everything that records videos. For Eg:- DSLR, iPhone 11 pro max, Android phone, Slow motion camera, and many other things.
  • It is made up of good quality aluminum and plastic which gives it high durability.

  • Due to its high quality, its price is a little high. Click on the below button to buy on amazon.
  • It can only be placed on flat surfaces unlike other gorilla tripods.

2. 10” Ring Light with 50” Extendable iPhone 11 pro Tripod

iPhone 11 pro tripod

You may know the biggest quality of this tripod and it is its ring light. Currently, I am using it to make youtube videos and It gives you the best and a bright light which will surely improve the recording quality.

This tripod gives you the complete setup to record video any time. As it contains mobile stand, ring light and many more functions. It’s light is of very high quality which you can use for multiple purpose.

  1. The inbuilt ring light is the best feature in it. You don’t have to go out and buy a good ring light compatible with your tripod. In this, you will get a pre-installed ring light which you can also detach.
  2. It is also having Bluetooth connectivity by using which you can click photos or record from a particular distance (you will get an adapter).
  3. You can also use only tripod by removing the ring light in the day time.
  1. It is just little expensive due to its extra ordinary features like ring light, Bluetooth connectivity, and many other things.

3. 53-Inch Phone Tripod, Tripod for iPhone 11 pro max

Best tripod for Iphone

This is a normal tripod just like the first one. This is just a little cheap even in quality and the price, it is just cheap but has a good quality. You can say it is a lower version of the first one tripod for iPhone 11 pro.

These types of the tripod are usually best when there is a regular setup to record videos either for youtube or anything directly and only from your studio.

These tripods are not used for regular traveling due to its durability. You can use it at home or office without any harm.

  • It has a Bluetooth connection remote in it. You can use it to shoot photos or videos from a distance just by click on a button.
  • Its height is good as compared to its price. You will get a height of 58 inches height which is good enough in this type of tripod.
  • You will get a plucking device using which you can even use the mac tablet on your tripod. And this is flexible which every type of camera and phone like iPhone 11 pro max.
  • It can get folded under the 17 inches, So that you can keep it safely in any corner of your house.
  • By buying this you will be playing with the quality of your tripod but it is a good tripod with durability if you keep it nicely. It will be the best tripod if your budget is a little low.
  • You can’t use this tripod if you have a very large DSLR lenses but you can use it with a normal DSLR.

4. GripTight ONE Gorilla tripod for iPhone 11

gorilla tripod for iphone

Its figure and use are like a gorilla that’s why we call it Gorillapod. Most of the YouTubers use this tripod only because of its convenience. You can place it anywhere or you can bend its legs as you want, Which can be used to fix it in any place.

This is a good tripod for iPhone 11 when you want to travel and record the vlogs. Vlogs for you tube or the tiktok videos with a great background.

As you can fix this tripod on almost any place due to its flexible legs. This feature of this tripod make it one of the best for your youtube career.

  • Best suitable for traveling because it is small and can be fitted to any bag or pouch.
  • It is highly durable due to its functioning, It is not going to break even if you throw it with full force once or twice because of its high-quality plastic quality.
  • You can attach it to any place because of its flexible legs. You can use the above picture as a reference.
  • It can handle up to a large amount of weight on it. You can place any big lens camera on it.


  • Height is very small and it is a non-expandable tripod. Its legs will not become longer by stretching :-).
  • It is a little expensive but durable. To know about the price of this iPhone 11 pro max tripod you can click on the Check on button.

5. UBeesize 67” iPhone 11 pro max tripod (Selfie Stick)

This is again a video blogging tripod which is used by many video bloggers because this is very comfortable to use. This tripod is 2 in one tripod as you can use this to even click your selfies.

These types of tripods are currently in trend in 2021 because of their dual features. And if you love to follow the trend then it is a must thing you can buy in 2021 if you are a video maker in any field.

  • This tripod is the longest among all in this list. It is 67 inches long, which you can keep in a far place and do whatever you want.
  • It is two in one tripod. You can use this tripod as a selfie stick just by opening the locks and expanding it.
  • This tripod with a selfie stick has good durability because it is made up of a good quality aluminum-alloy material with stainless steel and ABS plastic.


  • Yes, it is made up of very strong material but at the same time, it is very delicate to keep the type of product. You have to keep it in a proper box if you are not going to use it for a long time period.
  • This tripod for iPhone 11 is a bit heavy to use. If you are little sneaky then you will not be able hold it for a long time.

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In this article I have given you the 5 Best tripod for iPhone 11 pro max. You can go to amazon just by clicking on check on amazon button after every tripod discription.

These all tripods are different and good level tripod for iPhone 11 pro max.

  1. Normal tripod with 3 legs
  2. A tripod with ring light
  3. Again a normal tripod but with a low price
  4. Gorilla tripod for iPhone 11 pro
  5. Selfi stick tripod.

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