What is Intellitools SNGPC

The Intellitools SNGPC  program is the software that contains the maximum number of best tools to keep your XML proposals to ANVISA error-free and delay-free. 

Serves and Pharmacies of Manipulation and Drugs all over the country area, with the abnormality of São Paulo and ABC Paulista, for these municipalities, use the SNGPC São Paulo System , click here .

Direct Transfer

The Intellitools SNGPC System, ships the XML to ANVISA instantly through the agenda, without the need to access other platforms, still has the complete monitoring of the quality of the connection with ANVISA, making the practice of the technical manager even easier.


The Intellitools SNGPC system delivers the pharmacist with all the details about their activities in a few clicks, with filters to facilitate any investigation of products and batches.

Brief Description

The Intellitools SNGPC System fetches together all the instruments needed to operate with controlled drugs and antibiotics in drugstore and drugstore drugstores and throughout Brazil. In extra to transmitting the XML file, the Intelitools SNGPC System generates all the statements required by the local audit (BMPO, RMNR, RMP among others). 

Our customers, from the free trial period, have the help of our support team with people trained to serve the Intellitools SNGPC System and the SNGPC System portal of ANVISA, in chance you are not yet our client but I have some doubt feel free to ask what you want, we are here to help. 

For the municipality of São Paulo and ABC Paulista, the program is a little different because it must meet the requirements of COVISA, for these municipalities, use the SNGPC São Paulo System.

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