Website Security Checklist | 10 Tips To Improve Website Security

Hello, Hope you all are fine. This post is all about the website security checklist.

This article have a most completed checklist for website security measures.

As in today’s cyber world there are various cyber crimes going on, So to protect your website from hackers then you must go through this website security checklist to improve.

So, Here is the best website security checklist to keep your website safe from hackers…….

Checklist to secure Website

Each and every point is explained below …

  • Presence of SSL certificate
  • Connect your site with Cloud Flare service
  • Take your website backup
  • Prevent Brute-force attack
  • Change Login Panel URL
  • Prevent DDos and DoS attack.
  • Capelary password protection
  • Prevent SQL attack
  • Open Wi-Fi Risk
  • Proper wordpress sharing
  • Hire a Hacker (Optional but very effective)

Website security checklist (Explained)

1. Presence of SSL certificate

SSL certificate is a certificate given to your website to secure the packets passing by your phones to routers and towers by encrypting your packets.

SSL certificate means the presence of ‘s’ in your url’s https.

How to Get a Free SSL/TLS Certificate for a Website protection checklist for its security- Make A ...

The presence of SSL certificate secure your website in many ways.

It gives you lite protection from various attacks like SQL injection and BY pass methods and many others.

How to get SSL Certificates.

You can use get the SSL certificate either free from your hosting service provider or you have to buy it saprately from Godaddy or Namecheap ETC.

If you get it free from your hosting service provider then you can auto-apply it from your C-Panel.

2. Connect with CloudFlare

Cloudflare | Sitecore Technology Alliance

This Cloud-flare is an American web infrastructure and website security company, providing a type of content delivery-network services, DDoS mitigation, Internet security and distributed domain name server services.

This service is totally free, you can connect your site with this cloud flare service to protect your site from various attacks like DDoS and prevents your site from loading malicious scripts.

You must be wondering about the various hacking and security terms I am using like DDoS and SQL injection

but don’t worry i will explain you all these things In this article.

3. Keep Website Backup

Always choosing a proper hosting is big deal in website making because a good hosting will provide you the website backup facility.

In this facility they will take the backup of your website and will keep it safe with them. In case your website got ruppted or hacked.

The backup will be used in that case to recover your website data.

Don’t worry If you don’t have this service in your website rather you can use third party services to keep your website backup in your google drive.

If you want this service from your hosting companies then you can contact the hosting company from where you have purchased the service.

REMEMBER :- Backup is your website’s insurance.

4. Prevent Bruteforce attack

What is a Brute Force Attack? Definition | Varonis

This is very famous attack among all cyber security experts and hackers, In this attack the hacker try various combinations to pass the login panel by using correct password.

A list of a long password is used and each and every password is applied once on the space to fill the password.

This whole process is done by using softwares (not manually) the passwords are automatically filled one by one by using the softwares.

To stay protected

To be secured from these strong types of cyber attacks.

  • Use strong passwords.
    • Use special letters, capital letters and numbers.
    • don’t repeat the passwords at different places.
    • Don’t save passwords in Cyber cafes.
  • Keep minimum attemps in your password section.
  • Use third party services to stay protected from brute force attacks.

5. Change Login Panel URL

It is the very first step you should take to secure your website, Because if the hacker will not find the admin page to get entry in your wordpress then the hacker can’t hack your site easily.

By default the login panel URL is wp-admin Eg: And we will change the admin panel url from /wp-admin/ to any thing you want.

How to change Panel URL:-
wp-login php - Change WordPress Login URL

Try to go to your public_html directory file list where you will be able to see wp-login.php. You can open it using FTP client software or File Manager in your cPanel.

Once you see it, Name this file whatever you want your login or sign URL URL to be. In this case, I named it newlogin.php.

Next, open up the newlogin.php and find and replace every instance of “wp-login.php” in the file – then replace it with your new file name as newlogin.php

If everything’s looks perfect then click on Replace All. And at the bottom of the text editor, you’ll see Replace All: 12 occurrences were replaced.

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6. Protection from DoS and DDoS attacks

What is a Denial-of-Service (DoS) Attack? | Cloudflare

Before knowing about the security measures you must know about the attack properly.

In these types of attack the server is attacked to crash it by putting extra traffic on the website, more then of its capacity.

DoS and DDoS attacks are slightly different because in :-

DoS attack:- In this attack artificial bot crawlers are used (BOTS) to send traffic to a perticular website to crash its server.

DDoS Attack:-In this attack real computers are first affected with bot virus and then used as a large traffic at same time on the server of website to crash it.

How to prevent it:-

To prevent this you can use the following points:-

  • Use the cloudflare service which is mentioned above.

    It will create a virtual fire wall which will protect the bots from entering your website.
  • Use of Captcha:-

    You may have seen google captcha on many webpages. These types of captcha are used to prevent bots from entering your site by asking mind questions in captcha. Bots cannot answer these mind questions.

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7. Capelary password protection

Always remember these points before writing any password or after writing it.

This capelary password protection is must:-

  • Password must contain special letters, numbers, capital and small letters.
  • You must not repeat the same passwords in different websites.
  • Don’t save your passwords in unknown computers and websites.
  • Please Don’t use the passwords which contains your name or any personal information like phone No., B’Day date ETC.
  • Don’t enter the passwords on the mail links you get until they are original.
    (To check originality, you can verify the URL)
  • Don’t enter the passwords in any different device, there can be key-loggers.

These points are very important which you can use to protect your password protection.

