How To Use Pendrive as RAM :- Get Fast Speed (With Pictures)

As many of you are using old laptops or PC and there may be many problems in your laptop or PC. So in this article I will solve one of the problem by increasing your speed, which can be only done by increasing your RAM.

So, in this article I will tell you how to use Pendrive as RAM in your windows PC to make it fast. You can use this trick to use pendrive as RAM in windows 10,7,8 and many others also

And after reading this article if you enjoy it, Then I will also publish about how to use pendrive as graphic card for gaming.

You will surely see much amount of growth in the speed after using your pendrive as RAM.

Let’s see How to Use PenDrive As RAM

Follow these steps properly to get the best possible results.

1. Connect your pendrive to your PC (The Storage capacity of Pendrive should be at least 1 GB or MAX 6 GB for good performance.

how to use pendrive as RAM

2. Allow the PC and let it do the multiple things automatically and wait till it detects the pendrive.

3. After PC detects the pendrive connected to it, You have to do little work.

4. Now, click on my computer & select properties option.

use pendrive as RAM

5. Go to Advance, Then performance setting, Then set them as advance.

6. Select the pendrive and click on customize size (check the value of space available).

7. Enter the same in the initial and MAX column “You just used the memory of pendrive as virtual memory 😜”

8. Now re-start your PC and enjoy the super fast speed from your pendrive which you will use as ram.

Is It safe To use pendrive as RAM?

Yes, it is totally safe to use your pen drive as RAM but only when you are connect it ones or twice in a week or if you remove it one or twice in a week.

Mean to say that don’t regularly remove and attach pendrive, if you connect it once then keep it for 5 hours.

If you will remove and connect your pendrive again and again for long time, then it can harm your device RAM. That’s why I am saying you to keep it connected for at-least for 2 hours to 5 hours.

Does using pendrive as RAM really help?

Using a flash drive or you can say pendrive as RAM will surely help you to convert your normal PC into high speed PC with few steps.

You can easily use it as RAM with above given steps or even you can use other methods available over internet.

If you seriously loved and enjoyed this method and want a article How can I use pendrive as Ram in Android? then please let me know in the comment area on my blog or this web page.

In which operating systems we can use it.

Basically this process is for windows you can use this method in all types of windows versions. But as this method in only for windows it dosen’t means that you can use it on linux or MAC.

If you want to use your flash drive as ram in MAC or Linux then let me know in comments, I will surely make a post on it.

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Hey, hope you are here after reading the whole post. As in this I article i have talked and given you the best way to use your pendrive as RAM in your PC.

This process is mainly for windows if you want in any other operating system then suggest me in comments.

After giving the way to convert your pendrive or flash drive RAM, I have discussed about some properties and some safety measures while using your flash drive as RAM.

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