Whats are EHS software?

What does EHS software do? 

EHS software starts by summarizing all your data, tasks, files, and permits in a centralized database. It may also add in information from your other systems, such as CEMs, financial, or production data. You can even go one step further by using mobile devices to capture critical information at the source.  

The software then organizes all this information into powerful dashboards to give you a complete picture of your company’s performance in real time and share it with need-to-know employees. 

In addition to collecting and managing data, software can automate administrative tasks like providing alerts and notifications, following up on assigned tasks, triggering corrective or preventive actions, and generating reports. 

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What are the benefits of EHS software?

The benefit of EHS software is having all your data and activities under one roof. 

At most companies, critical EHS knowledge is stored across many different locations —  in spreadsheets, databases, paper records, or people’s heads. 

It’s difficult to locate information quickly when you need it for an audit or regulatory report. Your team spends hours combing through data, correcting errors and manually entering records. 

When employees quit or retire, they take important knowledge with them. Every time anyone leaves, you end up spending days or months putting the parts back together. 

That takes time away from important tasks like enhancing security or implementing sustainability initiatives.

Worse, these ad hoc systems create unintended threats. It’s simple for important tasks and deadlines to go through the cracks. And you can’t get a proper picture of your task until reports are run — which means many problems go unnoticed until the end of the month or quarter. 

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