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8. Prevent SQL attack

sql injection security checklist for website
What is this SQL attack:-

In SQLi attacks, the attacker injects malicious code/ un-sanitized inputs into the SQL statements by leveraging SQL injection vulnerabilities available inside the website/ web application. By doing so, the attackers essentially override security measures such as authorization, password verification, etc.

How to prevent SQL attacks ?

To be secured from SQL injection attacks, you need to bring out a cybersecurity audit for your website and networks. Here are two types of protections you can take to keep protection from SQL attacks – some are easy ones and some are complex and very much technical.

Easy Preventive Measures

  1. Install a security plugin
  2. Only use trusted themes and plugins
  3. Delete any pirated software on your site
  4. Delete inactive themes and plugins
  5. Update your website regularly

Technical Preventive Measures

  1. Change the preset database name
  2. Control field records and data submissions
  3. Difficult your WordPress website

9. Open Wi-Fi Risk

How safe is public Wi-Fi - Ebuyer Blog

There is very much risk in using open WiFi which is present in hotels and restaurents. But wait don’t connect to it, you can be hacked.

Many hackers and network experts can practice the M.I.T.M (man in the middle ) attack at these types of places to steal data.

At the time when you will enter any personal info Eg: Passswords some can hack your password with MITM attack if the hacker is also connected to same network.

They can track all your important data like important IDs and documents, Photos and videos, messages, app data and many more things that you cant even think.

How to be safe:-
  • Don’t connect to open Wi-FI, if you don’t know about cybersecurity.
  • Always use websites that have ‘s’ in their HTTPS.
  • Use VPN while using open WiFi.
  • Please use Tor browser or any other private browser with incognito mode.

10. Proper Word-press sharing

15 Simple WordPress Security checklist

If you are working on wordpress then don’t share your original password with each and every employe of your company.

Rather than sharing your password you can make a second copy of your WP and share its passkey and then every post released or any change was done on your website must be approved by yourself.

Don’t give the original password of your company to your company members because they can share the password with the hackers just for a bundle of cash.

Better then all that I will suggest you to don’t even many a clone of your WP but you can give then a premium tools or you can make the website design on very different tools.

And apply those design or publish those post from your personal laptop or any other device.

These will give the main power to change your website to your hands and you will feel secured. By this your employee or freelancers can use WordPress without doing the main changes. this will enhance your security.

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11. Hire a Ethical Hacker (Optional)

Hacking communities in the Deep Web [Updated 2019]

Yes, you can hire a profaissional hacker for your company to secure it properly and to test the loop holes in your website.

The hacker or cyber security expert will also provide you a high quality steps to keep your website secured and safe.

Hacker or security researcher can give you the best precautions because the attackers is always the best saver.

You can hire one cyber security expert from any freelancing site like fiverr, freelancer, upwork or any other you want. Many hackers also advertise themselves on facebook and instagram.

Plus points to hire a hacker:-

  • Hacker will list all the vulnerability in your website.
  • A good hacker will provide you the best tips to secure it.
  • Will suggest the best plugins.

Common types attacks on website

cyber attack is any type of strict action that makes on your computer information systems, infrastructures, computer networks, or personal digital devices, using various methods to hack, alter or destroy and damage the data or information systems. Handpicked related content:

  1. Denial-of-service (DoS) and distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks
  2. Man-in-the-middle (MitM) attack
  3. Phishing and spear phishing attacks
  4. Drive-by attack
  5. Password attack
  6. SQL injection attack
  7. Cross-site scripting (XSS) attack
  8. Eavesdropping attack
  9. Birthday attack
  10. Malware attack

Best Anti-Virus For Company Protection

website security checklist

The Importance of Antivirus Solutions

If you think that you will not get hacked ever then to you, you’re likely the number one target demographic the favourite target of hackers.

Data thieves prey on small businesses for a good reason. Many smaller companies utilize antivirus software that is substandard, or just don’t use any at all.

1. BitDefender Gravity Zone Business Security

BitDefender’s Gravity area Business Security is a brilliant solution with a full free of cost trial. The trial is very beneficial as you can see the benefits, without the need to pay right off the bat.

2. McAfee Total Protection

McAfee Total Protection antivirus provides stellar digital security answers for small to normal sized start-ups and business.

It is a very prety place to start seeing the top security suite for your company’s special needs.

3. Norton Small Business

Norton Small Business is very similar to the version Symantec Last point Protection fourteen. With this juggernaut issue they discontinued, Norton joins the fight and picks up the slack with their stellar available button.

4. Avast Business Antivirus Pro Plus

Avast’s Business Antivirus Pro Plus is yet another stellar antivirus security measure for small businesses. Per Avast, their security AI comes from DATA collected from close to half a billion endpoints of reports.

5. Norton Security Standard

Norton’s Security Standard is one of the best choices for little business owners looking for a small-scale solution. This security suite works in a brilliant way for single device security against malware, ransomware, and viruses.

Conclusion of website security checklist

So here in this post I have given the main focus on the website security. In this post I have suggested you the main ways through which you can secure your website which I call as a website security checklist.

There I have mentioned the various attacks which hackers do and how you will protect your website from all those attacks.

You can even use these 10 points as a checklist to protect your site from hackers.

After all that I have suggested you the best 5 anti-virus to protect your site from malware attacks.

You can buy these anti virus to stay protected from attacks.

Before antivirus i have suggested you the best and common attacks which hackers do to crash your website.

Hope you enjoyed the post on best website security checklist.

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